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Sartorial Shoyrus Part 2: The New Collections

by lotusbutterfly


It's been two years since I last set out the dynamic threads available for your Shoyru. TNT has very kindly given us two new outfits each year, so it is time, methinks, to give an update on those closet-filling numbers.

*Note: this clothing cannot be applied to Unconverted, Baby, Maraquan or Mutant Shoyrus

I'm going to recap slightly, just to set the scene a bit: the general trend is that full body items (shirt, jackets, dresses) are more expensive and more difficult to find. They are the main piece of kit in any given outfit and are more distinctive than most of the other pieces, so tend to draw more attention anyway.

Smaller items (gloves, shoes) tend to be the cheapest and most common, but they are also the least noticed in a customisation, and are the least recognisable as part of the outfit – they could easily be replaced by an item from a different outfit with minimal impact on the overall effect.

Of course, these are generalisations. Rarity and general awesomeness also play a big factor, particularly just after the items have been released.

*Note: all items are neopoint items and can be bought from the Shop Wizard, Trading Post and Auctions. They can also be restocked in the Almost Abandoned Attic and Uni's Clothing Shop (if you're quick enough!). Prices listed are from the SW and the TP only.

All prices are approximate and correct at time of writing, and may go either up or down!

The Rain Set:

This set is made up of five items:

Approximate cost:

  • Shoyru Rain Boots 9,000
  • Shoyru Rain Hat 24,000
  • Shoyru Rain Slicker 90,000
  • Shoyru Rain Trousers 15,000
  • Shoyru Rain Umbrella 40,000

Total Cost: 169,000 NP

The Rain Set is the cheapest of the four new sets, possibly the cheapest of all the sets, but it's definitely the most tasteful way to keep your Shoyru dry during those summer showers. All the items are buyable on the SW so it's fairly easy to get hold of, and the umbrella alone is worth it. There's something frankly whimsical about a leaf with a bead of water acting as an umbrella. I know, I know, whimsy? On Neopets? How absurd!


The Umbrella is simply perfect for keeping both the rain and the sun off my skin. It's very delicate you know! And the moisture plays havoc with my hair! But I do love to relax in the oasis, soaking up rays whilst in the pool, and one has to be prepared for the ferocious thunderstorms that can appear out of nowhere! I wish the outfit wasn't quite the same colour as my skin, though....

The Artist Set:

The complete set includes six items:

Approximate cost:

  • Shoyru Artist Beret 16,000
  • Shoyru Artist Easel 20,000
  • Shoyru Artist Shirt 20,000
  • Shoyru Artist Smock 85,000
  • Shoyru Artist Sneakers 25,000
  • Shoyru Artist Trousers 65,000

Total Cost: 231,000 NP

The Artist Set is ideal for nurturing the creative talent lurking among your family (and stops them getting paint all over their Sunday best!). You might want to find them a small room (or dungeon) where you don't mind them splashing paint all over the walls either! Of course, the Easel does give them somewhere to actually aim the paint, but you never know when they might decide a wall mural is a much more exciting thought than canvas (you might also want to keep an eye out for those existentialist tendencies when they're wearing that beret...).


I love painting haunting landscapes, but Lia gets annoyed if my clothes get dirty, so she makes me wear these. And I do like the Easel she got me, but it's even more fun to paint on my brothers and sisters... er... I mean, I'm always very careful not to make a mess! *mutters* It's their own fault for getting in my way....

The Pyjama Set:

There are just three items to this outfit:

Approximate cost:

  • Shoyru Pyjama Bottom 65,000
  • Shoyru Pyjama Plushie 450,000
  • Shoyru Pyjama Top 45,000

Total Cost: 560,000 NP

This set deviates from the general trend for the simple fact that THAT PLUSHIE IS DARN CUTE! *turns off caps lock* But yes, if you don't mind forking out a little for that one item (and honestly, who would mind?!), then the complete set is absolutely adorable and well worth pampering that lazy-*cough*...erm spoiled-*ahem* darling little Shoyru.


I don't get to go out much cos the sun makes me melt (literally), so I like to snuggle at home and play games with my little sisters. I love the new pyjamas Lia got me, especially the frilly bits, and they are so cosy! And do you like my little friend? He is so cute and squishy, I love him soooooo much!

The Knight Set:

This outfit comprises five different items:

Approximate costs:

  • Shoyru Knight Boots 100,000
  • Shoyru Knight Cape 100,000
  • Shoyru Knight Gloves 100,000
  • Shoyru Knight Sword 400,000
  • Shoyru Knight Tunic 400,000

Total Cost: 1,100,000 NP

Knight pieces come up sporadically, so it can be hard to get hold of them, especially the Boots and Gloves which have a slightly higher rarity. The Sword is an awesome piece of kit for your daring adventurer, though (and how dashing he will look with that Cape streaming out behind him)! Pretty soon your little cavalier will be haring off to fight drago- er.... maybe not.


Hyarr!!!! Let me at 'em!! *Swish* *Thwack* Finally, I get a proper sword to play with, not some silly little wooden thing! I had to promise Lia I wouldn't take it out without telling her, though... honestly, it's like she thinks I'll get in trouble or something! But she says if I train real hard I will be a real Knight someday! I can't wait!

So that rounds up the most recent four Shoyru outfits, taking the total up to eight (and another two released this year, right TNT?). There'll still be arguments over who gets to wear what, but at least it is getting easier now with so much choice. And I have to say, the Pyjama and Knight sets are two of my favourites – come on, a plushie AND a sword? What's not to like?! (although, maybe keep one away from the other... Taigrro won't be happy if her favourite plushie meets with a little accident.....).

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