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This editorial is brought to you in part by kikocat. Just a heads up there will be no neopian times next week as we are off next Monday. But good news is my little helper will be starting next week so he should be able to spend more time focused on spotlights and neopian times very soon once he learns the ropes!

Hello, I've been a member of Neopets for quite some time and will be celebrating 17 years this month! One thing that has always confused me is the long, complex list of rules for Side Accounts. While there are fan sites that have organized them somewhat, it seems a bit silly that we have to go off-site or dig through editorials in order to see what's allowed and what isn't. Is it possible to have some sort of official Side Account rule list posted somewhere on the site? Thanks!~~skip949
Congratulations on celebrating 17 years with us.

I doubt we could put everything not allowed to be done on side accounts in a comprehensive list (since something would always be left off or a member would come up with a what if situation), so in the most basic sense, you cannot use side accounts for anything that would grant you Neopoints or Items.

Here are some things you can do on a side account:

Enter the Beauty Contest (yes you didn't use to be able to but no prizes are given now)

Have more pets (Send items and points from your main to your side to feed your pets)

Chat on the boards (but remember anything you do on your side can affect your main so don't post anything on a side account that you would not on your main account)

Adopting pets from the pound (again the points needed would have to come from your main)

Have a NeoHome

Buy and spent NC (except on cookies)

Have a Lab Ray

You may joins guilds but you cannot enter their contests, if they have any for prizes (unless non-tangible prizes like graphics)

Have a Gallery

Collect the Freebie Newbie Pack and free starting NC (or free NC gifts from the NC Mall)

Faerie Quests (no you can't use cookies) but since they are given randomly, you have no control over getting one or not but the items needed have to be bought and sent from your main account

This is not a complete list but these are the main things you can do on a side account. If you get stuck on if something is allowed on a side or not, just investigate if you will get points or items from the activity, if you will, then you can’t do them on a side (unless specifically stated that you can). Hope that helps!

Hi TNT! Thanks so much for everything you do to keep Neopets fun! I am wondering, when are we going to see new Neopet species enter? For me, one of the funniest parts about Neopets is the pets themselves. I think it would be so fun to have several more species join Neopets in 2020! ~~ __scribblerofdreams
Hello! You never know. Although adding a new species does mean they would not be able to wear the wearables that were out before they existed (unless they were updated), so that can cause some frustrations with new pets being added. But again, you never know when something new could be added so I'd say watch the news for all updates (not just about new pets but everything going on.)

Hi! When playing scorchy slots, at some point, the volcano erupts and I get this message: "It's raining Neopoints, you pick up as many as you can carry!" Now I KNOW for a fact that I can carry millions of neopoints, so what is up with that?? ~~mysteryshadow
Hi! Remember they are very hot when they come out of the erupting volcano so you might not have as good of hold on them as you think you do to be able to keep them. :)

Thank you for the Fringed Heart Valentine Goodie Bag - very cute! However, the description currently reads "This was released to celebrate Valentines Day Y21" but we are in Y22. Can this be fixed? Thanks!~~havittaa
oops, surely you got it dude.

Hi! You guys do an absolutely amazing job and I really appreciate all the work and effort that goes into making this site a fun place to be! I was just wondering if there would be a Share the Love Challenge, for the sweetheart grams this year? Thanks so much!
Of course. If you purchase all the grams you will receive a bonus next week :)

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