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Hey, TNT! I'd really like to know what gender Selvin is. It would be wonderful if you included Rutu's gender, too. There is a lot of controversy on the boards about this, and I would really like to know and get it settled. By the way, be aware of the air vent people. They exist! ~jumptoit24
*boards off air vents* Rutu is (was ;_;) female, and the rest of the group were males. We purposefully avoided mentioning gender to make the puzzle more challenging. :) Now you know, though!

Why isn't there a board where people can chat about something other than Neopets? :/ I love the website, but gosh, I'd like to talk about something other than Neopets sometimes! ~chameliondude428
Guilds or Neomail are a nice way to chat with other Neopians about things that aren't necessarily related to Neopia. We do try to be reasonably lenient on some boards with off-topic chatting, but please do remember to keep to the rules and avoid any excessive spamming.

Hey, TNT! I am a lurker on the Avatar Chat and I came across a board where a person had 900,000 NP invested in stocks. They said they needed 100k more for the Sell Sell Sell avatar and were asking to be lent that amount. Is that okay to do, or is it considered NP pooling? ~mustlovedachs
We're sure that anyone who has managed to place 900,000 NP into stocks can also manage earning their own last 100k. It won't harm them to save up for a little bit longer. If you do decide to lend this person some Neopoints, however, please know that you do so at your own risk, especially if you choose not to get full collateral. With so much lending going on, we simply don't have the time to investigate every instance of bad lends, which often involve huge amounts of he said / she said / lack of communication issues. We will, of course, always freeze scammers, but please remember that you lend at your own risk and we may not be able to help you recover your losses.

Hi, TNT! Can I have your autograph? *throws yellow gel pen from 1985* Can you please make it so that, when we paint a Neopet, we get to keep the BASE colour as a customisable option, too? This would be especially epic-sauce for paint brush colours that don't come with special clothes! ~dustbunnie201

Thanks! *adds it to the rest of the mid-80's gel pens on the desk* While we appreciate the pen, we've got bad news... paint brushes don't work that way, and we don't have any plans on changing how they work. Just be sure to paint the base colour you want last so you don't have to waste Neopoints.

Hello! *throws a random Usuki item at you* With Lawyerbot and the new Lawyerbot avatar and smiley being all the rage now, how does Lawyerbot feel being in the center of attention? ~mess_with_me_
Whenever we enter his office he gives us a signed photograph of himself and thanks us for being a fan. Of course, he was doing that before, too, but now they're 8x10s instead of 5x7s.

He's also been signing his emails as "Lord Lawyerbot."

No, really. We're not joking.

In last week's Editorial, you mentioned that rigging auctions is against the rules. However, on the auction / trade boards, some people are making deals over Neomail. They put the item in an auction with a high increment. The other user bids on the item, and because of the high increment, nobody else bids because it would be overpaying. Would this be considered rigging an auction? I was just wondering, because it seems to be a popular thing. P.S.: Please leave my username out if this gets in! Thanks! ~username removed
This is just fine. Two players are making a deal and have agreed on a set price that dissuades others from bidding. They're not trying to trick anyone out of their Neopoints. The other case involved players trying to maliciously trick other people into bidding more, or more than what an item is worth by making false bids.

Here is a PURELY HYPOTHETICAL issue. A player named "Bob" is a legendary restocker, but he is a sly fellow, and has been using a browser plugin to [details omitted]. One might consider this an unfair advantage. However, anyone could use the plugin to do exactly what Bob is doing (not that they are), so maybe Bob is just playing smart (questionable ethics aside). In the end, is Bob breaking the rules? Also, aside from Bob getting reported, would TNT ever find out (if this is, indeed, actually wrong)? Please clear this up... on behalf of those who compete against Bob. Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Yes, this is against the rules. He's manipulating a program in a way that's giving him an advantage over other players, and abusing the system in a way that was not intended. It doesn't matter if "anyone" could cheat the same way -- it's still breaking the rules, and will result in his accounts being frozen.

I heard that people were getting side accounts, so I made some, but I am scared to do ANYTHING! What can I do without getting in trouble? ~alexalex9999
You can house additional Neopets, create a Gallery, and store items that you don't want cluttering your main. Just don't play games, do dailies, or participate in anything else that would gain you Neopoints or items (visiting the Soup Kitchen and Healing Springs is perfectly fine, though). :)

Hey there, TNT! So, I scoured Neopia Central twice over looking for the Negg released on April 14th. I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Was I doing something wrong, or is it on your end? ~mossbury
We can't be certain what links you checked, but it may be on our side, which we're very sorry about. Try these links to see if one of them is the one you need:

I'm really bad at drawing, so I like to trace Neopets images and adjust them to my preferences. Could I enter those drawings into the Art Gallery? ~salonicuty
No, we never (purposefully) accept traced art into the Art Gallery. Please try your best with original artwork. You may surprise yourself! :)

What would you do if you had a tentacle instead of an arm? ~sasafrass456
Dragona: "Head to the nearest public pool and cause all sorts of delightful chaos."
El Picklesaur: "I'd reach up inside vending machines for people and pull down the things they paid for that wouldn't fall because they got stuck on that spiral ring thingy."
DJ Skellington: "What do you mean, 'if?'"
Viola: "I would pretend to be a giant squid so that pirates would run away and I could claim their gold for myself!"
Comastar: "lfiklkyuhykndjmliokplk;m"

Can you end this Editorial with the most odd picture you can think of? ~neo_kid3

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