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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The courtroom was quiet for a second before it exploded into a cacophony of outrage, the screaming voices loud enough to send the tables and court stand shaking slightly. A large group of knights hastily marched in from both the side doors and back double doors, the knights in the back mercilessly shoving past innocent villagers who wanted nothing more than to escape the carnage the axe had brought upon them. Soon, the knights surrounded Sylvana with their weapons all pointed at her, but she hardly seemed to notice it.

A Gift for every Valentine

It is that time of year again! Hearts, pink, love, what fun. If you struggle picking the perfect gift for your friends, this guide will give you an array of options. We’re here to help! Just go through our expansive list and pick one for that special person or people in your life. Whether they enjoy the day or not, we have searched for and found ample options to fit their preferences!

Valentine’s Special: Valennytine’s Day

Dear readers, It’s Valentine’s day, and that means that we, along with this entire issue of the Neopian Times, are going to serenade your eyes with various shades of pink. So! It’s time to panic-buy chocolate and heart-strewn cards to tell your loved ones you care about them and pretend that you totally didn’t forget about this until the last minute!

A Bratty Baby’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Wearables

---Starring Walda the very bratty Baby Kacheek and Christine, her owner!--- Walda: Hi! My name is Walda, and I am a Baby Kacheek. I was upset when my owner Christine and I went to the NC Mall, only to find that the majority of the items there could not be worn by babies such as myself. THEY NEED TO CARRY MORE BABY SIZES!!! *huffs* Christine: Calm down.

Other Stories
"A Slew of Stars" by weewoowriter
He blinked with the faintest hope a manuscript would materialize within the next fraction of a second. His fortune failed him. A cardboard box of blank paper partially blocked the desk light that would have hit the sitting green Peophin, leaving him obscured in its shadow. Beside his desk, twinkling lights entered the bedroom from the window. Sometimes a white spaceship with green lights periodically zoomed in the sky. He found himself staring out, hoping his patience would reward him with a flash of green. He shook his head and refocused on where his lamp shone brightest—the single sheet of paper glowing with its crisp white sheen. Dravneel plucked the feathered quill from the ink jar and raised it above his head. He slowly inhaled, and as he exhaled, he whispered a small prayer to the creative forces in the world for enlightenment. However, his words were less than elegant and more of a desperate plea for his pen to magically write his next great Neopian novel. One moment of silence followed. Then another. He opened his eyes and found his hand frozen in the air—his writing instrument hovering over a nearly pure parchment, save for the tiny drop of ink that splattered onto the page without his noticing.

"The Violet Assassin" by fallingdaybreak
The room was dark, save for the faint glow of candlelight. The windows and the sky outside were dark, making the hideout near invisible under the night sky. But in the center of the room, a pair of snarling fangs were illuminated by the light, belonging to none other than Galem Darkhand. It had been three days since the ruki _A2_ escaped Galem’s grasp. Having escaped in a heavy snowstorm, it was near impossible for Galem to track her down afterwards. But despite the ruki being gone for three days, Galem did not forget her betrayal. He would never forget, nor would he ever forgive _A2_. No one dares betray Galem Darkhand, no one. And whoever dared try their luck never lived to tell the tale. It was a simple offer he gave her, when he first saw her collapsed in Shenkuu. She steal and fight for his benefit, and she’d be given food and shelter. But clearly, _A2_ wanted to benefit herself more than him, otherwise, she would have never fled from him and Masila on that dark night.She was alive because of him, and she dare turn traitor against him?! It was unforgivable, and Galem only saw one punishment for that traitorous ruki. Just the thought of her made the menacing grarrl growl for what felt like the hundredth time. At the table, a mynci, draik, and a kyrii sat with him, eyeing Galem rather nervously.

"The River that Flows Eternal " by movie138music
Have you ever heard it? The music of the World? Evett opened his eyes slowly. He heard echoes of sound in his ears, like the song of waves in a seashell, but it soon faded into silence. He was lying on a craggy hill, one of dozens that rippled uniformly towards the horizon. Grey clouds rolled lazily overhead, speckling the desolate landscape with shadow. Nothing moved. “What—“ Evett gasped. His own voice sounded foreign to him. “Wasn’t I just—at the Rainbow Pool?” Where were the buildings? The street lights, the crowds, the cobblestones? He turned wildly. It felt as if the silence was swallowing up his memories. Surely he had been there just moments ago, looking up at the shimmering fountain. The sunlight on the water had changed its seven hues into a thousand. To anyone else in Neopia Central it must have been an ordinary sight. But Evett, watching the colors arcing over the still pool, had found it nothing less than spellbinding. He’d crept up to the rim, clutching his paint brush, and then, and then— Well. His fur was blue now. He had that, at least. And his inventory bag had made the trip too. Delightful. It took Evett all he had not to let out a panicked sort of laugh. He covered his face for a moment to stem his racing thoughts.

~Treat Yourself~

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