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If you bought the Maraquan sidebar with your battle points, how do you change the sidebar so it is Maraquan? - Ottodog72
First go to "Help" from the yellow bar and click on the "User Prefs" link at the top of the page. From there, click on "Site Preferences" and at the very bottom is the option to change your sidebar. There are some other nifty options here as well!

I noticed the robot petpets are not considered a petpet under the themes in the new safety deposit box setup. Is this intentional? - Sandmerk
Oops no, they must have been skipped when we set that up. I have fixed it now so you should see them under Petpets.

Are you currently working on or planning to make a new NeoQuest? Because I'm a NeoQuest fan and it would be cool to see a new NQ. :) - Shoymeerluprie2333
At the moment no. Mr Insane is currently working on the long-awaited Tyrannian Land War which should be released in a couple of months. After that, who knows, ther could be NeoQuest III if we talk to him nicely I guess.

If you delete an account, and then later decide you want to play neopets again, can you access that account? - Sweetlittlethang4289
If you delete your own account, you are in effect freezing your account. Just incase you may want to come back in the future, they are still stored exactly as they were on the day you deleted your account. In order to have your account returned, you will need to write in to our support staff using the proper form on the contact us page. Be expected to provide a lot of information though so we can verify you're the real owner!

Could you maybe combine the supporter and warrior role into one? The supporter is a great new way to get points, and sounds like fun, but I love battling too. The war would probably be a lot more fun for everyone if you can do both!!! And the supporters would be able to get a few more points... - Ginabaige
Hmm... That is interesting. Maybe this is something we would do in the next war. Also, to change things up a little you will not be given the option to choose sides in the next war, you will all unite and fight together!

Now that there are seperate galleries, can you buy items priced at 100,000 NP or more in shops? - Hermione_rules415
This is something we are currently discussing internally. At the moment, no you cannot. In the near future you may find that you cannot set a price higher than 99,999 NP for an item and any items set at this price will be buyable. If we do this, or something simliar, we will give you plenty of notice and we will set any items priced above 99,999 NP to a price of 0 so they are no longer listed for sale.

Now that the Maraquan War is over shouldn't we learn about that statue in the Maraquan ruins? I thought we'd find out about it during the plot but since that's over, could ya'll please tell us? - Journey12
That mysterious statue is tied up with an altogether much darker plot that will be released after the Lost Desert one. Sorry, you will just have to wait a little bit longer to find out :)

I bought a Neuky a week ago, one of the new Maraquan Petpets, and I can't add it to my Jubjub!! Please fix this glitch!! - Misterboot
Ooops! Fixed now :)

I was wondering will any of the limited pets EVER be a regular pet...? - Dakodatoee105
At the moment we have no plans to change any of the limited or restricted Neopets to general release. This does not completely rule the chance out, if you recall Ixis were originally limited edition. It just isn't going to happen any time soon.

Can you actually own a Kadotie because when i typed it in on the "search neopets " bar it just came up with things like " kadotie plushie, kadoatie lamp,etc." can you or can you not purchase a kadoatie - k_dawg1786
Yes, Kadoaties are on sale in the normal Petpet shop. The search bar only shows things that are lower rarity. As Kadoaties are rarity 99, they are too rare to be listed in the search results.

Could you please explain how the War Supporter Ranks where determined? I didn't even know supporters had ranks untill the war was over and I saw my rank underneath my trophy. - finnigan_blue
Sorry, we can't tell you. If we revealed all our secrets it would take away the fun.

In issue #151 I wrote in and asked about an avatar for the original NeoQuest. It has been almost a year now with no sign of the avatar. Was this forgotten? Both NeoQuests are my favorite games and I eagerly await an avatar for the original. Thank you. - wurmlord
We have not forgotten, it should be released on the 24th of this month, so not long now!

Can you make a new section of the NT just for neopian poems? - mari9989
We already have a gallery for poems, if you want to enter your poem, click here.

Will there be any war avatars? Some people are mad because they spent alot of money on supporter quest and no avatar. - xx_angel_emma_xx
Yes, there are lots and lots, some of which are still being made. Keep checking back and you may get a little surprise when they are all completed.

I've been looking at the Random Contests lately and I have noticed that most of the contests involve drawing or art or such. Now that is fine to allow those with artistic talent to shine, but maybe you could have a few more that those of us with *cough* less talent than others? - redwaller123243
Well the random contests are well... random. We have had a lot of art/craft based ones, but also some text only such as the recent Haiku contest. I will forward your comments on though :)

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