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You know how people will make their User Lookup appear as though they have the Wishing Well avatar (or another avatar) when they don't actually have it? They use coding of some sort to change it. Is that against Neopets' rules? Please tell me, is it reportable? I know that you may not change your stats, but I see so many people doing this and it puzzles me. Would it be alright if we changed the avatar on our User Lookups to one that doesn't exist (one that we made), just like people do with their shield art? I haven't seen you discuss this anywhere (other than saying not to change your stats, even though shields are your stats as well...), so I am hopelessly confused. *very confused* ~mongaio
Please do not cover your avatar with a false one, whether it's your own art or an existing avatar. The reason we allow shields to be covered with your own art (as long as it's not misleading) is because that information is repeated in text on your UL.

Hello, TNT! *throws cabbage* So, the other day in the Pound Chat, a person made a board about their new Neopet, and how there was a "Legs" on it (You know, like the old Petpet?). It was, like, 3,000+ days old and on this brand new Neopet. How did that happen? It's one of the coolest glitches I've ever seen. XD ~adorabletree
We noticed that Neopet earlier today and came to a conclusion: you know how Petpages tend to strangely resurrect themselves with deleted Neopets that have been recreated? Well, we think this is a similar glitch. D:

A couple of days ago you, in all your awesomeness, released two new colors for the Naleap... yellow and cloud, to be more exact. As a concerned Neopet owner, I would LOVE a yellow Naleap for my Neopet. When I went to paint the little darling, however, the Petpet Puddle told me that there were no paint brushes available, even though I had the paint brush in my Inventory. The Petpet Puddle shows that the Naleap can be painted yellow and cloud, but alas it won't let me paint mine. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a hiccup in the Petpet Puddle? ~buddypalal4

Thanks for letting us know; we looked into it and, after staring at our computers like little puppies with their heads cocked to the side for a few minutes, we finally figured out the issue! Naleaps are now paintable in their new colours, and the original Naleap colour also appears displayed at the Petpet Puddle.

Hi, TNT! Can you get Draik Eggs from the Monthly Freebies? ~fardel
Hahahaha, no.

*throws cookies* So I checked through every stamp in existence and, not only is there no Krawk Island stamp category, but there are absolutely no stamps that feature a Krawk in any way. In fact, I challenge you to find me a stamp that has a Krawk on it! :o ~chedeli
D: You're right. We looked through them all and we didn't spot any either. We think we should make it up to them by creating a Krawk Island album page. :) It will have to wait a while, though, as we need to get closer to filling up the latest pages we've released before adding even more. The day shall come, though!

Avast ye swabs! Get t' work!

Greetings, O mighty keepers of all Neopian knowledge! *offers a new book written by King Hagan* One of my Neopets was nosing around the kitchen and tried to eat some Pickled Olives but was unable to. When she started whining about the situation (she loves olives, you see), I explained that Pickled Olives were sort of a souvenir item, rather than food. She, however, pointed out that residents of Mystery Island consider Pickled Olives a delicacy... so why can't she eat them? I confess that I am stumped. Could you please answer her question? She is complaining quite loudly... ~neptune_star17
Alright, you guys win. For years we have gotten this question / request, and as you tried to explain to your Neopet, it's more of a souvenir than something intended for your Neopet to eat, so we've never made it edible. Well, we relent. If your Neopets want to experience the exotic delicacies of Mystery Island, they can now enjoy!

So, I'm extremely confused. I tried putting some Halloween Mynci clothes on my invisible Mynci but could not. In the FAQ, it says invisible Neopets can't wear clothes. In one of the Editorials, though, you said that they can. Would you mind settling this once and for all? ~thunder3408
At the point in Neopian history when that Editorial was written you could put clothing on invisible Neopets. That changed, however, as there are some art issues with it. Please note that the FAQ and current site rules always trump the Editorial. They are more up to date and grow with the site (unlike old news articles). You wouldn't dig up a newspaper from four years ago and be surprised that the information is out of date, right? :)

Okay, so I know that the reason you can't unequip zapped Petpets and have them stay how they are is so that people can't make a profit off of them. I was wondering, though... what if someone, say, zapped their Petpet into a Krawk Petpet; could they then turn it into a Krawk Neopet, since it wouldn't be possible to sell it like a normal Krawk Petpet? (please remove my username) ~username removed
Sorry, the answer is still no, and will most likely always be no.

Dear TNT,
*hands you a Green Hissi Plushie* Why does the Wind-up Mallard look like something a 3 year old would draw? :/ ~yoshi1678910

Our artists sometimes have vacation days, leaving the rest of us to try and draw the content for that news day. Apparently some of us are lucky we didn't flunk out of kindergarten with our art skills. D:

I was just wondering: what happens to Neopian Times articles when a user is frozen? Do you remove them? ~roseprincess1290
Nope. Old newspaper, remember? :) The articles remain, no matter if the account ceases to exist.

So I went to give an Angelpuss to my Neopet, and the description said "Angelpi are sweet adorable little kitties for your Neopet to look after." Are you going to change the species' name to Angelpi, or is this a mistake? Thanks if you answer! ~pinkitout
Nope on both counts. Angelpi is the plural form of Angelpuss. :)

Hi, TNT! *gives you some Lucky Green Boots* So, I was scrolling through the Xweetok colors when I realized that they don't have as many paint brush colors as... oh, let's say, Acaras (who have 50 colors), while Xweetoks only have 34. I'm a pretty big Xweetok fan, so I'd like to know: will any more Xweetok colors be released? I mean, Xweetoks are number six on the popularity list! Oh, and you'd better publish this, since it took me a while to count up all of those Acara and Xweetok colors! ~srox101
And you counted well! Your numbers were right on the dot. Don't worry, Xweetoks will eventually get more and more colours. They just haven't been around as long as most other Neopets. Acaras had a big head start on them. D: Perhaps we'll find a special day that can relate to the release of a new colour for Xweetoks, as they are a bit behind. :)

*runs into TNT's office holding a piece of paper, out of breath* I FOUND IT!!! I found the location of Jel--*is dragged away by Meepits* ~bubbumarie147


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