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FALL-tastic: Best Autumn Items Guide - Foregrounds

Are you ready to enjoy the season of Fall to the fullest? Then check out this guide!!

by sosunub
Preparing for WAR

It's an exciting time to be a Neopian, and with the recent AMA, we learned that there will be an upcoming PLOT!

by ohitzme
Modern Neoschool Must-Haves

As autumn approaches, bringing with it the maple-scented promise of hot Candy Pumpkin Lattes, Halloween Jubjubs lining leaf-strewn streets, and Extra Plaid Scarves shielding against the chilly Neopian air, one thing is for certain: the month of Gathering is upon us.

by purplepeggie
What Petpet is best for you and why it's a Slorg

In this beautiful world of Neopia, we are blessed with a plethora of incredible Petpets: from those unusual Moltaran amalgamations to the humble Meepits and Feepits (what are they still fighting for?)

by nathobatho
Welcome (Back) to Neopia!

If you’re just coming back after some time away from Neopia, it is good to see you here again after so many years. If you’ve never left, sit down anyway and let’s reminisce together.

by neogirl67890682
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"The New Old World" by fenshae
It happened to be raining that day. That was what caught Ilathu’s attention. It wasn’t an especially noteworthy rainstorm, no torrential downpour or violent gales of wind. Just a slow, steady drizzle, punctuated by the occasional flash of white-gold lightning far in the distance. But it was enough to get her thinking. “Zydaro…when was the last time it rained?” “Hm?” The Ogrin was standing in front of the floor-length mirror, admiring his electric-blue mohawk. He wore a pair of black shades perched atop his muzzle, and they kept sliding comically down the bridge of his nose as he twisted about, primping and examining his hairdo from every angle. “The rain. Do you remember the last time it rained?” Ilathu floated impatiently behind him, because being reflected in whatever shiny surface he was admiring himself in was the #1 best way to get him to pay attention. She wished she had a more corporeal body, something solid enough that she could reach out and rumple his stupid hair and make him pay attention to what he was saying, but she had to make do with floating annoyingly over his shoulder instead. “What were you saying?” Zydaro asked, satisfied at last with his hair. He turned to look at the Ghost Xweetok, peering over the top of his shades. “Something about the rain?” Ilathu groaned.

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The New Old World
"It happened to be raining that day. That was what caught Ilathu’s attention. It wasn’t an especially noteworthy rainstorm..."

by fenshae


The First Crashing of the First Festival
"She took in the Ixi's festival attire, a composition of mesh, glitter, and denim that had gone past the point of distress and into agony..."

by liouchan


The Box from 10,000 Years Ago
Join the journey of Teca, the valiant Fire Wocky knight from Meridell, alongside her blind Uni companion, Vyim. Together.

by chantili_doce


The Primordial Saga: A Faerie's Woe
"Brynn charged at Illuma with her sword, but the Faerie blocked the strike with a sword she conjured out..." Collab with knightwolfalex

by rurirawr


The Floating Islanders - It's Alive Pt 1
Secrets and Swift Kicks

by yankeesrule244444456


A Day In the Life of a Modern Day JubJub
Jubjubs are just like us...

by puffy333_revived

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