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The Wrath of Caylis

by illusen346


Deep within the depths of the frigid waters of Neopia, a sea-Aisha wept. She wailed and sobbed, but no one heard her. No one bothered to worry about her. She had brought destruction to their city. For all they cared, she could wither away at the bottom of the ocean. They wouldn’t mind. But one of them would. She did not want to see her sister so miserable.

     Isca paced the long hallway as best as one could underwater with her arms folded behind her back and her face hardened in concentration. Perhaps she could convince King Kelpbeard to allow Caylis to return to New Maraqua. But it would not be easy. She knew that Caylis could not control her visions. Isca couldn’t either. But the people of Maraqua would be harder to convince - if she could even acquire King Kelpbeard’s consent in the first place.

     Isca heard her name called and entered the throne room as a hungry looking Flotsam exited. He his eyes were downtrodden, but Isca could tell that he was upset. She almost stopped to comfort the poor creature, but the thought of her sister sobbing bitterly at night reminded her to stay on course. She walked up to King Kelpbeard with her head held high and an expression of pure rage on her face.

     “Your Majesty,” Isca said boldly, “I would like to discuss the banishment of my sister.” Kelpbeard nodded and grunted, signaling Isca to continue. Good. “Both you and I know that Caylis has no power over her visions, nor do I. She could not control the occurring tragedies and neither could anyone else. I think she deserves a second chance.”

     Kelpbeard sighed and looked Isca directly in the eyes. “I know she had no power over her visions, but have you noticed that since she left, these tragedies you speak of have stopped. The people are convinced that she was the cause of all of those disasters, and bringing her back would only endanger her more. I am sorry Isca, but the answer is no. Now run along while I discuss the upcoming royal ball with my advisor.”

     Isca sighed and reluctantly left, not bothering to mention that Kelpbeard’s advisor was about as bright as a plank of wood. There had to be something she could do for her sister. But what? Then an idea hit her. She would have to find Caylis herself. Then she would do something to help her - but what that was, she wasn’t sure yet.

     Isca lay in bed, wide awake. Finally, the signal came. I low moaning sound was coming from outside. Isca swam out of bed. Sneaking out of the city was simple enough. No one was asleep to stop her - even the city guards were losing consciousness as Isca slipped past them. But finding Caylis wouldn’t prove to be so easy. Isca followed the sobbing to a deep trench. She gulped, but swam into the dark, cold waters. Soon, all she could see was a faint glowing light at the bottom of the trench. Isca suspected her sister was there.

     As Isca neared the light, a weak suction began pulling her toward the light. The closer she got, the stronger it became. Isca also noticed that the sobbing was becoming louder. When she reached an underwater cave, the suction was strong and the sobbing louder. The light was coming from an enchanted candle, which burned brightly despite the frigid water - hence the name “enchanted candle”. Her sister’s sobbing echoed off of the walls of a tunnel in the cave. Isca swam into the tunnel, eager to find her sister. Suddenly, the suction began pulling Isca in.

     She found herself in a large chamber in the cave. Caylis floated in the center of the room, surrounded by a whirlpool and sobbing uncontrollably. Isca found herself being spun around Caylis in the whirlpool. Isca grabbed on to a nearby stalactite and hung on for dear life. She wrapped her tail fin around it and began calling to Caylis.

     “Caylis!” she cried. “Caylis, it’s me, Isca! Calm down!” Caylis stopped sobbing and turned to face her sister. The whirlpool died.

     “Calm down,” Caylis repeated. “You want me to calm down? You should talk! You have everything you ever wanted. A home, and friends, and a warm bed at night. I have nothing! How can I calm down? You have the same curse as I do, but I don’t suppose the king banished you, did he?” Caylis shrieked, tears forming once more. “No! Everyone loves you, and yet you still have time to come down here and torment your only sister. I won’t calm down - you will. Permanently.”

     Caylis swam up to Isca and grabbed her by the throat, strangling her. Isca struggled to break free of her sister’s grasp, but couldn’t. Caylis ripped a stalactite from the wall and pushed it to Isca’s head. Isca tried to scream, but her windpipe was being blocked off by her sister’s hand. Isca struggled, but Caylis was strong. Isca knew she would die soon.

     Suddenly, a large rock crashed onto Caylis, crushing her head. Isca looked to see who had saved her. She saw no one, but thought she saw the figure of a water faerie swimming through the tunnel.

     “Thank you!” she called, but doubted that the faerie could hear her. Isca pulled the rock off of Caylis to reveal that she was still alive, but barely. Isca ripped off part of her skirt and tied it around her head where Caylis had cut it. Then she ripped off another strip and tied it to her sister’s arm, which was bleeding severely. She dragged Caylis into the room with the enchanted candle and left her on the floor. Isca resolved to bring food and clothes, blankets and books to her sister while she slept. Caylis needed help, and Isca would give it to her - if not secretly. Isca kissed her sister tenderly on her forehead, then swam home to lay in her warm - yet strangely left her feeling cold - bed. She knew that the next day, she would have to explain to everyone why she had a cut on her head. She would dream up an excuse - later. For the time being, her mind had thoughts only for her struggling sister.

     Caylis awoke the next morning to find blankets and food next to her. Her arm was bandaged and she felt sore, but she was glad to fins food. She ate all of it quickly, then grabbed the blankets to reveal several books underneath them. She snuggled into the warm blankets and opened up a book. It felt good to be full, warm, and not bored again. But she couldn’t stop thinking - where had they come from? Then Caylis remembered her fight with Isca the previous night - or was it the night before? No matter, she thought. I don’t care about my stupid sister. If she comes back, I’ll prove that to her. But I do care about whoever brought this stuff to me. I guess someone out there really likes me. Someone.....

     Caylis soon fell asleep. Isca sighed and swam back to the city. She would help Caylis all that she could, but she had to be cautious around her sister. She would get Caylis back to normal. Then the people of New Maraqua would accept her. It seemed simple enough.

     But the pretty young sea-Aisha didn’t realize that life as she knew it was about to be turned upside down. For all she knew, things would return to normal in a matter of weeks - months maybe. Isca swam home happily, unaware of the challenges she would face in the very, very near future. And that night, Isca had a strange dream about an Usul - a pirate Usul.....

The End

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