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A Bratty Baby’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Wearables

by _brainchild_


     ---Starring Walda the very bratty Baby Kacheek and Christine, her owner!---

          Walda: Hi! My name is Walda, and I am a Baby Kacheek. I was upset when my owner Christine and I went to the NC Mall, only to find that the majority of the items there could not be worn by babies such as myself. THEY NEED TO CARRY MORE BABY SIZES!!! *huffs*

     Christine: Calm down.

          Walda: NO! Babies deserve to look cute, too! *scowls* Anyway, then my BIG MEANIE owner---

          Christine: Walda, that’s not very nice.

          Walda: *blissfully ignoring the reprimand* Then my BIG MEANIE owner refused to buy me a Happy Chocolate Covered Strawberry. *pouts* I started screaming at her, and we got kicked out... The staff said that I couldn’t come back until I was “old enough to stop throwing tantrums.” I WAS HUNGRY!!!

          Christine: I’ve seen how wound up you can get whenever you eat chocolate... Plus, I don’t have Neocash pouring out of my ears. Of course, you conveniently left out the detail that I took you to the Neopian Food Shop afterwards.

          Walda: I WANTED THE STRAWBERRY! It’s “a super food that will fill your Neopet up to a bloated state and make it happier!”

          Christine: There are millions of Neopets in that dingy pound who don’t have ANYTHING to eat...

          Walda: Anyway, once I settled down, my owner went looking for some baby sizes for me. She soon gave me a catalog full of TONS of baby clothes! :) I was SOOOOOOO excited! I wanted ALL of them, but my owner said I didn’t need that many, so I had to settle for some. Here, I have picked out all my favorite baby wearables for Valentine’s Day:

          --- Baby Bun with Heart Headband---


          Walda: I love this cute hairstyle! It has a stylish headband with magenta hearts on it. The hair is a very light brown shade, and I love the lighter hair colors! I will admit that I am usually in favor of blonde, but I could wear this, too. DYEWORKS! NOW---”

          Christine: Maybe you could ask a little more nicely...

          Walda: Anyway, the only drawback of this hairstyle is that I have to sit for several minutes while my owner or one of my sisters fixes it for me. BOOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!!!

          ---Baby Pink Contacts---


          Walda: Think pink for Valentine’s Day! I was tired of my boring, dull eyes, so I got a pair of contacts instead. Aren’t they pretty? *blinks eyes*

          Christine: Walda, I’m not an eye doctor, but I highly doubt that contacts are suitable for babies.

          Walda: *pouts* THEN WHY DO THEY EXIST?!

          Christine: Because someone thought they would be cute... I will ask the Gelert Doctor if those are okay for you to wear. Don’t throw a tantrum if he says no; it’s for your own health!

          Walda: I’m going to wear these, whether you like it or NOT!!!

          Christine: *sigh*

          ---Baby Pink Ona Rattle---


          Walda: I’m past PLAYING with silly rattles, but at least this makes a cute accessory. See, I clip it to my bag,

          Christine: Glad you like it.

          Walda: The only downside is that it makes a noise whenever I walk, so I can’t do anything sneaky. Yesterday Christine heard the rattle and caught me sneaking chocolate cookies...

          Christine: ...And then you had another one of your dreadful sugar rushes, which resulted in yet ANOTHER broken lamp and a VERY flustered older sister of yours.

          Walda: *grins* It was worth it!

          ---Baby Polka Dot Dress---


          Walda: They’re polka dots, not hearts, yet I still think this is cute. Pretty in pink! *dances around in dress*

          Christine: That’s very fragile fabric. Don’t rip it doing cart---


          Christine: ---wheels. Well, it’s ruined now. I guess it would be better to wear this dress to a fancy party than around the house or during playtime...

          ---Baby Rosy Cheeks---


          Walda: How do I look? *smiles*

          Christine: *sigh* You put WAY too much of that on. Let me wash that off and re-do it.

          Walda: NO! I LIKE IT! *runs away*

          Christine: *ambushes Walda with wet wipe* There. Now let me re-do--- *stares at formerly white pillowcase* Walda! I just bought that pillowcase! Now it’s stained with face paint, and that will NEVER come out... *shakes head*

          Walda: *dancing around in her own little world*

          Christine: *sigh* One of the drawbacks of having a child in the house is that she has no concept WHATSOEVER of money.

          ---Baby Valentine Blankie---


          Walda: I asked for this thing so I could nap on it, not wear it. I cuddle with it every night.

          Christine: I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I especially like the fact that it’s reversible. One side is white with red hearts, and the other side is red with white hearts. That’s a very cool idea. If it weren’t sized for a baby, and thus very tiny, I’d get one for myself.

          Walda: It is SOOOOOOOO soft! I also nap with my plushie.

          Christine: That brings us to your next item...

          ---Baby Valentine Feloreena Handheld Plushie---


          Walda: Hand it over! *grabs plushie out of Christine’s hands*

          Christine: Please ask more nicely, Walda.

          Walda: *squishes plushie*

          Christine: This thing looks like a cross between a Cybunny and a Uni to me. Anyway, it has rosy cheeks and a heart patch sewn on. I think it’s really cute.


          Christine: Is she sleeping?! Thank Fyora for a moment’s peace. I wish she hadn’t fallen asleep in her dirty shoes... Now snow and salt will get all over the couch. *lays towel down* While she sleeps, I’ll tell you about her favorite footwear.

          ---Baby Valentine Heart Shoes---


          Christine: These shoes are adorable. They are bright pink, which is my favorite color. They are adorned with a heart pattern, and even the soles are heart-shaped. That way, all of Walda’s footsteps look like hearts in the snow. If she runs away, which she has on multiple occasions, then it’s easier to find her! I also like the buttons because they look like roses. I wish they made these shoes in my size...


     ---Baby Valentine Wings---


          Christine: Does your baby want to fly? Look no further. These wings are created from heart-shaped feathers, and have hearts that rise from them when your Neopet wears them. They come in the original hue, which is reddish-pink, as well as three Dyeworks colors: blue, grey, and purple. Walda likes the purple ones the best.

          Walda: *continues to snore*

          Christine: I’m glad she’s still napping. It’s the only way I can ever get some peace and quiet. Anyway, I hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day. Maybe you could consider one or more of these items for your Baby Neopet. Cheers!

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