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Hey Donna, I would like to see an avatar for how many games the user have played on Neopets. Something like if they played 250 or so games, they get an avatar.. I know there are so many avatars but nothing like this. So Donna can this be done? - missnestle
Ooo, good question. I just asked our avatar queen (Snarkie) and she said yes, it can be done - yay!

I am a supporter, and started an item quest with one of the items I need in very short supply and almost impossible to get hold of. Is there a way I can refuse this quest and start another one? - Pguinto
Yes, you can abandon a supporter quest every 24 hours. We may increase this to every 12 hours soon though.

I got this Maraquan War Token, why can't I put it in a gallery? I would have liked to have a Maraquan War Gallery... - Darkfires
The war tokens are Non-tradable items. This means you cannot sell them, or give them to another account. You will never be able to put them in your shop, but soon you will be able to put them in your safety deposit box and gallery.

On the Top Neopets page, is the number that shown for each pet the number that has been created through Create-A-Pet, or does it count the lab and morphed pets as well? I got into a heated conversation about this. I say it's only those that created, because the lab can be evil and change one pet many different species. What's right? - Allyssia
You are correct. The number shown here is a rough guide which just counts how many of that species were created. If you then change your Neopets' species, it does not update.

Could you please eliminate blue draik eggs from the Kadoatery list? - Beccanae_liz
After a little persuasion, Blue Draik Eggs should no longer be on the Kadoatie wish list. This will not affect Kadoaties who are currently asking for eggs though.

I was looking back in the old Neopian Times editorials and it said something about Rainbow Dung. Does it still exist? - Boofirebrittjub
Oh yes! If you like your dung to be multi-coloured, you are in luck. It is a special item that is not sold in shops though.

I want to fight in the war but, when I do my pet get Watery Eyes and the Onion Balm cure is over 16,000 NP. I can't afford that too many times:( Is there some way to stock it more or get our pets healed by the Faeries more often? - Metal_raptormon
We have drastically lowered the rarity of Onion Balm (just for the duration of the war), so now it should stock a lot more often.

Can you still help the Maraquans? What I mean is can you still choose? - Starfire_joy
No. If you did not choose a side before the war began, you cannot participate. You also cannot switch sides.

I own 3 Swabbys and they won the First , Second, and Third place positions for the PPL , yet none of there names were mentioned in the news under the PPL section, does the news just mention random ones? - Obsidian_gallery
The names shown on New Features are totally random choices. I tend to try not to choose the ones at the top of the list as those Petpets have all the glory anyway :)

How do you get the war trophys for the Pirate vs Maraquan war? - Cheesegirl140
The trophies will be awarded at the end of the war. You cannot get hold of them at the moment, but you can work hard fighting or supporting to increase your chances of getting one :)

How could you take away our privilege to make up our own shop name, shopkeeper name, and what our shopkeeper says!? It's not fair! - Kisscat12
Unfortunately that is not our choice. Coppa regulations (an organisation that works hard to keep the internet a safe place for children to go) mean we cannot allow anyone under 13 to enter text unless they have parental consent. You can find out more about obtaining proof of parental consent here.

How come two of the Pirates can give our pets diseases, but none of the Maraquan warriors can? It gives an unfair advantage to the Pirates as it stops Maraquan warriors from fighting for a bit. - Katt4matt
As far as I know it is just the Pirate Avenger and Maraquan Charger that can make your Neopet sick. I will double check on this though, as it should be balanced.

What is E3? I always hear about it when I`m trying to find info on the newest games. I know its not a Neopets thing, but I need to know! - Frogss60
E3 is an annual convention that lasts 3 days and takes place in Los Angeles. Over the course of the three day period, anybody who has a game coming out, or in production basically previews their games, gives lectures and conducts games related business things. Sadly, it is not open to the general public, you have to work in the gaming industry, or know someone who does in order to get tickets.

I stayed up until 1am NST, 4am my time, eagearly awaiting the release of more Koi. I came back around 2pm NST and still none had been released. I checked back reguarlarly every half hour until 1am NST and the number of Koi never changed. Koi day is now over and none were ever released. What gives? - mileena_z
We spread the release of the 25,000 Kois over the course of two days. They were released in groups of 5,000 at various times to try to make it fairer for people in different time zones.

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