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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Overwhelmed with despair, Teca drops to her knees, clutches her head with her hands and finally breaks down in tears. She drops her sword, and the sound of it clattering against the ground echoes through the sewer walls. She feels like a failure, her heart heavy with despair and her mind full of doubts, wondering if she truly was born to be a Meridellian knight.

Modern Neoschool Must-Haves

As autumn approaches, bringing with it the maple-scented promise of hot Candy Pumpkin Lattes, Halloween Jubjubs lining leaf-strewn streets, and Extra Plaid Scarves shielding against the chilly Neopian air, one thing is for certain: the month of Gathering is upon us. For many Neopian pet owners, this month holds a particularly important event to prepare for: the return to Neoschool! However, while gathering pumpkins and tiger squash is as easy as Meaty Gnorbu Pie, preparing young Neopets to make the transition back to school is far less straightforward. In Year Five, it was enough to throw a Blue Blumaroo Pencil and a Cloud Notebook in a backpack and send little Spot running off to school. Now, owners all over Neopia are scratching their heads as their Neopets reject once-coveted Space Faerie Notebooks and Fyora Elegant Backpacks, preferring more modern, "cool" school supplies. But what does that even mean? Fear not! Neopia's most tuned-in-to-the-youth, "hip" owners — specifically, just me, but who's counting? — have assembled to save your time, Neopoints, and patience. Never again will your Neopets come home crying because the popular pets made fun of their Baabackpack. Gone are the days of convincing your Neopets to go to school, or worse, stay in school, as a result of the lack of the right school supplies. The list below is all you need to set your Neopet up for scholastic success... in style!

What Petpet is best for you and why it's a Slorg

What Petpet is best for you and why it's a Slorg: 10 reasons why it's time to sprinkle some Slorg Flakes *** In this beautiful world of Neopia, we are blessed with a plethora of incredible Petpets: from those unusual Moltaran amalgamations to the humble Meepits and Feepits (what are they still fighting for?). As a recently returning player, it was a little overwhelming to choose an appropriate Petpet, but I chose correctly and I think you should too. They can only be described as angels from above (viscous angels perhaps, but angels nonetheless). I'm tired of Neopians acting like these bundles of slime are not the peak of Neopian existence, since they simply are. Here are 10 reasons why the Slorg is the appropriate Petpet for you: 1. Slorgs are affordable Sure, they are not literally 5 NP, but if we are to compare them to even our friend the Meepit, we can easily see that Slorgs are quite reasonably priced for the value that they will bring to your life. You won't need to liquidate your shares in the Stock Market or dig deep into your Food Club winnings in order to secure a new home for your very own Slorg. 2. Slorgs are generous Perhaps you find yourself slurping up soup from the Soup Faerie, living from jelly to jelly, omelette to omelette. Some Slorgs around Neopia have been known to share their wealth with a nice smile and this is something that should not go unnoticed. For many Neopians in the community, every Neopoint counts.

FALL-tastic: Best Autumn Items Guide - Foregrounds

Another year comes by, and here we are being delighted by the September equinox, the one and only time of the year that leads us to the beautiful and FALL-tastic season of Fall (or Autumn, you might call it too). There's nothing better than enjoying the crispy and breezy weather while riding your bike, mesmerized by the falling leaves across the street; this is the time when all the yellow and orange tones take over the landscape. And Neopia is no stranger to this phenomenon! You can clearly see all the citizens of Neopia getting ready for the colder months to come, preparing the harvest, and hopefully getting the prettiest fall-themed items before they are gone for good. Hi there reader, I'm Sosu and I'm an autumn enthusiast, or that's what people say about me whenever they see me around. Most of them call me the leaf dude, and it's not only because I like the season, but it’s also because I carry it with such a passion that I've invested all my years here gathering all the possible autumn items, decorating my Neohome, making my gallery bigger and bigger as each fallen leaf touches the ground. Above all these great activities and hobbies though, I must say that I truly love customizing my Draiks to be prepared to spend the upcoming months with the best fall outfits.

Other Stories
"Fyora’s Faerie Festival" by black_skull725
My hands shook slightly as I tried to untangle my hair. I took my brush and tried to brush it out, but it remained. “Stubborn little thing, ugh” I muttered. “Queen Fyora, it’s almost time!” said a voice. A Gelert poked her head into the tent. I sighed and turned around to face her. “Celandra, I need your help…” I began, pointing frantically at the exact spot of the knot in my lavender hair. “Ah! Here,” she said, grabbing the brush and gently tugging at the hair. I clenched my fists as she seemed to brush with increasing strength. Nearly losing my patience, I instead held my tongue and gritted my teeth. Moments later, suddenly the brushing slowed down and I could feel the knot loosen up. Celandra then stopped. “All good, Fyora! I didn’t even need to use the magical air spray this time. But how did your hair dry out like that?” I shrugged. “I am not sure.” “Maybe you’ve spent too much time on this festival,” Celandra replied. “Ah, perhaps. It’s just that it’s the first time we’ve invited all Neopians to participate. I also wish for this to be a way for Kaia to get acquainted with more faeries. I hope for a smooth festival.” At that moment, sudden screams reverberated through the tent. I rose immediately and went outside. I gasped as I saw dark shadows in the background. It couldn’t be, the wraiths?

"Polly Poogle's Amazing Race" by skweebz
"Wow...! Look at them run!" exclaimed Polly, watching the annual Poogle Race from the sanctity of her home. An avid enthusiast of becoming a world-famous racer, Polly dreamed that one day she would contend in a top-ranking race where only the strongest and fastest Poogles competed. Her mother and father would always sit right beside her during each race, proud of their daughter and the fiery passion she kept within her to run. Polly's eyes glistened with excitement each and every time she would watch each race from start to finish, and her parents nurtured that passion. There was only one thing that stood in Polly's way of competing, and that was her confidence. She was a shy, soft-spoken Poogle who was always loyal and caring to her friends, but when it came to gym class, Polly would just watch her classmates race on the track, for the other Poogles would gather and watch, cheering on their fellow classmates. "Polly, you watch them run with such focus! Don't you want to run with them, too?" asked her friend, Pelly. "W-well, yes... But, I don't think I'm ready yet..." stammered Polly, trying to end the topic to continue watching them race without questioning. Soon, gym class ended, and Polly had returned to her class. As always, she would watch her winded, panting classmates return from the track with such...

"The New Old World" by fenshae
It happened to be raining that day. That was what caught Ilathu’s attention. It wasn’t an especially noteworthy rainstorm, no torrential downpour or violent gales of wind. Just a slow, steady drizzle, punctuated by the occasional flash of white-gold lightning far in the distance. But it was enough to get her thinking. “Zydaro…when was the last time it rained?” “Hm?” The Ogrin was standing in front of the floor-length mirror, admiring his electric-blue mohawk. He wore a pair of black shades perched atop his muzzle, and they kept sliding comically down the bridge of his nose as he twisted about, primping and examining his hairdo from every angle. “The rain. Do you remember the last time it rained?” Ilathu floated impatiently behind him, because being reflected in whatever shiny surface he was admiring himself in was the #1 best way to get him to pay attention. She wished she had a more corporeal body, something solid enough that she could reach out and rumple his stupid hair and make him pay attention to what he was saying, but she had to make do with floating annoyingly over his shoulder instead. “What were you saying?” Zydaro asked, satisfied at last with his hair. He turned to look at the Ghost Xweetok, peering over the top of his shades. “Something about the rain?” Ilathu groaned.

Faerieland Petpets

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