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Hey, TNT! I noticed the coding change, which is going to be, uh... fun to get around. x) I just have a question: why ban aligning images to the left / right of text? It never hurt anyone. D: Also, the ban of text areas, where us kind Neopians (and the mean ones with a sudden nice streak) can share our art / codes with people? Are those Meepits eating up the filters again while the coding Myncies sleep? ~punkkitten468
Textareas are coming back, so fear not. As for aligning images, the filter has been updated for the latest coding standards, so deprecated HTML is no longer allowed. In other words, old attributes like 'align' in IMG tags are no longer supposed to be used, so we removed their use on the site. You can still align images; you'll just need to use CSS to do it. (CSS is wicked awesome. Do not be afraid!)

Also, we assure you, we do not change filters to just torment you guys. D: There are always those players that are constantly working to exploit code. We do our best to adapt the filters on the fly to allow you the freedom to be creative but also keep your accounts safe. The other option would be to disallow custom code altogether, and we definitely don't want to do that, so please try to be patient with us whenever we make updates like this (especially when we don't have time to tell you about it beforehand).

Hello, TNT. I realize that the Habitarium is a fairly new addition to the site, but I was just wondering if, eventually, you guys are planning to have a spotlight for all of the great Habitariums out there? ~neodarling11
This is the plan... eventually. :) Right now, there just aren't enough items available to create a sufficient variety for individual Habitariums. As we continue to add more items - both functional and decorative - Habitariums will start becoming more and more unique. Once we feel like we won't be selecting Habitariums with the same items rearranged every time, we'll definitely start up a spotlight.

Hi, TNT! I just bid on a Secret Laboratory Map piece, but the title seems to be in Spanish. It's called Mapa de Laboratório Secreto. This translates back directly, and the item is no doubt a Secret Laboratory Map piece. I was just wondering: does the fact the item doesn't seem to be in English affect how it works? I'm just curious because I've bid about 100,000 Neopoints. :/ ~coffie_krazy
Nope! It just means that particular map piece is owned by a player who has their language set to Spanish. The item is exactly the same. :)

Hiya there, TNT! *hands you a gluten free cookie* Well, I love the new Gluten Free Snack Basket, as I myself am allergic to the stuff. I was curious as to what your inspiration was? Can we expect other hypo-allergenic / lifestyle choice items in the future? Thanks for the great item! :D ~dragonblimp
Several of our staff lead a gluten-free lifestyle due to their own needs or those of their families, so we occasionally like to add items to the site for them and for players who also have to deal with food allergies in their life. We'll see what other items we can add, since they seem to be appreciated. :)

Hey, TNT! I love the new icons you're making for the Neoboards. I was just wondering, however: why the flowers? Not that I don't like them; the flowers bring me joy, happiness, hope, and love for mankind (as well as several species of insects). Why flowers, though? ~l_roxuss_l
Because the Happiness Faerie demanded it, and really, who can resist the demands of the Happiness Faerie?

Tee hee hee!

TNT! A friend of mine noticed a weird sight in the new Faerieland: is that a Chia hanging from a tree branch over the Rainbow Fountain? If it is, what is he being punished for? Poor little guy. :( ~masonsbackyay
Hahaha, no. That's a small lantern hanging from the tree branch. :) Looking at it with that in mind, though, we can see how you reached that conclusion.

A-hem. In the news for February 1st, you said that the Collectable Sea Shells shopkeeper found an entire treasure chest full of ancient Maractite coins! Well, since they are coins, shouldn't they be stocked in the Collectable Coins Shop? ~10millsy01
It seems both the Collectable Coins shopkeeper and the Maraquan seashell vendor have been expanding their wares lately. Both were only stocking items for a single album page, which just wasn't enough to keep business going. The Collectable Coins shopkeeper recently diversified his stock to include collectable scarabs, so we didn't want to leave the seashell vendor in the dust. We considered putting the Maractite coins in the coin shop, but for balance reasons we decided they should stock in Maraqua, since it does make some sense considering Maractite itself comes from that area of Neopia.

Hello, there. Since you seem to enjoy responding to free stuff and whatnot, have a cookie. *holds out a Meepit with crumbs on its face* Oh, whoops! How did that get there? Anyway, it seems that a lot of people have started to believe that the Attic Aisha for users with accounts that are three years or older is actually a male. I figured you would be able to easily settle this (very) small dispute. ~magic_s74
It's okay, the Editorial addresses things big and small. :) The ghost is a she. The original flavour text written for the Almost Abandoned Attic is below. It was never added to the site, and only ever appeared in our emails discussing the shop, so enjoy!

"Walking down the streets of Neovia, you notice the howling wind has blown open the door of an abandoned old house. Curiosity gets the best of you and you nudge the door slightly and peer in. It's dark, but you think you see a faint light coming from upstairs. Perhaps another visitor has taken shelter from the approaching storm? You make your way upstairs and find a stairway to the attic where the light seems to be emanating from. Entering the spacious attic you are surprised to find boxes and boxes of items piled all around.

"SCORE!" you shout, rushing over to dig through this treasure. You grab an armful of items. Most of them seem pretty rare.

"Hey, you'd better pay for those!" a voice shouts. You whirl around to see a ghost hovering beside you (so that's where that glowing light came from!). Her arms are crossed, and she's looking pointedly at the items in your arms. You sheepishly hand over some Neopoints and she beams. "Thank you! Come again!"

Can we refer our own side accounts? ~unnilennium
Nope! There's just too much leeway for some massive cheating by allowing that. Sorry!

Hallo, TNT. There's one thing that's been bugging me about the recent plot - where does Hanso come from / live? I assumed he was from Brightvale, since he and Brynn share a past, but I'd like to know for certain because it will continue to bother me until I do. Thanks in advance. :] ~usulblue444
Since he doesn't talk much about his past, no one's really sure (except for maybe Brynn, and she's not talking). Remember that Hanso and Brynn didn't meet until they were older, so Hanso may have made his way to Brightvale at some point, rather than starting out there. Also remember that the Thieves Guild, of which he was a member, makes its headquarters in Terror Mountain (at least, the HQ we know of), so he could be from there, or (again), made his way there during his travels. So, no one really knows where he hails from originally. Maybe we'll learn more about him in the future.

Alien Aishas keep giving me Nerkmid Erasers. Could this event be changed to award only actual Nerkmids? ~feel_alive
Whoops! That's something we keep meaning to update but it always seems to wind up on the back burner. We'll see if we can pester someone into fixing that. Cross your fingers!

I'm sure I speak on behalf of all Neopia when I say that we were left with an incomplete Editorial last week without mr.coconut. :( ~sweethoney27
A lot of vocal players said that they were sick of seeing him each week. Tormented by their lack of love, he's fled for a while. Hopefully he will be back someday. T_T We miss you, mr.coconut!

*holds up a coconut and says "Good night!"*

*sobs* It's just not the same.

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