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I was wondering if it would be possible for the auctions to have an exact ending time. I frequently search the auctions for paint brushes and rare items and I think they are great for getting cheap items but often I don't know when they are going to end and so can't return to put in a sly bid at the last minute. It would be so helpful if you could do this.
Oops.. I seem to have saved this questin without your username, sorry whoever sent this in. The auctions are purposefully set up to have the exact ending time be vague. This is to avoid auction sniping and people with faster connections always winning.

My friend loves to play Hannah and the Ice Caves, but she found that there's a 1,000 NP limit. Is this limit just the first limit from when you released it, or is it something you are okay with? Could you at least make it equal to Pirate Cave's limit (3,000)? - Firstrainbowrose
Both cave games have the same max amount of Neopoints you can earn. That is 1,000 NP normally and 2,000 NP if it is chosen as the featured game.

When will Grundos Gym be back online? I keep checking, but all it says is 'Sorry, the Gym is currently offline for maintenance'. - Ros_frizzo
Grundos Gym probably will not be coming back. We removed it as it was a little over-generous with the Neopoints :)

I like to play the Neopian Lottery everday using the same series of numbers. I noticed that you have to play every day, which is fine, unless you are going away on holiday or whatever. Can it be arranged to use the same numbers for several draws like they do in the the UK lottery? Many thanks - Gypsystar7
That is a very good suggestion, I am just not sure if we can do it. I have forwarded this on to our progamming dept and I should hear back from them shortly about this. It would be cool if we could though :)

Hello! Is there a trick like a specific time of day to get good stuff from Coltzan and King Hagan? Or is it just random? ...Mmmm the Mystery Island Mystic told me you'd answer my question. :) - Mysticmirella
The Mystery Island Mystic eh? Hehe, well the time of day does alter the prizes, but there is no one time when you are totally guaranteed to get good stuff.

Dear tnt I bought a ticket to M*YNCI the other day and I noticed on some of the bands the pets in them are well ... old versions of them! Will you be able to change them - Hanna_dc
Wow, yeah some of them are really old version. We will start updating them this week so you should see the changes. Flash is a bit weird though, so you may need to clear your cache to see the new versions.

In the Neopets TCG can you use certain Fearies as pets? - Lumpy_poo_me
No, the faerie cards are special. They are not Neopet cards. Some are something has happened cards, some are random events and some are heroes. It really depends on the cards. Each card tells you what you can use it for in the text at the bottom.

Just wondering if the Lost Desert Plot will be super-ultra-extra hard to solve? And could you tell us a little insight on what will the main solving quality be? (i.e. battle,puzzles) - syabilla_kitty
We are hoping it will be super-ultra-extra hard to solve. Its hard to make a puzzle with millions of people working to solve it though, I am sure some people will get certain parts easily. The parts really are quite varied, and you just need to figure out what you have to do to progress.

I just bid on Lot No. 54,021,503. how often do you re-set the lot numbers, or is this the total number of auctions so far? - vicky982
That's the (approximate) total number of auctions since the auction system was recoded in late 2003. Each auction needs to have a unique number or name and that is how we have done it. We cannot reset the numbers as then you would have multiple auctions with the same id and that would cause all kinds of problems.

Is the pound ok? Hey Donna, when I'm surfing the pound it always says "So sorry! Our system failed to retrieve a range of pets! Try again by refreshing the page!". I always do refresh but it gets annoying when it pops up like every 30 seconds! Is there something wrong in the pound? - sparklessoccer
We had to re-write the pound as it was really making our databases upset, but I guess we made it too narrow in its selection. We have made the range of pets a lot larger now so you should find something that matches your request now.

I have spent a lot of neopoints to get a size 76 shop, and find it unfair that I have to pay that much again to create a gallery that size. It seems that when you create a gallery, it should be the same size as your shop so you don't lose your investment. - eveinoz26
You can convert a shop to a gallery with one click and no charge. The gallery will be the same size as your shop was so you don't need to spend money to make your gallery larger. The shop, however, gets set to a size 1 after the conversion.

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