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Find Your Perfect Trinket!

I'm back and ready to help you find your perfect wearable trinket! All you have to do is take this easy personality quiz.

by confiserie
How To... Spend Quality Time With Your Neopet

A guide to making your neopet happy. :)

by tallydepp
Creating Fabulous Neogardens

If you're disgruntled with neogardening, here are some tips that might help you find your stride and create gardens you love.

by avatarh
Iglooing For Beginners

Oh, how well I remember discovering The Igloo Garage Sale! Restocking at cheap prices and reselling for profit... What a find!

by cheated_by_liars
Unappreciated Jobs of Neopia: Sewage Cleaners

'It's a dirty job-- but I'm the only one, I mean only WE, are good enough to do it!'

by nodesofranvier
Interviews With Your Favorite BD Opponents!

Here, without further delay, are interviews with some of your favorite one-player Battledome opponents!

by indulgences
Aspiring to Be a Better Neopian

Whether you're just getting started on Neopets or have been around since the very beginning, there's always something you can do to become a better player.

by blueviolent
Horrible Characters You Don't Want To Be!

You might have dreamed about being a magical faerie, a Meridell knight, or Dr. Sloth. Those characters have great, fun lives. But there are a handful out there in Neopia who have bad lives...

by sswpyo
Goparokko - A General Guide to the Game

Deep in the jungles of Mystery Island, so we are told, lives a masked Yurble...

by dipper70
Secret Lab Map: a Guide

Happy zapping!

by euro_trish
Neopia's 10 Most Shocking Truths

White Weewoos do not actually exist. I know you think you've seen them, but what you've seen are...

by neo_kid_851
How to Trade Succesfully

A guide to help all those unfortunate Neopians for the good of Neopia and to reduce stress levels...

by cinnamon_girl
How to Be Not So Shy about Coconut Shy

I bet you think those coconuts are silently laughing at you each and every time, don't you?

by bewytched
Neopets: Are They Truly Happy?

I went out on a search to find out the real reasons, opinions, and statistics on how many neopets are actually happy.

by xoxvikixox4
For the Love of Sloth Loyalty Quiz

It is time to determine your loyalty! Take this quiz and the master will be pleased.

by faithstarlite
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"Do you like bubbles?" by 3little_blue_panda3
Her parents never paid her any neopoints for babysitting him. She didn't think much of it until a classmate at the Neopian School said that they got 25 neopoints for babysitting their cousin. Of course, Clara asked her mother if she could get paid the next time she babysat Todd, but she didn't exactly get the response she wanted. Her mother told her, "Babysitting isn't a job, Clara. It's a way to..."

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She looked upon her healing waters and sighed, wishing that she could spend the day just soaking in their soothing properties, letting her own magical powers wash over her like a soothing flood and wash away this sense of... restlessness...

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