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I JUST got my account un-iced after 122 days this morning. I didn't know if I was ever going to get my account back, so during that time I did the plot on my side account. Now that I have my account back, I want to just restart the plot here and get the trophy/points on my main. What should I do? Is it "legal" to do the plot on my main and just leave the points untouched on my side? D: ~from the boards
We talked to our handy-dandy guy-who-decides-this-stuff and he said that, in this situation, it is fine. As you figured, we do request that you cease doing any plot activity on your (once again) side account and just leave any prizes/plot points untouched. If you were already past the 3mods, we weep for you.

Hey TNT! I bet you're tired of eating fattening cookies so I'll throw you some celery! Anyway, when I equipped my Neopet with a Purple Sticky Hand I went to the Battledome to try it out. To my dismay, when I got there, it was not available as a choice for an item to use! When I withdrew from the fight the hand was in my inventory. I then went and bought a Red Sticky Hand and equipped it to my Neopet. When I entered a fight THAT hand was not there either! I have tried several sticky hands and none of them are capable of being used! Is this a glitch? ~smileyusual
Nope, this is done on purpose. When battles are added to plots we take down all other challengers and disable stealing weapons. Why? Because we're just *that* evil.

There are a lot of plots that have passed, but us new members have missed them all. Can you bring them back? All I want is the avatars and trophies :D! ~richstock
Nope! Aside from the Altador plot, once a plot is done, it's done. We wouldn't want to diminish the value of older accounts, their plot trophies, and other winnings by offering them to newer accounts. Don't worry, though; as your time on Neopets passes you'll have a chance to earn your own plot trophies and avatars. :)

Why isn't my free Premium Floating Space Faerie Doll showing up in my NC Mall album? ~jcjennie
Go to your NC Mall album and click on the management page. There should be an option there to make the doll visible in your album. :)

Here I am! *beams*

Here's a random question: while you're working do you guys ever just spontaneously buy pizza and feast? (Perhaps even while working on the Editorial!) ~foreva_free
There's a lot more of us working here than there used to be, so not quite as often. Probably due to legal concerns about the welfare of the pizza deliverers. We used to, umm... accost them when the elevator doors opened and rip the pizza boxes from their frightened hands. :X Now, with so many of us, someone would probably end up trampled and ignored while we ate the pizza. Lawyerbot would most likely be the only one to enjoy this scenario.

What's the Wheel of Slime? I've seen it mentioned multiple times on Pet Pages, but I've searched everywhere to no avail! o.0 Is it like Jelly World? ~starwars_acara
No, unlike Jelly World, the Wheel of Slime actually exists. It's within the Nickelodeon Slime Park that's located in the Neopian Plaza. The wheel can be spun once every 8 hours and often yields a small amount of Neopoints. It's free to spin, though. :)

Hi TNT! I have a tablet computer that I often use when going on here. My stylus makes The Buzzer Game much easier than with a mouse. Is it considered cheating if I use my stylus to get the avatar? After all, most people don't have it and it seems like an unfair advantage. I asked around on the boards, and people aren't really sure if it's cheating or not. Could you clear this issue up for us? Thanks! ~hpandgslvr
Heh well, we can only do so much to keep the playing field as even as possible among players. Due to fast vs. slow computers and internet connections, plus top of the line mice and old ones that stick, we can't really make it a perfectly fair world, especially where computer hardware is concerned. If you feel that you are getting an advantage using your tablet over a mouse we suggest you try to use a mouse.

Why is Fashion Fever listed under the Action games? ~musical_sarah
Because "action" and "fashion" rhyme. Sort of.

Help! One of my gnomes has... ummm... transformed? I had an Orange Yurble Gnome in my gallery, and now it's gone. There is a Green Yurble Gnome in its place! The orange one is even gone from the item search lists. It was a favourite of mine, since it was both a gift and a nice reminder of the Lost Desert Plot. What happened to them? ~monty
OOPS. Looks like someone uploaded to a filename that already existed. Sorry little Yurble gnome! We're currently working with the Art Department to get this corrected, and it should be fixed by the time you read this. :)


I'm just looking for a little clarification after seeing today's User Lookup Spotlight winner (Tuesday the 25th). I was under the impression that side accounts were not allowed to enter contests (beauty, art, gallery, Mystery Pic, etc.), so why is it that a side account has won this award? If you could just clarify whether a side is allowed to enter this (or any other) contest that would be fantastic. ~[username removed]
Only contests that give an NP/items reward are not open to side accounts. The User Lookup of the Week competition only offers a trophy.

I asked about this on the boards and no one knew the answer, so it was suggested that I submit my question to the Editorial. As we all know the Gallery Spotlight gets you a spiffy trophy for your UL if you win. I was wondering, however, whether you would get credit on your main account or the side account if you submitted a gallery that's located on your side? It would be a bit frustrating to win the spotlight and then not get to show off your trophy on the account that you use most often. If my question gets answered, thank you in advance. :D ~littleadopter0327
Generally, if you enter a competition that is allowed to be done on a side account and then win the contest, if you make a special request in your submission then we will do our best to credit your main account with the trophy.

Hi TNT! I have a question about the Keyquest tokens. I have acquired quite a few tokens and I am wondering if, during this new game, they can disappear forever. I spent a lot of real money to get the plushies and cards to obtain these Keyquest tokens and do not wish to lose them. Thanks for taking the time to read this! ~exfiles
No, don't worry, once you enter a code and claim your token, it's yours and won't go away.

Hey TNT, I was wondering... if you send something to another user and they neither accept it nor reject it, where does it go? ~cuteandsweat
If it is not accepted or rejected within two days it will be returned to the sender's account.

Dear TNT, I obsess. I know I should seek help for this -- so I'm seeking it from you. :p In the first Neoquest game, there is a mysterious lake behind a locked door in one of the Techo caves. I've not seen anyone who knows where to find the key to this door. I myself traipsed back through all the caves again, even the dead-end one, after defeating the elemental guardians. I did not find an NPC whose dialogue had changed or a monster that dropped a key. Please just tell me this: are you sure this key exists? That is, there’s not some bug in the game preventing us from finding it, is there? It's as if I have all the Harry Potter books, but book six is missing the middle chapters... it doesn't change the ending, but the uncertainty bugs! Could you spare some pity and assure me that this door can or cannot be opened? Also, btw, if you answer this... THANKS SO MUCH!!! :) ~sakura_iro
Well, it's been nearly 7 years since Neoquest was released, and nobody has figured it out yet, so we'll just tell you--

OOOH!! Mr. Insane has just bought pizza for the whole office! Um, Editorial over. *scurries away*


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