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Trouble in Paradise: Family

What family isn't a bit weird? (Dangerous, though...)

by chasing_stars44

In the end, the Kacheek still needed to make a visit to the NC Mall.

Also by tizzlestix

by msjanny

Ink: As Black as Ink - Part 7

Surprised? You always did underestimate me.

by june_scarlet
Normal is Boring #3 - Part 2

The last of a two part adventure!

by alexatina
Anniversary - Part 9

I'll show you strong supporting-turned-main character in a later plot..

by caylista
Dr. Sloth Toy Army

What exactly are you doing with all those toys?

Also by sarah2396

by moonlitennight

It's Raining... Mortogs!

I knew there was an upside to all this collecting

Also by tarake_7_7_7

by stephsie

Confusing Curves

Study hard, play hard.

by helgado


Also by mabi1234

by cherokee165

Can I NOT have a petpet?

Choosing the perfect petpet continues to be difficult for some pets...

by _clement_
Customization Disaster

The things we do for beauty!

by c4774r3
The Rickety Ship: Sick Beats

Well then...

by dimartedi
Unwelcome Wisdom

Uh, shouldn't they look happier?

by berdor
The Stock Market

Patience is a virtue.

by sado400
Color Fail #5

I knew this was a bad choice...

by susy_ti

Seriously? Again?!

by ssjelitegirl
Hot Chili Problems

My bad?

by sara1elo


by ianharrypotter
Juice? Part 2

Well that backfired.

Also by yami_yugi_555

by meowbey

Neocity - Usuki

Looks like Usuki Frenzy isn't quite dead yet.

by wiley1080
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"The Thing With Wings" by cherishtwilight
"Can we consider him a member of the undead?” Cornelius Blunt glared at the white Zafara with wings on its back, wearing a brown coat, sitting out on the Sanatorium porch under the pouring rain. His fellow newly-hired nurse, a mummified Ruki in hospital garb with a somewhat defective tongue, shrugged, saying: “Wreeeaaah?” “Yes, I know, Vanessa,” he replied, “I’m just saying it’d be proper if he was undead. Or at least a freak of nature. You know, like me.” Blunt stood in silence, before looking back at the figure outside the window. “Is he a freak of nature?” “Graaaeih.” “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. He could be one of those newfangled faerie pets.” Blunt folded his arms over his chest in deep consideration. Lightning struck, and it took a full thirty seconds for the thunder to follow it. “He might get cold out there. We could at least suggest shelter for him if he’d prefer it.” “Ayeeaha?” “Fine, you call Oppo and I’ll persuade him in,” Blunt groaned. “And make it quick. You better not have me waiting as long as the last time.”

Other Stories


Zilean Visits The Faeries
Zilean, an older Pirate Krawk and an eccentric sorcerer who calls a clock tower his home, had always had an obsession with time travel. After countless years and failed attempts, he was finally successful at designing an enchantment that made it possible to travel in time. This is Zilean's journal.

by painted_dreams87


Lost Beauty
The forest calls to Pilotare, but what is it saying?

by artusativ


16 Ways Neopets Helps You Master "Real-World" Skills
In honor of Neopets’ 16th birthday, we’ve compiled a list of 16 awesome aspects of that have taught us Neopians some useful things about the “real world,” as some like to call it. (Wait, what? There’s life outside of Neopets?)

Collaboration with hottendott

by a_ramsell


Scoring Big When You're Bad At Games
As much as I have always enjoyed playing games, I’ve never been that great at them. It hasn’t stopped me, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it made earning Neopoints through games and scoring the much coveted trophies and avatars easy.

by katehoughtonbeckett


PPLease Be Kind To Petpets: Part Two
“Are you ready to….EAT?” the announcer called. “YES!!” the fans cheered back. “Alllllrighty then, I give you… the hungriest, the baddest, biggest mutant chia there’s ever been….FLOOOORG.”

by flowerpower446


The Silver Lining: Part One
Philesia had brushed her fur so that is appeared soft and lush, almost covering the pink scales that rose up out of her spine. She had groomed her ears until both of them were shiny, although her left ear had tried to bite the brush a few times. She even had curled the eyelashes that protruded from her one large eye. Finally, looking in the mirror, the Mutant Aisha decided she was ready.

by goodsigns

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