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Seven Types Of Heroes In Neopia

by cherishtwilight


Heroes have kept Neopia safe for years. From the beginning of time, heroes have always been saving the world with their good deeds both big and small. But the big question is: do we really know everything about them?

I assume we all remember Xandra (AKA future speckled queen of Xeopia) the raging maniac speckled Xweetok? Now, we all know that she has earned a place in the Gallery of Evil now, but we also know that she has helped the heroes in some parts of the story where she volunteers to turn the faeries back to normal. But it turns out in dramatic twists of Meepits and mental sickness, she was the one who turned the faeries to stone AND crash Faerieland afterwards! (And she lost her glasses!)

Now, in twist and turns of fate, Kanrik became another star hero of the plot Hannah and The Ice Caves who at first was good, and then inevitably betrayed his friends, and then got betrayed by his own comrades, AND THEN started helping Hannah again! My point is, heroes are even harder to figure out than villains! With that being said, I have come to save the day with my awesome branching skills! Huzzah!

The Guy in the Cape!

This branch of heroes is now very rare, but if your Neopet often dresses up in tacky costumes and zooms around the house a lot, you'd probably know what it does to young ones. The guy in the cape also has a big headquarters for himself and his fellow teammates; this headquarters is called, "The Defenders".

Shield your eyes. What I am about to say might make you hate me.

The Defenders are basically like Neopia's last line of defense against all those villains wreaking havoc out there…except, they're not doing anything. Remember the time when the Pant Devil stole your everlasting apple? Or the time when the Tax Beast separated you from your neopoints? Or the time a ghost stole 10 neopoints and donated them to the Money Tree (okay, I have to admit that still justifies)? I don't think I recall the Defenders ever swooping in to save the day, do you?

That's just it. They don't do anything anymore, they just let those poor ambitious souls who want to be just like them do the work with their silly quests, only to shatter their spirits after realizing that the Defenders are just a bunch of lazy sacks of potatoes in boldly colored tight suits. *sobs* WHY?! WHY MUST YOU LIE TO US, DEFENDERS?! WHY?!?!?

Roguish, Handsome, And Annoying

Also known as the big mouthed hero, this branch tends to be the victim of fangirl trampling, and a pain to deal with in a whole plot to every character in it. In other words, TOTAL AWESOMENESS IN A SEALED CAN! *shrieks*

So what are these heroes made of, exactly? Unlike the guy in the cape, these guys are actively known to save the day with their crazy antics, and without even knowing it, giving us the entertainment pleasures we all needed! But this doesn't mean they're any more sophisticated than the next guy. Oh no, not even close…

A very good example of this is the now most popular Ixi thief known to Neopian kind, Hans- *gets trampled over by screaming fangirls* Ow… that's… going to… leave a mark…

*stands up* Um, as I was saying, Hanso! *hears shrieking of fangirls and hides* Wow, those girls know how to make a girl scared. Anyway, as we all know, Hanso is a thief with a heart of gold (alright, silver, but you get the point) who was arguably one of the heroes of the Faeries' Ruin plot. I say arguably because of his annoying way of saying things to the rest of the characters involved in the plot, including the ever so patient Brynn.

So what makes this defective thief so popular nowadays, despite his infamous ways of getting into the nerves of the Brightvale guards and getting away with it every time? Simply: he's awesome. Thousands of fangirls bow down to his feet, have pictures of him in their rooms, and read about his fearless deeds of a hero over and over and over. He is the symbol of awesomeness right there! Now if only he had a mustache…

Dark Isn't Necessarily Evil

Don't get me wrong, kid. Ignore the scary bat wings and purple dresses. Don't you dare think that just because I have blood red eyes means I'm going to turn Neopia into rubble and nothingness. I take care of these vile green nails very carefully, and I don't use my power to try to trap ungrateful souls like you. Dark isn't necessarily evil, you know.

So you thought she was one of those villains, eh? Haven't your parents ever taught you not to judge a book by its cover? They haven't? Well, then it's up to me to teach you a valuable lesson!

Dark isn't necessarily evil is one of those classic tales where people learn not to judge someone by the way they look. The most popular used by NT writers are dark faeries and most Haunted Woods denizens. For a hero to become a member of this group, they need to have a dark background, but a heart of a hero. This group is also has three sub branches to pair up with: The Bright Shadow and Good Doesn't Mean Nice and The Anti-Hero.

Bright Shadows are basically good guys who look like bad guys. This little sub branch is the basics of the whole group, and the most used. One of the greatest examples of this is Delina the dark faerie crafter. Dark faeries are supposed to turn flowers into poisonous plants, right? Well, WRONG. On the contrary, Delina actually turns flowers into dresses for Neopians to wear! How cool is that?

Good Doesn't Mean Nice is the lesser known of this branch. This sub branch is also known to be used in some brightly colored characters, like Jazan, but I consider it to be more of the darker sided folks. Take Ilere, for example. You get fooled by the black cloak and wilted green wings, and despite fighting for the side of good, she still acts like some villain who's trying to stop the heroes. Her words of advice? "I hope you fail."

And then we have the rarest cause of all, the Anti-Hero. Anti-Heroes are basically heroes who can still be brightly colored, but that's almost impossible. Anti-Heroes are known to have a heart of a hero, but prove to act like a villain with no cause. Although they don't act vile or vicious, they coldly take every dark path into the path of good. And an obvious example of this is MAGAX, who doesn't even care about the souls he's destroying. (Not to mention that Hubrid's already gone.)

Knowledge Is The Best Treasure Of All

So you've gone through the blistering cold of Terror Mountain, fainted through the unbearable heat of Tyrannia Plateau, vanished into the forests of Mystery Island, only to find out that one of your teammates was studying the plant life in it?! What, no treasure? No prizes? Nothing?

Knowledge IS the treasure. It's the best treasure of them all. Just knowing what lies beyond our knowing is just enough to make a guy jump... at least, that was what these guys thought.

I not only have one example for this group, but a whole plot full of it! Yes, I am talking about the Mysterious Isle plot! If you minus Scrap and Captain Rourke from the gang, you'll find that every single one of them went through terror and back only to be rewarded with the knowledge of the moving island. I mean seriously, it's like trading a Queen Fyora doll for a pile of dung! Utterly useless!

The Hidden Hero

Or in other words, the sidekick. This is usually piled up with a bunch of kid heroes, mostly boys with the taste for adventure. Although they're young, they are usually the kids that have to deal with the real hero's problems, most likely the ones who are roguish, handsome, and annoying at the same time. They do not complain a lot, but questions the hero's way of seeing things usually. They're also usually adorable!

The good willed Jordie will be our role model for this branch. Who could be a better sidekick? Kind, cheery, and patient. Just what any action hero needed. What no one knows is that he secretly dreams of being just as awesome and famous as Roxton Colchester himself! How cute is that?! *pinches cheeks on Jordie plushie*

But of course, a hero can't just have one person along the journey, can they? In fact, they need an anchor to keep the sanity around. Speaking of which…

Why Did I Come Along With This Genius?

Ah, that's the question every girl hero is asking right about now! After a whole night of going through the photo album, looking at the old pictures of that rambunctious little genius swinging through the forests while being chased by mutated petpetpets or the days where the two of them almost got eaten by the molten lava of a dormant volcano, they've got to ask themselves this:

"Why in Neopia did I join him?"

The answer is formed in a bunch of question marks: didn't you have fun after the long journey? Didn't you earn a good experience because of this? Where would you be in this world of ours if you didn't join him? You miss those days, don't you?

The sophisticated ones are usually the victims of this branch. At first, they question why they even met the guys who ruined their lives. And then, at the end of the whole epidemic, they forget all about it and move on with their lives like everybody else (aside from being chased by fangirls and boys).

Almost every plot reeks of this branch. But for all of you Tyrannians out there who have been living underneath a rock, I'll give you another simple example out of the most popular demand of all fangirl kind, Br-*hears foot stomping outside* I mean, Clara Chatham!

Yes, the blue Wocky who discovered Moltara with the help of charismatic adventurer Roxton Colchester! While she takes most of the credit, Clara and Roxton both discovered Moltara together… and that's why she takes most of the credit. Roxton is still the stubborn Lutari he is today, and Clara could barely stand his annoying remarks and ideas. Unlike Roxton's old friend Lilian Fairweather, she could barely stand him.

But in the end, as it always ends that way, Clara forgets her urge to throw a book at him and ends up happy and alright. Although I doubt both of them are good friends now, I think Clara is very thankful for meeting with Roxton. Ah, what an excellent way to wrap up a horrible plot!

So you think I've ran out of branches to finish this little article, eh? Don't worry, I have one last branch to grow out, a branch that you may really enjoy…


Congratulations! You have just saved all of Neopia from famine and/or terrible destruction by TNT's board imploding nightmares! Wait, you don't think you're a hero? You don't think that without you Neopia would be the planet it is today! Outrageous! You are just as important to us all!

What about the time you donated to the Money Tree? Yeah, sure you donated a sandal or a pile of dung, but that's still important to some people! And what about that lonely newbie you invited to have a little chat? You just saved a friend from having their account terminated! Didn't adopt that poor pet from the pound? That counts too! Everything you do on Neopia matters, even if you've only been here for five minutes! Whatever you do, we all appreciate it. Without you, Neopia would be a vacant comet in the middle of an empty space.

Do we really need an example? Every Neopian here deserves this honor of being called a hero, including you! We all deserve it, all of us! *sniffs* I made myself feel special. *hugs nearest Neopian*

And that's it! The seven branches of our Neopian heroes, including you! Farewell, my good friends, and keep up the good work!

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