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Beware of the Meepit!!!

by kbskipper


IN HIDING - Everyone has heard of Meepits they’re everywhere. In comics, in stories, they even have their own game. Most people don’t realize the fact that Meepits could very well be evil, and if people do realize it they pretend not to. So I have pulled together some information in a desperate attempt to try and alert Neopians to this common threat!

Meepit items:

Meepit chair: “Who would have thought Meepits have such big sharp teeth!” It’s just a harmless chair you may say, but if think carefully wouldn’t it hurt to sit in that chair? With all those sharp pointy teeth, yes that would hurt a lot and since it’s based on real Meepits, we can only infer that they too have super sharp teeth.

Meepit Lamp: “There is something awfully freaky about a lamp with eyes!” A common lamp? I think not! It is actually a camera hidden in those big eyes! Yes, it is! It’s so the Meepits can track your every move and any secret you might happen to share near one.

Meepit avatar: It’s not just an avatar! It’s a sign to show if one supports Meepits or not. They’re secret gang of Meepit followers, learning those Meepity ways. So approach with caution anyone with this avatar, or better yet walk a different direction.

Meepits drawers: “A rather bizarre looking place to keep all your favorite clothes.” This just looks creepy, and who in their right mind would want to keep their clothes in there??? I mean having to look at that eye every morning…. It’s.. almost… hypnotizing…

Meepits (the petpets): “There is something awfully spooky about those big staring eyes...” I couldn’t get close enough to an actual Meepit in safety to look them over, but from what I can tell they are minions of the big head Meepit. Helping him with his evil deeds! So if you see one avoid eye contact and contact the Chia police anonymously. The Meepits have ways of tracking down people who put there kind in the hands of the Chia police. If the Chia police however don’t believe you your best way to stay safe would be to change your name, all your pets names and move to an isolated area.

Meepit juice break: “It's not just Neopets that need to eat and drink. At this home for lost Meepits, it's up to you to make sure all the little Meepit children get their daily Juppie Juice.” Who do you think wrote that? No not the Neopets team! The Meepits! The Meepits must have threatened the Neopets team with something. Maybe they threatened to steal all the asparagus in Neopia and keep it for themselves. I don’t know! But, whatever the reason, the Meepits want us to feel sorry and play the game so we’ll get good at it. Then when the time is right they’ll turn on us and force us to give them juice, and since we know how to play we’ll have to agree.

Meepit trading card: “Once they had collected enough acorns, step two of the plan would begin with earnest…” People, this of all the proof should immediately convince you that Meepits have a plan to take over Neopia. The cards don’t lie!!! I mean come on!

Meepits in General:

Meepits are collector’s items! They’re worth millions of Neopoints and everyone wants one. What better way to be treated wonderfully! Because they’re worth so much they are treated like kings and queens!

They can be painted many different colors all the different colors come with special abilities. I have kept careful track of the abilities I’ve found, and figured out lots! Here take a look!

Blue, yellow and green: All pastel colors and all evil. The special abilities I’ve been able to spot are: The ability to blend in with all pastel colored objects, and the ability to be to write messages using colors oddly enough.

Christmas Meepit: Look at that low hat and big red trench coat. It makes them the most mysterious of the bunch. The abilities: Able to blend into crowds with that big coat of theirs, they have super cold resistant skin, and they fit in so perfectly with that hoildayish setting up in happy valley.

Faerie: They can fly now! AHH! This means they will be planning to have an aerial attack as well when they take over. Abilities: They can fly what more abilities would you need if you can fly?!?!?!

Tyrannian: Extremely smelly, I don’t think they know the word bath. They live in all those caves in Tyrannia. Abilities: Extremely heavy, smelly *faints from stench*

Fire: They are dark and mysterious, and their tail and ears are on fire! Abilities: They have fire tails and ears to burn people and things with, and light up in the dark.

Gray: No abilities to speak of and is extremely lazy and sleeps all the time.

Ghost: Weird, they aren’t really dead it’s just a paint brush. Very creepy and will scare the socks off anybody. Abilities: Can go through walls, can disappear, and can scare you silly.

Red: Slightly larger then the average Meepit and heavier too. They stand out of a crowd like a blue bead in a pile of red beads. Abilities: the average.

Island: They live with them cannibals over on Mystery Island. My advice stay away. Abilities: To deadly to get near safely. I’ll keep trying though…

Dung: Eww…….

Snow: Masters of disguise, they can easily stand still and look exactly like a snowman err….. I mean snow Meepit. I more often then once seen them in my front yard posing hoping to catch me off guard, but no I’m to smart for them. Abilities: can disguise easily, and are hard to catch.

Meepits: how to avoid them!

Well now that you know about this common threat, you might ask how does one protect themselves against Meepits? Follow this simple guide and your Neohome will be Meepit free!

1. Always have lots of cheese around. Meepits and cheese are opposites and don’t mix. Just keep a lot in your fridge.

2. Have an Amulet of Reflection at all times, so you can reflect their own weirdness back at them!

3. Blue whistle: Believe it or not, Meepits have very sensitive ears, so one blow from this and you’ll be Meepit free.

So in conclusion Meepits are evil. There is not much doubt about it and if we don’t do anything soon we’ll be over through by them! I myself will have to go in to hiding after alerting everyone to this news, by the news must by known, and maybe one day we will be able to stop them and there Meepity ways, but until now I must go and go to my secret underground shelter. So goodbye for now!

Author’s note: Before all you Meepit lovers come to my house and burn it down for saying these things, listen to what I have to say! I didn’t force you to read this article, did I? No. I’m simply warning those who do wish to be safe from this threat... who knows how long it will be until they attack. It could be tomorrow or it could be next year, so keep your eyes open for the evil of the Meepits.

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