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Hi, TNT. I was wondering about hit points. When I use the Healing Springs, there are quite a few times in a row when it says "Your Neopet has gained XX hit points!" Right now, only through the Healing Springs, my Neopet is up to 164/112 hit points. I know that these "new" hit points are mostly imaginary - if I get hit slightly even once they will go all the way back down, but do I at least get that one "free" shot with the 42 extra hit points? Just wondering, since I've never really thought about it before. ~pinkrockz51
Hahaha... yep. If you're trying to squeeze out that next Defenders of Neopia challenger, now would be a great time to do it. ;D

What's up, TNT? *hands you various cookies* When you guys aren't doing important TNT things, do you like to play some of the games on Neopets? If so, what games are your favorites? ~4eva_97
Yep, we sure do.

Dirigibles: "Freaky Factory, Meepit Juice Break, Snowmuncher, Sutek's Tomb..."
Mr. Insane: "When I'm trapped inside the Neopets servers, I always end up engaged in computerised gladiatorial combat to the death, so I don't usually have a lot of time for 'games.'"
Viola: "I really enjoy the Hannah games, Let It Slide, and Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars!"
Dragona: "I'm addicted to Spinacles O.O; help me."
DJ Skellington: "When wandering the Haunted Woods searching for BRAIIIIINSSS I try to stop and play Freaky Factory, Petpet Plunge, and Pterattack. I've also been playing Moehog Crossing, where you... oh wait, that's just in my head."
El Pickelsaur: "The Great Qasalan Caper for staving off the daily post-lunch crash, Bilge Dice and Darigan Dodgeball for quick NP... *leans in and whispers* Blocktacular over at Petpet Park is pretty nice too, but you didn't hear it from me. ¡Ándale!"

Hello, TNT! Guess what? I have a question! xD So, a friend of mine was scammed a while ago with an email scam. A person sent her an email pretending to be you and wanted her password... she replied to them, giving that person the password. She told me that she only did it because the name of their email address ended in! How is that possible?!? Can people really have an email address ending in!? O.O Thanks in advance! ~my_lover_3
No, but there are ways to disguise email addresses to make it seem like they're coming from someone else. Please, please remember that we will never contact you out of the blue and request your password! D: We won't deactivate / suspend / freeze your account if you don't send us your password like a lot of these fake emails claim. The only reason we would ever ask for your (generally past) passwords is if you've already contacted us concerning your account and we're replying to your email and need to identify you as the true owner of the account.

Hey, TNT! *passes out milk and cookies* So, a while back my Neopet got zapped by Boochi and, alas, she got changed to baby. Now, I've got this Yurble and I want it to be painted baby. I'm not depending TOTALLY on Boochi and saving up, but I have a question... are you eligible to have more than one zap from Boochi on your account, and will it affect ONLY my active Neopet? ~neoholic17
Yep, Boochi is a Random Event like any other relatively rare RE. Therefore, there's no telling how often he'll come to visit. And yes, he'll only zap your active Neopet.

I only come when you least expect it. Buahahaha!

Hiya, TNT! *throws confetti, since who doesn't like confetti?* ANYwho... I was wondering: you know how you get the Neopian Times Writer avvie if you "Have any kind of submission published in a 50th issue of The Neopian Times (ie. 200, 250, 300, etc.)"? *finally takes a breath* Well, I was wondering: do you still get the avvie if your question was answered in one of those but you had your username removed, OR do you not get it because nobody knows that that question was yours? Hopefully that made a little bit of sense. ~kahlua0101
Unfortunately submissions only count as stories, articles, and comics. Sending in a couple of sentences asking a question will not qualify you for a trophy, avatar, or any type of reward (aside from getting your question answered), regardless of whether your name is included or not.

Why do the Dashing Flotsam Shoes restock at the Coffee Shop? o_O ~permewey
Because we apparently needed more coffee when we were setting up the item and "coffee" is directly below "clothing" in our dropdown list. D: It's been fixed now, by the way.

Hey, TNT! (: I was looking around for a guild and one had a webbie that stated the requirements for the guild. It said that you have to donate 20,000 Neopoints to the guild to get in. Is that against the rules? I'm confused, because aren't guilds just for chatting, making friends, and having fun? Also, should I report it? Please clear this up for me. ~mistorie_mustache28>
Yes, please report the guild immediately. While players are allowed to donate to a guild, any guild demanding a "donation" or fee to enter or participate in it is very much breaking the rules (and spirit) of a guild.

There is a huge debate gong on in the Help Chat surrounding the issue of paper clip trades. If you don't know, a paper clip trade is where a user starts with 1 piece of junk and trades it repeatedly for a better item each time. Often in the wishlist it will say something like "Paper clip trade: offer one item only." Are these or are these not against the rules? ~futurevet89
As long as they aren't spamming the trade or begging, with things such as "Paper clip trade, only offer something worth more!" or "Please help me with my paper clip trade!" it seems fine enough to us.

I clicked the link for Hungry Skeith in the Games Room and it took me to the old school arcade page. The game link then took me to the new Games Room. It's probably an easy fix; just thought you should know. ~oxters
Oh goodness, you're right. Talk about a little window to the past, hahaha! Thanks for pointing that out. We'll make sure it gets updated.

Dear TNT, *gives Neocola to everyone in the office* I recently received a letter stating that I could purchase items such as paint brushes, Neopoints, avatars, and maps with real money on another website. I immediately became suspicious (however at the same time curious) because the letter was sent via Neomail. I would've figured that it would be filtered out because it had a website name. Is it against the rules to purchase services, items, and Neopoints with real money? Thank you. ~moocowlovesjoe
It is VERY much against our rules to purchase services, items, Neopets, or Neopoints with any currency aside from Neopoints (the NC Mall is obviously excluded from this). Please be wary of these sites, as they are all malicious in nature. We do track such things, and if you're found purchasing any of the aforementioned things with real money, all of your accounts will be frozen. These sites make all of their Neopoints by scamming users, so when you purchase something from them, you are not only receiving stolen goods, but also funding scammers. There is zero tolerance for this. As for the website, if they managed to get it past our filters, please report the message so we can correct our filters and make sure it doesn't get through again.

Hi, TNT! I was restocking in my shop when I noticed that one item, the Tagobo Potion, was listed as a Tropical Food. Its description, however, made it look like a Battledome item. So... is it a Battledome item or a food? Thanks in advance. ~aswed1234567890
It's a food item. The Tagobo Potion is actually a weird little item out of Neopia's past. It was part of the Mystery Island Plot. The item was originally made by mixing a Green Uni Morphing Potion, Peach Jelly, and a Slugroot in Jhuidah's Cooking Pot to produce a Botago Plant. That was then mixed with a Tagobo Plant to make the Tagobo Potion, which was used to unshrink Jhuidah (hence the odd item description). Doing this also awarded the "Free Jhuidah" avatar (no longer available). The item now stocks like any other normal one, but has a nice, rich bit of history to it.

I feel so enlightened now!

Hi TNT, thanks for everything! Recently there were some concerns about inflation and another question about Draik eggs. From what I gathered you put a higher price on the new Draik eggs to help with inflation... but I don't think people putting a 20 million Neopoint price tag on one is helping the situation at all. Is there anything that can be done about this? Can't you put a limit on how much people can charge for items? I think it would bring in a lot more Neopets players, since the challenge of saving wouldn't be so scarily intimidating. *gives you cookies* Thanks! Oh, and please remove my username in the rare chance that you do answer my question. You rock! ~[username removed]
We don't like to be heavy-handed when dealing with the economy. For a lot of people, part of the allure of Neopets is the economy itself: buying low, selling high, getting something rare and pricing it... the only area we can think of where we effectively "cap" prices is the Hidden Tower, Neohome Superstore, and General Store, as these places are basically always stocked and available. We prefer to help balance things out by releasing things with lower rarities (like the new Draik eggs), or giving them out as rewards, though the higher an item has inflated, the less we want to hand them out and make everyone instantly rich. Also, if we go overboard and release too much of an item, the deflation can make the item less rare. For a while (no longer) the Snow Faerie was giving out certain Draik morphing potions like hotcakes, and as a result they dropped to less than 200,000 NP if we remember correctly. While that's great for a lot of people, it also took away the rarity and specialness of having a Draik. As you can see, the economy does need to be balanced, but slowly and carefully. :)

Hiya there, TNT! I'm really unsure if this is against the rules or not, so I thought it would be best to ask you. I'm in an amazing guild, and I really would like to apply for a council position. In my guild, there are some requirements if you want to apply, like being active, being willing to help answer questions from other members, etc. However, one of the requirements is that you must have an off-site messaging service [a certain service was mentioned here] so you can have council chat meetings weekly. I don't have this service, and I don't want to get it. I was thinking that requiring this might be against the rules; it doesn't seem very fair =/. I would appreciate it if you could clear this up! Please remove my username if you answer my question. Thanks. ~[username removed]
You are quite correct to think that this is against the rules. No one should be asked to leave the safety of Neopets, and certainly not by the council members of a guild! Feel free to inform them that you are uncomfortable breaking site rules and don't wish to receive a warning. We have rules in place for a reason.

Hello, TNT! *hugs all of you* I have been on an application for adopting a Neopet, and the deadline is on the 21st, but then when I searched the name of the Neopet it said that the owner of the account got frozen. Is there no hope for me and the Neopet of my dreams? D: ~luxofthelawliet
It really depends on why the account was frozen and if it will be returned or not by our support staff. If the account is not unfrozen, then we're sad to say that the Neopet will remain with their owner for as long as the account exists on our system. :(

Just curious: how come you can buy a royal, baby, and Darigan Paint Brush in the Hidden Tower in Faerieland, but not a Faerie Paint Brush? It just doesn't make sense. ~mousiebootsie
Actually, the Faerie Paint Brush used to be for sale at the Hidden Tower for a very a reasonable price, but was retired quite some time ago. D:

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