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Hey TNT, thanks for an awesome Daily Dare. I was wondering why this year's trophies were .png instead of .gif. Are you guys planning on making all of them in .png in the future? It just looks a little weird being the only one without a white background. If you could clear this up it would be great. By the way, I loved all of the prizes this year. Meepit Eyes are the best! ~silly_mistake
We agree, it certainly does stick out, and it was quite by accident. We'll get that fixed so it matches the rest of the trophies with the white background.

Do Maraquan Jetsams and Flotsams not exist simply because painting an aquatic Neopet an aquatic color would be redundant? ~wirelurker
Yup, you guessed it!

What if your side account wins a Petpet Protection League award? What should you do with the Neopoints? ~telemain
Whatever you'd like. It's comparable to a Random Event, as there is no way for you to control receiving the Neopoints. You can keep it on your side account to feed your Neopets there or send it to your main account.

On the Meridell map, the signpost for Brightvale is pointing east. Yet on the map of Neopia, Brightvale is clearly located west of Meridell. Why is that? Could it be a typo, some kind of mini-world / plot intended for the future, or an unintentional detail designed for users like me to exercise their imagination with? ~floraith
If you take note of the direction Meridell Castle faces on the world map, you'll notice that Meridell's map is actually correct; it just isn't oriented in the traditional "up is north" format. Also, there are long, winding roads that link the two kingdoms, so keep that in mind as well. :)

TNT, I was just thinking how much I am going to miss those little purple bugs. I demand a Neoboard smiley so that we may never forget their time with us. ~battlekid94810
And here we thought you'd be sick of them by now! We suppose we can unleash them on the Neoboards...

In a time before most users can remember, wasn't there a staff mystery plot involving a ski lodge, and wasn't there something on Mystery Island involving something called Mumbo Pango? I heard it was quite gruesome. o.o ~pigfish99
Haha, yes, a very long time ago we had a couple of mystery plots that led to the temporary virtual demise of many TNT staff members. Namely, these were Sacrificers and the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery.

I suggest you proceed with caution.

Dear TNT,
I have a question for Mr. Lawyerbot. Suppose I am a hypothetical aspiring author, and I so enjoy the creative environment of your site that I write a story of epic proportions with my beloved Neopets as characters. Now, of course, I want to share this story with my friends because I want (some or all of the following) a. their feedback b. them to enjoy it c. to brag. I'm actually very humble, so c. is out of the question. However, despite being as humble as I am, my friends manage to convince me that I should get it published! Perhaps in The Neopian Times first, but the genius of it will surely be appreciated by a wider audience (or so these hypothetical friends tell me). Unlike Mr. Lawyerbot, I humbly admit that I know nothing of legalities. Would there be any legal complications to publishing it that arise from uploading it to your site / submitting it to the NT first?

Your Humble Friend,
(please remove my username; I'm too humble for the potential fame of getting in) ~username removed

While it is tempting to publish or sell art or writing related to Neopia, we're afraid that making a profit off our intellectual property will send Lawyerbot whirring around the office like mad. We applaud your writing skills, and by all means encourage you to submit your story to The Neopian Times, but if you wish to expand your publishing to, say, ebook form or beyond, then please use your own intellectual property. We're sure it will be just as wonderful. :)

*throws apples* Which Neopian land do Draiks come from? I've heard Meridell, Darigan Citadel, and even Mystery Island. Can you clear this up for me? Also, please remove my username! *skips off into the sunset with a Draik I'll never be able to afford* ~username removed
Draiks (and Ixi) both hail from the beautiful land of Meridell.

Every time that I see a user's site event trophies I can't help but get a twitch. The lack of organisation drives me crazy! Please enable us to rearrange them. The world would be a better place if more things were organised into their appropriate categories. ~zip_lyon
The site event trophies are ordered chronologically, not by event. So, technically, they are organised... just not the way you'd like. ;) We don't have any intention at this time of allowing for them to be rearranged.

Hi, TNT! Have you ever considered an avatar for getting into the Editorial? I've found that it's not an easy feat! I suggest that the theme be "Inquisitive." Who knows, maybe that top hat guy could even make an appearance. Please? ~rac284
Egads, no. That would cause an influx of questions that are sent just for the sake of asking a question, and going through so many thousands of more questions each week would further weaken our already failing grip on the last remnants of our sanity.

Hi, TNT! I probably state the thoughts of many when I say that the new Roo Island is AWESOMELY EPIC!!! It's so cool to have all of these awesome things like the Poetry Contest and the Games Room in one place! By the way, will the old locations for The Coffee Cave, the Art Gallery, and so on stay in Neopia Central, or will they be deleted? Finally, I LOVE THE SPRING SHOP! *boings* ~7_candy_girl_7
Alas, the businesses in the catacombs just weren't making it down there. Location is everything, you know! We'll be updating the Neopia Central map soon to reflect this change. Afterwards, there will no longer be a map link to the catacombs. The direct link will still work, however, so you can wow Neopian newcomers with your knowledge of secret places.

Aw, poor Jazan! He hasn't got a mustache, top hat, or monocle! I demand that Dragona fixes this issue at the end of this Editorial! ~josieaurora
Jazan: WHAT?!? Leave me out of this. Don't you dare-- argh!

I really, sincerely, hate you all.

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