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Becoming NeAccapella

by fantasy_star541


Becoming NeAcapella

     A Neopets Story

     By fantasy_star541

      At the Fantasian Residence, five Neopets reside in this fully functional home. Gryffon Majesty, the Yellow Eyrie, runs the house as the matriarch, and as the oldest sister of the family. Her now four brothers, Darling Dash the Green Peophin, Charles Charming the Red Ogrin, Jay Bass the Blue Wocky, and Beat Box Blazer the Starry Acara, all work together to support each other, their owner, and the house as a whole, occasionally being helped out by Charles’ friend, Dashie the then Green Pteri and Bad Boy Zach the Red Zafara. All and all, they are one big, happy family with values all their own. One day, while the family were doing their regular routines, Darling Dash was singing to one of their favourite songs from M*YNCI, “This I Promise You,” while preparing lunch for the family. Jay heard his big brother from across the living room as he was on his way out the door for work at the music shop. He looked across the way as his older Peophin sibling sang really well to the song. “Wow, big brother,” Jay said as he went into the kitchen to get his lunch before heading out, “You sound really good. Maybe even better than the band themselves.”

     Darling rubbed the back of their head as they put together the last of the family’s lunches, including their own, and replied, “Oh stop, I couldn’t possibly outdo one of the best boy bands in all of Neopia.” They then looked over at Jay, “You know, I hear you sing sometimes whenever you get home late from your job. So I would say that your voice is amazing as well.” Jay smiled, blushing as he replied, “You do have a point. I guess it’s because I’ve been around places with music in them my whole life.” “And don’t forget,” Darling added while handing their little brother his lunch, “You were the one who taught the whole family everything we know about singing vocally.” Jay nodded and replied, “Indeed I did.” Then he chuckled, “I guess being in a big family teaches you a lot.” “It certainly does,” Darling said, “Now go on ahead, you don’t wanna be late for work.” “Ok, big brother,” Jay called out, “Thanks for the lunch.” Darling called back, “You’re welcome!” Just as Jay walked out the door, Gryffon came in with some Neomail that was in the mailbox, “‘Scuse me, Jay. Have a good day at work.” Jay waved to his big sister, “Ok, big sis.” Then Gryffon called out to Darling as she was holding the Neomail while closing the door, “Neomail’s here, Darling.” “Ok, big sis,” Darling said, “I’ll be right there in a minute.” They then went over to the living room as Gryffon sat down on the couch, going through the mail.

     “Okay, let's see,” Gryffon started as she went through the envelopes, “We got a letter from Dashie, obviously for Charles, gifts, junk, junk, contest paper-” “Wait! Contest paper?” Darling asked, perked up, “Let me see that.” Gryffon raised her eyebrow before handing them the envelope, “Alright. It is addressed to you anyways.” Darling took the envelope and read what was inside aloud, “To whoever reads this, you’ve just been entered into the M*YNCI radio sing-off, a contest putting you on Neopia’s top radio station: NCent 103.6!” Griffon’s jaw dropped as she heard this and shouted, “Are you serious??? THE Neopian Nation’s top radio station is holding a contest??” She then proceeded to look at the contest paper as Darling finished reading, “On the 11th day of awakening, we ask for you (and your band/group) to sing your favourite M*YNCI song and we will happily put your voice on the radio for all of Neopia to hear.”

     “Wait, hold up,” Charles Charming exclaimed as he was walking down the hallway on his way to the bathroom to freshen up, “What’s going on?” Beat Box Blazer just came in too, “Yeah, what’s the big surprise?” Gryffon looked to his two brothers and replied, “NCent 103.6 is holding a contest this February!” They gasped, simultaneously replying, “No Flipping Way!!” Darling looked back up at their siblings, “Quiet! I need to finish! This is very important!” They then proceeded to finish reading the flyer, “Not only that, we will also send you 500,000 Neopoints, and a chance to join M*YNCI backstage on their next concert tour in the Tyrannian Plateau Concert Hall. As a bonus feature, for first-place winners, M*YNCI will also perform in YOUR city, so you will also receive tickets for that very concert. Many will enter, and few will win. Please read the rules at the back of this flyer as implied. So have your singing voices be heard by M*YNCI themselves for a chance to win today!!”

      Everyone who was in the house shouted for joy as they just got the opportunity to sing in their favourite radio station, but for Darling, this meant even more than that; they get a chance to meet their favourite boy band in person outside of the Tyrannian Concert Hall. “Yo!!! This gon’ be so lit!” Charles exclaimed, “I been wantin’ to go on that radio station all the time, man!” “Yeah!” Gryffon added, “It’s been my dream ever since Fantasy first put the station on!” Darling then said, “Um, Hello?? Don’t forget this is a contest done by my all-time FAVORITE band in ALL of Neopia!! I have been DYING to meet them in person outside the concert hall for a very long time!!!” “We know,” Gryffon replied, “You’ve been a really big fan of them since we took you to your very first concert of them.” Blazer then added, “And we all know how you get the very day that M*YNCI performs almost every time.” Darling blushed in embarrassment, nervously chuckling and replied, “Well I can’t argue with that.” Then they said sternly, “But this is very, VERY different! If we pass up this opportunity now, none of us will have achieved our goals and I would miss a very rare moment of my time with the most amazing boy band in Neopia!!!”

      They all nodded their heads in response, then Gryffon was the first one to get up, “Alright. As soon as everyone is done with their work, we first need to take care of the PetPets in our PetPet Playground, then we get together and pick what song we should sing for the contest five weeks from now.” Blazer nodded in agreement, “That gives us enough time to practice whenever we can until then.” Everyone nodded in agreement again and went their separate ways towards where they were going. By 5:00 in the evening, everyone came back home and got together in a room that had the best acoustics (Jay’s room), to discuss what M*YNCI songs to sing for the contest.

     “Alrighty,” Gryffon started, “What song should we sing from M*YNCI’s albums should we do for the competition?” Jay had an idea, “I heard big brother Darling sing one of M*YNCI’s songs. Maybe we can do an arrangement of that?” Darling blushed in embarrassment, “Well, someone else might be doing that specific song, Jay. But I appreciate the thought.” Charles then had an idea, “Maybe we can do ‘Pop?’ It's part of the top five in their greatest hits album.” “A good thought, but no,” Darling said, “It doesn’t scream “WOW” in M*YNCI’s face.” Gryffon then looked over at her little brother in response, ‘Well, what do you think we should do for the contest? You know M*YNCI’s songs better than anyone here in this room.” Jay added, “Or anyone in Neopia ever.” “Not exactly that, Jay,” Darling said, “The Neopet that knows every song ever is Trisha Bettlefoot. That Ruki knows minute by minute every song ever, including their Christmas album.” They then huffed, pacing in their scooter, “We need to do something that’s never been done before. Something even the lead singer of M*YNCI can be proud of and say, “Now that’s what I call talent!” But...There are so many good songs to choose from!! How can we pick just one??”

      As Darling continued to scoot around worriedly on their scooter, Blazer had come up with something and then spoke up about it, “Maybe we don’t have to.” Everyone looked at their baby brother as he said this, including Darling, who stopped scooting mid-pace as they looked and replied, “What do you mean by that, Blaze?” The Starry Acara then continues his statement, “What I mean is, what if instead of picking one song by M*YNCI, why not make a medley of their best songs. I don’t think anyone’s ever done that before.” The whole room went silent for a moment, and then Darling smiled gleefully and hugged their baby brother, “That is a fantastic idea!!!” They then put him down and continued, “Might be the best idea of all the ideas in the universe!!” Darling then turned to the rest of their family, “It’s settled! We will do a medley of all the M*YNCI songs that we know!” Everyone looked at each other in agreeance and nodded, Then Gryffon announced, “Then it’s settled! We are going to do a medley of the greatest hits possible!” She then yawns and continued, “As soon as we get some rest.” Darling nods, “Ok. Then tomorrow evening, we start rehearsal. We’ve got to make sure we have this down packed for the competition!” Everyone agreed and went their separate ways to their bedrooms.

To be continued…

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