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Continued Series

Return to White River

"Portia let Charrie think on what she had said for a few days, keeping conversations polite but distant. She got back to daily operations of running the town, while..."

by hzoo_26
The Primordial Saga: A Faerie's Woe

"Brynn charged at Illuma with her sword, but the Faerie blocked the strike with a sword she conjured out..." Collab with knightwolfalex

by rurirawr
Sands of an Hourglass

"The six Neopets walked through the gates of the prosperous city of Kheru, known for its opulent buildings, famed warriors and gold-and-purple insignias..."

by nick_and_nickette
The Shoyru Spy

"Slowly blinking, Sylas tried to regain focus. His head hurt, and night was creeping in around him with all the strange sounds of the jungle getting louder..."

by iwonder
Knight & Squire: Unwilling (Resubmitted)

"Small rays of morning sun gleamed through the castle windows, suffusing the red and gold carpet with warmth and radiance..."

by terpsichorean_writer
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"Polly Poogle's Amazing Race" by skweebz
"Wow...! Look at them run!" exclaimed Polly, watching the annual Poogle Race from the sanctity of her home. An avid enthusiast of becoming a world-famous racer, Polly dreamed that one day she would contend in a top-ranking race where only the strongest and fastest Poogles competed. Her mother and father would always sit right beside her during each race, proud of their daughter and the fiery passion she kept within her to run. Polly's eyes glistened with excitement each and every time she would watch each race from start to finish, and her parents nurtured that passion. There was only one thing that stood in Polly's way of competing, and that was her confidence. She was a shy, soft-spoken Poogle who was always loyal and caring to her friends, but when it came to gym class, Polly would just watch her classmates race on the track, for the other Poogles would gather and watch, cheering on their fellow classmates. "Polly, you watch them run with such focus! Don't you want to run with them, too?" asked her friend, Pelly. "W-well, yes... But, I don't think I'm ready yet..." stammered Polly, trying to end the topic to continue watching them race without questioning. Soon, gym class ended, and Polly had returned to her class. As always, she would watch her winded, panting classmates return from the track with such...

Other Stories


The First Crashing of the First Festival
"She took in the Ixi's festival attire, a composition of mesh, glitter, and denim that had gone past the point of distress and into agony..."

by liouchan


Polly Poogle's Amazing Race
"'Wow...! Look at them run!' exclaimed Polly, watching the annual Poogle Race from the sanctity of her home..."

by skweebz


Welcome (Back) to Neopia!
If you’re just coming back after some time away from Neopia, it is good to see you here again after so many years. If you’ve never left, sit down anyway and let’s reminisce together.

by neogirl67890682


FALL-tastic: Best Autumn Items Guide - Foregrounds
Are you ready to enjoy the season of Fall to the fullest? Then check out this guide!!

by sosunub


Jamboree #1
It's good to be back :)

by poison_jam_fae


Bad Idea, Dude: NeoQuest
"Whatcha up to..."

by fluffy_bumbkin

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