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The Solution

First of all, the five guardians of the volcano would like to thank all of you for rescuing them, and warding off the evil shaman from unleashing the power of the volcano. Here is the solution, if you were wondering how the mystery was solved.

Hopefully you weren't too thrown off by all those silly images and "clues" we put on the Neocam. After all, what fun is a mystery without a few red herrings?

The first trouble occurred when the Tiki Tack man was kidnapped:

"Weird... The Tiki Tack man is nowhere to be seen. He never leaves his tombola unattended (and if he does, there is usually a note)... and it also looks like there was signs of a scuffle, as some of the items have been knocked from the shelves. I wonder where he has gone?"

If you went to visit the Island Mystic afterwards, he gives a vague statement:

"Oh no... could it have started already? What has happened to the Tiki Tack man???"

The second victim was the Techo Master:

"A school without a master is nothing, and that is what we have become, for only last night our honourable master was stolen from us. We fear he was kidnapped, for there was signs of a strong fight. Chairs knocked over, and strange holes burned into the sides of the school wall. If you could help us at all we would appreciate it. We do not know what, or who could overpower such a skilled fighter, but he is obviously a foe worthy of great respect. "

Viewing the source code, you discover:
"<--Looking closer, you see footprints leading to the north. Two sets. You see nothing else.//-->"

If you try to approach the volcano at this time, you are stopped by a Fire Faerie, claiming Queen Fyora sent her down to stop pets from approaching the dangerous volcano, which is now belching smoke.

The Island Mystic soon disappears himself.

This was found in the source code:
"Looking closer you see two sets of footprints leaving the hut."

Refresh, and you'll also get this message:

<-- Looking closer you see two sets of footprints leaving the hut. You also find a single red feather on the floor near the door//-->

Next victim was the Tiki Tour Guide!

Oh no! Who would want to kidnap the Mystery Island Tour Guide? It seems that somebody came in the night, smashed up his cart, and stole him away. The mysterious kidnapper has struck again! Is there a pattern behind these recent crimes? Where have all these islanders been taken? One thing is for certain - nobody has a clue!"

Clue #1 If you now examine the source code of the volcano, you see the message:
"you notice a path through the trees..."

Which hints at this URL:

Here you find a cave leading into the volcano.

You had to work your way through fifteen right or left choices. If you chose the correct path, you'd discover the Fire Faerie, who impedes you once more.

Next, disaster strikes as Jhuidah goes missing. With her also goes access to the Trading Post.

"The Island Faerie is nowhere to be seen, and the doors are locked. I hope you didn't have any items in there, because they aren't coming out until these kidnappings are stopped!"

From the Cooking Pot: "We thought that the kidnapper wouldn't strike again, but he (or she, or it) has! The Island Faerie is nowhere to be seen, there is no note, no sign of a struggle, nothing. Without the Island Faerie here the pot may not work the way it is supposed to..."

Clue #2 Repeatedly refreshing, you find:
<-- one set of footprints leads away to the north //-->
<-- you see a ripped, burned_note on the ground next to the pot //-->"
which led to this image:

However, the note is very vague. To get enough information, you had to visit the parrot on Mystery Island (which was also involved in the Coltzan's Crown plot)

Clue #3 Refreshing, the parrot eventually says these clues:

'...but what if I turn into a Uni???'
'Yeah, just give me time to find the ingredients...'
'I'm going to need some Peach Jelly!'
'I'll come to pick it up tomorrow'

If you then visited the Rock Pool, you may have noticed a very tiny Jhuidah trapped in a bowl.

Using the parrot clues, you had to mix a green Uni morphing potion, peach jelly, and a slugroot, to produce a botago plant. Then, mixing this with a tagobo plant, gives you the tagobo potion. If you visited the Rock Pool with a tagobo potion in your inventory, Jhuidah is freed (Note: If you did this BEFORE it was released on the news, then you also received the "Free Jhuidah" chat avatar).

She told you this:

I have to tell you what happened, it was terrible. I was just standing at my pot, trying out a few new ingredients... in fact I was trying to make this root, Botago Root for a friend of mine. It turns out that it has magical shrinking properties.

So anyway, I hear these footsteps, and this strange language behind me... and there he was, a squat little shaman, with these red feathers in his hair. I asked him what he wanted, but I don't think he understood my language. He walked up to me, and pushed me into the pot, and, well I can only assume that I started to shrink, because when I came around I was trapped in this stupid bowl.

This shaman is behind the kidnappings, he must be. To help you on your quest I will let you in to a secret. The kidnappings are not random, I hoped they were, but now I know that there is a purpose behind them. The five of us were entrusted a long time ago as the keepers of Mystery Island. There is something horrible in the volcano, something really bad, and if it escaped it could mean doom for the whole island, and the power that we were given all those years ago has kept the volcano sealed and the evil at bay.

I fear that this shaman is trying to get us out of the way so he can release this evil on the world, and by kidnapping the keepers of the volcano he may have got a good start. You must search the island for the four remaining people and free them, the fate of the whole island lies in your hands!

I can tell you two things that will help you on your quest. Firstly, it seems that this shaman has an evil sense of humour (hence where I have spent the last 24 hours!). Secondly, he doesn't want to hurt us, he wants to hide us somewhere where we will never be found.


Clue #4 Later, returning to speak to Jhuidah, she mentions a NOTE she has found:

Wow - look at this! I found this earlier in the bushes over there. I am not sure what it is, but it may be an important part of the puzzle in rescuing our friends! I think it is some sort of language, but not one I have ever seen before, and believe me, I have been on this island for a long time!

Decoding the letter is simply a case of replacing symbols with letters of the alphabet. Since the most common letters are vowels, as they are used in every word, look for the symbols that repeat themselves the most. One three letter word pops up repeatedly in the note. The most reasonable explanation is that this is the common word in the English language, "the".

Go through the rest of the note and replace all the other symbols that match the 3 symbols that create the word "the". However, you'll notice there is a profound lack of "E's". This is because TWO different symbols actually represent "E", which leads you to a dead end, as you do not know what other symbol is "E".

However, you find a two-letter word that starts with "T". The only word this can create is "to". Replace the matching symbols with "O". Continue matching letters and deciphering words, and eventually the note will become clear.

Translating the note, it read:


You were correct: with the four of them gone, the power of the ancients was weak enough to open the first seal: Jhuidah can do nothing now, she is harmless: My minions are working on reaching the second as we speak: when all three are down, the secret of the volcano shall be yours, my lord: when going on safari, safety is of the utmost importance: make sure you pack at least three large pian leaves, nine Pinannas and seven kraku berries in case of poisons. At 8 o'clock every day you must prepare the camp. . It is only two Hours till nightfall and the island can get very dangerous.


Two new locations have appeared on the map. The Beach and Techo Mountain.

Also, the Fire Faerie is now deeper in the cave:

Inside the Volcano

Finally, after working your way through the dark, winding tunnels, you round the final corner and make your way into a huge opening. You should have been more quiet, however. If you had, the Fire Faerie wouldn't have noticed your arrival.

No, the incantation is nearly complete!
How did you get in here?!? GET LOST!!!

Clue #5 Island Mystic's word

The Island Mystic has resurfaced, and tells his tale:

I am back! I can tell you little about my captivity, where I went, or what happened, because I was unconcious most of the time. However, in my weakened state I believe that somebody... or something is trying to unlock the volcano. Yes, inside the volcano lives a beast of mythic proportions. If his power is harnessed, who knows what evil will come to the world. I think it is already too late, I was unable to stop the seal being broken. You must hurry, find the other guardians of the volcano and free them, for only then can we join together and close the seal on the volcano and trap the beast forever. I have one thing you may need - a word. It is part of a spell, and my word is 'Awaken'. Guard it wisely!

Clue #6 Tiki Tack man's magic word

The Tombola man is also back, though he seems a bit odd...

If you play the Tomobla, he states:

"You must find my Tiki Mask and break the curse! Ask for help... please!"

Need help? Only one Neopet to ask: Sarah the Zafara. If you type in "Tiki Mask" into they query, you get an odd response:

Tiki Mask??? "Why would I know anything about a Tiki Mask?" Sarah's eyes suddenly roll back in her head, and she starts chanting in a weird voice... "The Mask you seek is a thousand miles away. Fetch it quickly, to save the day."

Only one place to Fetch, and that's in the Haunted Woods. Choose to play a game of Fetch! When "master" demands something, keep refreshing until he asks for a "Magic Tiki Mask." Once you retrieve it, he lets you keep it. With it in your inventory, go back to the Tombola, and he will give you this clue:

Ahhh, got me old mask back! You saved me, and I can't thank you enough! I was cursed with an evil mask, and was under the control of that shaman! He is loose on the island, and he is trying to open the volcano and free that beast inside! I don't know what his plans are after that, but I'm betting we aren't going to like them. You must look for the others. When we are all free we will be able to seal the volcano up once more, for the safety of the whole of the Island! I have a word that will aid you in your quest, and that word is 'Beast'. Maybe you should ask Jhuidah what her mystery word is! Thanks, Good Luck, and when this is all over how about you come back for a nice game of Tombola!

Clue #7 Jhuidah's Magic word

At Tiki Tack man's hint, you had to visit Jhuidah and add ?ask=mysteryword to the end of the URL. This prompts her to tell you:

Ahh, yes, I remember there was some sort of secret word that I was supposed to remember. I think I even wrote it down at some point, but now I just can't remember it at all. It's as if it has been removed from the whole of the history of Neopia!

If you visited around Neopia, especially the Neopedia and Wheel of Excitement, you'd notice the word "of" seems to be missing everywhere.

Clue #8 Tiki Tour Guide's word

If you visit the distraught children of the Tiki Tour Guide, they will hint about Jhudora. If you visit her on her cloud and view source, you find:

<-- askabout tikitourguide //-->

add ?askabout=tikitourguide to the end of her URL, and she'll respond:

You want to know about that talking statue?

Oh, yes I bought that little guy from a merchant on Mystery Island. Cute little fellow, only 2 inches high, but you'd think he was alive. It was a great ornament for my mantlepiece for a while, but then it kept screaming 'HELP', which got on my nerves. I eventually gave him away to somebody who did a quest for me. Can't remember the guy's name, but I know he loved coconuts and tiki, and all that rubbish...

Go to the shop wizard and search "Tiki" until you find an item with Tiki in its name that few shops have. Such a big fan of Tiki must have a gallery, right? Eventually you may find "Tiki Shield" and only one person in Neopia has it... cocoluvr_y5

At first glance, it looks like any other user shop, but if you hover over the tiki plushie, it will say "Help Help" rather than the typical rollover description.

The tagobo potion, which can no longer be made at the Cooking Pot, but is now restocking, has to be used once more. If you attempted to send the tagobo potion to user cocoluvr_y5, you'd receive this message:

AT LAST! Thank you so much for saving me! I was stuck in that stupid shop for days.. not able to do anything about helping my friends back on Mystery Island! It will take me a while to get my power back, as that shaman has stripped me of all that I can do to help. You must rescue the others. I can tell you two things - I think they are trying to release the beast within the volcano, and that one of the words to summon the beast is 'Ancient'. Good Luck!

Clue #9 Backtracking the note Jhuidah found; Since pian leaves are not an item, something else was being hinted at in the note. That is the idea of a "Safari" and the numbers, 3,9,7,8, and 2. If you go to the neighbourhood section of NeoHomes, look up Mystery Island: Safari Lane: then address 39782.

This leads you to:

Neo Neighbourhood

You find an abandoned house... on the floor seems to be scrawled some sort of combination... maybe to a safe!

59 39 18 19 04 24 58

Clue #6 Visiting the beach you find, while refreshing, letters that appear in the sand. Using the numbers from the Neohome, you can see which letters you need, and when they appear.

59 = H
39 = Y
18 = A
19 = K
04 = L
24 = O
58 = B
57 = S
05 = F

When you journey to the other new location, Techo Mountain, it demands a password. Enter the letters HYAKLOB into the end of the URL and the mouth opens, revealing the Techo Master.

However, he seems to be petrified in stone. You have the option of performing various martial arts moves against him. Choose the moves in this order to wake him:

Short left kick
Right straight punch
High block
Left straight punch
Low Block
Left Cross
Right Jab
Right Hook

The stone statue shivers and creaks, and suddenly transforms into a living, breathing Techo! The Techo steps forward and nods. "Thank you, young grasshopper. You have freed me from my prison, and learned a surprising amount about martial arts too. Now run along and help free the others. You will need a word in order to defeat your enemies, and that word is 'Magma'. Run now, there can be no more delays.

Now, with all the magic words, return to the volcano, and add this to the end of the URL:


At the sound of your magic words, a huge, fiery Moltenore flies out of the volcano and lunges towards the Fire Faerie! It's not looking too good for her at the moment.

Oh no! What have you done!?

After properly dealing with the Fire Faerie, the Moltenore turns to face you and lets out a ferocious growl! What are you going to do?

You have the choice of "Run away! Run away!" or "Cowering sounds good."

Both lead you to the shaman, with slightly different messages:

Cowering doesn't do you a bit of good. You may not be able to see your fate since your head is buried in your arms, but that doesn't mean you won't be devoured.


In your haste to get as far away from the gigantic Moltenore as possible, you don't see the mound of hardened lava in front of you and trip right over it. Falling flat on your face doesn't seem to help your situation.


Then, out of absolutely nowhere, an evil shaman appears! (Perhaps in a puff of smoke, perhaps not. You didn't see his actual appearance.) It was he who ruled over the Moltenore, and it angered him that you knew the proper incantations to control it. The volcano begins to tremble. Bits of rock and dirt fly everywhere and you can hardly stay on your feet. In an effort to prevent you from ruining his plans, the shaman begins casting a spell that, by the sounds of it, could be nothing but pure evil.

Icarnatu ferosta lecktah! Icarnatu ferosta lecktah!!!

The strange chanting is just a red herring. To discern the words you need to destroy the shaman, you must call upon the wisdom of the Island Mystic. If you refresh repeatedly, he gives you these clues:

-A creature can help us defeat the shaman.
-They will arise from their sleep, and our enemies forever begone.
-He who has lived a thousand years will return to protect us from evil.
-Fiery Rock will illuminate the darkness.

Each sentence had a correlation the previous mystery phrase

Fiery Rock: Magma
Arise: Awaken
Thousand years: Ancient
Creature: Beast

Using the last word of each sentence, you can form this phrase:


allowing you to create the final URL!

You've done it! After shouting the incantation the shaman hoped no one would ever discover, he disappears in a puff of smoke! The trembling ceases and the Moltenore rests quietly in the belly of the volcano where it belongs.

The five guardians whom you so bravely helped rescue rush to congratulate you and thank you for your heroism! You've saved Mystery Island from certain doom!

Thank you so very much!