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NeoPizza - Nipnap - Page 2

by abby568

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The Price of Ambition
That night, when Poppy came home from work, Annie shot up in her bed the second she heard the door shut. She had been reading and thinking for most of the day, with a little more of testing her new strength just within her room.

by golden1188


The Sleepers of Saint Garfir
Wrapped in her towel, Miphie did her best to look as though she hadn’t just fallen into a pond. Despite her best efforts, a puddle of lake water was steadily growing at the base of the chair.

by josephinefarine


December in Space
Tis the season.

by butterflyland_9_9


Knight & Squire: Preface
Lisha hurried to her brother’s side, bracing for the inevitable fallout. Jeran tensed. This was an ugly but necessary truth. To his shock, Rowan smirked in his all too familiar way.

by terpsichorean_writer

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