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Continued Series

Three of a kind:Part Three

“So we have met!” Scarlet exclaimed, excitedly.

“Of course, and how lovely it is to see you again, and Steel, I remember you it is good to finally make your acquaintance finally.

by rkbear

A Shattered Confession:Part Seven

Sylvana’s eyes widened as she realized what the eyrie had come here for. He had to have his blade unsheathed and thrown her axe in front of her for a good reason.

by fallingdaybreak
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"The River that Flows Eternal " by movie138music
Have you ever heard it? The music of the World? Evett opened his eyes slowly. He heard echoes of sound in his ears, like the song of waves in a seashell, but it soon faded into silence. He was lying on a craggy hill, one of dozens that rippled uniformly towards the horizon. Grey clouds rolled lazily overhead, speckling the desolate landscape with shadow. Nothing moved. “What—“ Evett gasped. His own voice sounded foreign to him. “Wasn’t I just—at the Rainbow Pool?” Where were the buildings? The street lights, the crowds, the cobblestones? He turned wildly. It felt as if the silence was swallowing up his memories. Surely he had been there just moments ago, looking up at the shimmering fountain. The sunlight on the water had changed its seven hues into a thousand. To anyone else in Neopia Central it must have been an ordinary sight. But Evett, watching the colors arcing over the still pool, had found it nothing less than spellbinding. He’d crept up to the rim, clutching his paint brush, and then, and then— Well. His fur was blue now. He had that, at least. And his inventory bag had made the trip too. Delightful. It took Evett all he had not to let out a panicked sort of laugh. He covered his face for a moment to stem his racing thoughts.

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A Slew of Stars
He blinked with the faintest hope a manuscript would materialize within the next fraction of a second. His fortune failed him.

by weewoowriter


The Violet Assassin
Hoping to seek revenge against a traitor, Galem Darkhand and Masila seek the help of an infamous assassin.

by fallingdaybreak


A Bratty Baby’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Wearables
---Starring Walda the very bratty Baby Kacheek and Christine, her owner!---

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9 Unconventional Gift Ideas this Valentine’s!
Valentine’s – the day when the air is filled with so much love and affection, be it for a special one, our friends or even our Neopets!

by breakeven


Vertically Challenged

by butterflybandage


Legends and... Letters? (Part 02 - Lord Kass)

In collaboration with joaozanatto

by _annefrank_

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