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Short Stories

My Best Friend

"The incident occurred during the daytime, around 1 o’clock NST, while sheets of rain were pouring down from the sky. Misty, a Marble Shoyru, curled up in her bed, was reading a book. She was enjoying..."

by mewrocks_10
Beyond the Hole

"Fora was a quiet little Symol who lived in a quiet hole in a quiet part of Meridell. There were many Symols who lived deep within the hole, in an expansive city of its own..."

by surging
A Tale of Two Shopkeepers

"Linda, the Elephante who ran the Neopian Pharmacy, called out, 'Well, alright, but if I get busy I won't be able to run both shops..'"Collab with travel74147

by dancerchickemily
Sharon and the Great Dungeon Escape

"Sharon always wanted a simple life, and now she had it. The Coffee Cave on Roo Island was an utter success, packed daily with tourists in the morning rush hour and creatives in the afternoons..."

by baytotheay
A New Professor at Brightvale University

"The principal of Brightvale University, the Brown Aisha Lora Ledgum, had finally been able to sneak away from the endless meetings of how to get more applicants to the University, to do what she loved the most..."

by orlytheowl
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"Beyond the Hole" by surging
Flora was a quiet little Symol who lived in a quiet hole in a quiet part of Meridell. There were many Symols who lived deep within the hole, in an expansive city of its own. Many years ago on the eighth day of Hunting, many Symols decided to move to the newly discovered Meridell. This was long before Flora was born. She did not know much about the outside, or why her family ended up here, but she was content. It was quiet, it was peaceful, it was easy. Every Symol in the hole had a duty for the colony; some built and maintained shelter, some gathered food from above, some babysat the young ones, and some like Flora were chefs. For many, including Flora, it was an important duty to be part of the greater good of their colony. There was no stress like the outside world. She heard stories from the gatherers and she had no interest in going above. It seemed loud, busy, and stressful. One morning Flora was gathering up the supplies to start the cooking at her station. Today she was in charge of desserts. Desserts were not her strongest task, but it did feel good to rotate on occasion. Plus, desserts were a more solitary event and she liked to keep to herself. Flora carefully lined up everything so she could see what she was working with. “Hmm…” she thought to herself. “I do not have enough sugar for this.” She looked around the kitchen. She glanced at the other chefs. “Sugar?” She asked no one in particular.

Other Stories


A Trip to the Kadoatery
At the Kadoatery in Neopia Central, you have the opportunity to feed Kadaoties that are waiting to be adopted.

by jenna6570976


Dr. Sloth’s Etiquette Guide to the NeoBoards
I had plans, you know. How can you ask me to throw together a guide on such short notice?

by iwonder


Return to White River
"Mornings in White River, Meridell were usually quiet. The sun rose over the sea, illuminating the water, and bathing the streets of the town in a dusky red..."

by hzoo_26


Mae's Mysteries: The Case of the Missing Necklace
"It was warm and sunny the next day. Mae and Kacia sat together in the grass atop the hill behind Mae's home; Mae watched as Obi splashed happily in the bubbling stream..."

by satintiger


Perfect Genius Game
Only bad things come from boredom

by waternymph12


Royal Pain
Credit where it's due

by winner19955

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