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Hiya, TNT! I'm confused. Last week in the Editorial you stated that collecting the 10th birthday avatar on a side account was okay, because it was "just the avatar," when in actuality it was an avatar and a background. :/ That didn't make much sense to me anyway, but with the release of the freebie Gift Box in the NC Mall... well, I'm even more confused. Why was it okay to collect an avatar on a side when you got a free item with it, and yet we weren't supposed to collect the Gift Box on our sides when it's just an empty box? I'm really having a hard time seeing the logic in that, so I'm terribly confused. ~the_precious_02
Ack! We made an error last week. We forgot about the background coming along with the avatar. Because of that, collecting the avatar should not have been allowed for side accounts. With regard to these freebie gift boxes, you may collect them on your side accounts and gift any NC items you may have there. However, we've seen extreme multiple account abuse over the past few days. Therefore, remember that you may only collect the boxes on your (up to) five accounts. You may NOT, under any circumstance, create more accounts to get more boxes. This includes trying to make a loophole in the rules by creating an account, getting the box, then deactivating the account so it doesn't "count" toward your total. Anyone that we see making extra accounts like this to get these gift boxes will be frozen.

Hey, TNT! Happy belated birthday! *hands out stickers* Just a note to applaud you guys on the Twilight filters -- utter brilliance. Bravo yet again for your hilarity and superb tolerance of all of us looneys. :) ~liquidsilence3868
*giggles insanely* We have to do something to keep us sane on Mondays! ;D

Hi, TNT! So, say that you develop a certain method for getting all those half asleep users' paint brushes (like, offering them 750 Neopoints when they want 750k but, due to them being half asleep, they give it to you) and make a lot of Neopoints from this method by selling the paint brushes off at a great profit: is this against the rules, or is it just sniping? Thanks! ~iced_angel_loves_you
By doing this, you would be attempting to trick someone for your own gain at their expense. Preying on other players like this is called scamming, not sniping. Sniping is finding a good deal that allows you to make a profit, or making a low offer to someone who clearly understands what they are being offered and accepts the offer because they want to get rid of the item, etc.

*throws cookies toward TNT staff to see if my question will be answered* Okay, here it is: I was wondering, since you released the new avatar for Neopets turning 10, will it will be available next year too? Yes, I missed it... boo hoo. :( *runs away crying* ~fairy_angel_23
Sorry, the 10th anniversary avatar will not be available again. D:

I'm afraid that we can only ever have one 10th anniversary!

I recently found out that putting your Neopet in the NeoLodge does not protect it from color changing Random Events. So, I was wondering: is there a sure way to protect my Neopets from such things, or is my poor ghost Aisha doomed to be brought back to life with a babyfication ray? ~v_v_q_t
The Neolodge does not protect Neopets from unfortunate Random Events. The best way to protect them is by not using them as your active Neopet.

I just downloaded the Neopets Toolbar, but it still says that there are no ice Bori available. What did I do wrong? ~ninjapeaf
The ice Bori offer was a limited time offer many years ago. Downloading the Neopets Toolbar today will not allow you to create an ice Bori. Sorry if that was unclear in the last Editorial.

So, if you get frozen, do you still have a chance to unfreeze that account, say, 5 years later? ~suwooop
Unfortunately that's a very long time, and it's extremely unlikely that an account frozen for that long would be returned. There's a point when your account is pretty much considered unreturnable. If it's been over a year or so it's going to be rather unlikely that we can return it to you.

Are there any avatars that no one has discovered yet? ~ucanheartheocean
Nope! Now that you mention it, though, making avatars that we don't announce in New Features would be fun, huh? *makes a note*

Hello, TnT! I have a question about the support staff. When is it appropriate to contact them by email? What things are they able to help you with? Thank you! =) (please remove my username) ~username removed
It's best if you can find the answer to your question on the site, but if you need assistance or have questions, you may contact our specially-trained Moehogs in support. Please only use the proper forms on the Contact Us page, though. :)

Editor's Note: Sorry for the brief Editorial this week, but it's a very short work week! D: The Editorial will return to full length next Friday!

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