Reporting live from Neopia Circulation: 197,560,623 Issue: 989 | 11th day of Hiding, Y25
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Skeith Services: At the Neolodge

"Mother booked us a stay at..."Collab with brucas188 & rosemmary

by xoxcharm
Royal Pain

Credit where it's due

by winner19955
Beach III: Revenge of the Blues

Summer sorrow. Collab with luc187

by kuroneko_kitty
Petpet Adoptions (Logic Puzzle)

Can you solve this Petpet puzzle?

by skeletonic
KougraBeat Quiz: Which Usuki Are You?

Find out which Usuki you are before the Usuki Movie! Collab with phlyarologist

by wizzy13_7
Faellie Tales 09: Grave Danger

One faellie had a sliiiiiightly worse time.

by coco6468
The Three: Part 3 - Greed: Finale

In the end.. The Three were banished! Collab with dariganey

by shenkuun
Blossoms~ Digging Deep Part 4

Okay, today's the day...

by twillieblossom
Amateur Accountant

"I'm just a baby!"

by leighlizzzie
Perfect Genius Game

Only bad things come from boredom

by waternymph12
how sketchy!

You think the lab ray scientist saw our last comic?

by rebeccanmn
N1GHTM4R3: Strength of a Guardian p4 (Power)

Kudos if you know the quote reference. ;) (finale)

by shellshocks
Common Sense

A new era means a new way of saving files!

by supergirl_lazergirl
The Silent Treatment

Finally, some peace and quiet... well, maybe.

by morguesly
Ashkary's Café - Mail Fraud Pt. 2

And you thought Orien was embarrassed!

by saintsalmon
A Wise King's Torment

Is this why it is difficult to get a trophy or an avatar?

by prulletje1852
Beware of the Blobs

A Jelly Chomby takes a stroll and encounters mysterious blobs.

by tatyanne
Life Improvised : Adaptable

You could also try taking the river.

by keng200
One Potato, Two Potato

This comic is spud-tastic!

by classicmess
The Happiest Quiggle

It's working! I just have to plant them faster!

by nut862
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Dr. Sloth’s Etiquette Guide to the NeoBoards

I had plans, you know. How can you ask me to throw together a guide on such short notice? Even if I wanted to write it, my schedule would barely allow it. Here, look; at 4 o’clock, wallow in self-pity. At 4:30, stare into the abyss. 5 o’clock, wrestle with my self-loathing… I simply cannot cancel on myself again. And even if I did write a guide, what would I write? You say you want to communicate better on the NeoBoards? Have better conversations? Become friends? Bah, what nonsense.This whole “getting along” thing and understanding each other has gone way too far. Why are you not arguing with each other more? How will you ever get back to the wondrous world of peak NeoBoard drama that was the glorious Year 8? Yes yes, some would say that Year 12 was better. They know not of what they speak. But alas, it simply cannot be done. However, I guess anything is an improvement from the current… state of discussions. Or rather lack thereof. Sigh. Alright! Let us get on with it. I have places to be and enemies to zap! Listen up, weaklings! Firstly, do not keep calm and carry on. Make a scene! We’re in the middle of an arms race, or have you not noticed?

Other Stories


A Tale of Two Shopkeepers
"Linda, the Elephante who ran the Neopian Pharmacy, called out, 'Well, alright, but if I get busy I won't be able to run both shops..'"Collab with travel74147

by dancerchickemily


Beyond the Hole
"Fora was a quiet little Symol who lived in a quiet hole in a quiet part of Meridell. There were many Symols who lived deep within the hole, in an expansive city of its own..."

by surging


Shiver Me Timbers - it's Food Club!
This is a brief overview/betting guide for Food Club, to help fellow Neopians brush up on their Food Club knowledge

by abbigator8000


A Trip to the Kadoatery
At the Kadoatery in Neopia Central, you have the opportunity to feed Kadaoties that are waiting to be adopted.

by jenna6570976


The Daily Life of a Grey Kacheek
"The thing about travelling is that it gives you plenty of time to think deep thoughts. With new scenery rushing past the window and not much to do but wait..."

by chesschocolate


Mae's Mysteries: The Case of the Missing Necklace
"It was warm and sunny the next day. Mae and Kacia sat together in the grass atop the hill behind Mae's home; Mae watched as Obi splashed happily in the bubbling stream..."

by satintiger

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