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What Petpet is best for you and why it's a Slorg

by nathobatho


What Petpet is best for you and why it's a Slorg: 10 reasons why it's time to sprinkle some Slorg Flakes


     In this beautiful world of Neopia, we are blessed with a plethora of incredible Petpets: from those unusual Moltaran amalgamations to the humble Meepits and Feepits (what are they still fighting for?).

     As a recently returning player, it was a little overwhelming to choose an appropriate Petpet, but I chose correctly and I think you should too.

     They can only be described as angels from above (viscous angels perhaps, but angels nonetheless). I'm tired of Neopians acting like these bundles of slime are not the peak of Neopian existence, since they simply are.

     Here are 10 reasons why the Slorg is the appropriate Petpet for you:

          1. Slorgs are affordable

     Sure, they are not literally 5 NP, but if we are to compare them to even our friend the Meepit, we can easily see that Slorgs are quite reasonably priced for the value that they will bring to your life. You won't need to liquidate your shares in the Stock Market or dig deep into your Food Club winnings in order to secure a new home for your very own Slorg.

     2. Slorgs are generous

     Perhaps you find yourself slurping up soup from the Soup Faerie, living from jelly to jelly, omelette to omelette. Some Slorgs around Neopia have been known to share their wealth with a nice smile and this is something that should not go unnoticed. For many Neopians in the community, every Neopoint counts. To the Rich Slorgs with kind hearts - thank you.

     3. Slorgs are good for the environment

     First reported by other Neopians in The Neopian Times, we are aware that Slorgs eat a lot of smaller pests that do harm to crops (farmers rejoice!) In fact, in doing this, they leave a trail of Slorg slime across farms which is incredibly beneficial for the soil, providing valuable vitamins and minerals to foster plant life.

     4. Slorgs are misunderstood

     If you're a long-time Neopian, you may scratch your head at the idea of Slorgs actually helping farms. You may even envision machines such as the Slorgeriser X4 and perhaps you can even practically smell the balls of Slorg-B-Gone as you imagine them being pelted across farms across Neopia. I won't act like Slorgs are flawless, because just like us they will enjoy snacking once in a while, but (and don't take this the wrong way) the reason they are chowing down on your pest-infested crops may have nothing to do with the taste of your bland Slorg-slime-less tomatoes or the single dried-up Ummagine buried for a little too long to be edible. Perhaps a local Slorg is exactly what your farm needs!

     5. Slorgs are beautiful

     There are Slorgs who are literally royalty, some of the most beautiful Petpets around. Their bright purple slime glistens under their beautiful pink hat, with thick eyelashes to die for. This sort of beauty is not from the thin fabric adorning the tip of the princess hat, but rather, the flawless genetics of such an incredible creature.

     6. Slorgs produce tasty slime!

     Now, I wouldn't recommend scooping a handful of your own Petpet's slime off the floor and giving it a taste but if you're able to get your hands on a warm cup of properly prepared Bludberry or Cocolatte (or any other flavoured) Slorg Slime, you may recognise for yourself why the delicious slime is such a delicacy throughout Neopia.

     7. Slorgs can snack

     Many people don't know this but it's actually totally fine to buy a birthday cake, even if it's nowhere near your birthday, although for many an entire cake can be a bit too much for one person and it's useful to have a friend to share with. In reality, Slorgs are quite considerate and well-behaved, typically not the type to invade an entire food supply, (especially not of the moon of Neopia!) however, they will happily enjoy sitting with you and keeping you company, providing you with much-needed assistance to finish any extra cake or other snacks you may have. And who knows, a Birthday Slorg may even be generous enough to share their cake with you!

     8. Slorgs are adorable

     This is a given, with their big rounded eyes, but if you're not sold on their appearance, surely you will be sold on how they behave as Petpets. There is nothing more special than hearing the low snorfling grumbles of a Slorg as they wait patiently at your bedroom door, ready to be let in. The way they leave light trails of slime all across the kitchen in a panicked fluster of random directions, only to finally find that their food is in the same place it always is, and now, worn out with a belly full, they are asleep and happy as can be. Slorgs will try and comfort you when you're feeling low, and celebrate with you when you're on top of the world. Doesn't that just warm your heart?

     9. Slorgs are marketable

     You may see a lot of Slorg merchandise around and think "Wow, that looks nothing like a Slorg, but is still clearly a Slorg". This is not a coincidence: the horrendously wide Slorg Pencil Holders, the mess of Plumberry frosting atop a cupcake that vaguely resembles a Slorg, a green and white sock that is stuffed and tied with a rubber band to look like a... (oh wait, sorry, that was an actual Plushie Slorg), my point stands that Slorgs are marketable! They're iconic, with their ultimately shapeless recognisable features: the round eyes and unmistakable pattern. Neopia - keep the Slorg merchandise coming!

     10. Slorgs are happy

     It's no secret that Slorgs are happy little fellows, but the power of joy is not something to be underestimated. Joy is contagious, surround yourself with it and you may feel it too. The happiness in every Slorg's eyes and the sincere, innocent smile that is always spread across their faces is infectious: let yourself smile back. Feel the happiness that they bring to the world. That they bring to you. After all, isn't joy one of the best things we can feel in our lives? Isn't that the best thing you could ask for from a Petpet? One thing that can be promised is that adopting a lovable Slorg will bring joy into your life.

     So there you have it my fellow Neopians, it's time to have someone sprinkle some Slorg flakes over your current Petpets and transform them (or perhaps take the much cheaper option and just adopt some Slorgs of your own from the Haunted Woods or on the Shop Wizard!).

     Slorgs are fantastic, the peak of Petpets. I can promise that you will not be disappointed!

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