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All in an April Fools Day work!

by alvissofcaldia


Arlux and Twumbo, do you have any ideas for April Fools this year?” A Biscuit Xweetok named Cookie asked as he sat with his friends on a Biscuit Chair in his Neolodge Room. Sitting on the Biscuit Xweetok’s shoulder was an Airax, listening to the conversation.

     Arlux thought for a moment and grinned. “I do. I thought of it just then. What about you, Cookie?” Arlux, an Electric Xweetok answered with a smirk, on his lap was an Electric Dandan, who appeared to be sleeping as they talked.

     “Yes, I thought of it last night and loved the idea. I remember you telling us about your last one with the morphing potions, Twumbo, that was hilarious!” Cookie said, with a chuckle.

     “I have another one for this year but I’m not sure if it’ll work. It depends on what you guys have chosen for yours. I don’t want to copy ideas” Twumbo said, smiling at his idea. With Twumbo was a Pirate Snowbunny and a Skritch, both looked rather bored.

     “I was thinking, with mine, I’d be sitting at the Money Tree, giving away plushies… but not just any kind of plushies, Magical ones that change species. For example, if a Kougra wanted a Pirate Krawk Plushie to give to their friend, I’d give them the Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie instead and watch in delight to see the Kougra change into a Pirate Krawk!” Arlux suggested with a chuckle, as he imagined how the situation would play out.

     “Not bad. Do you have the Magical Plushies, Arlux? I want to get the Plushie versions of the real paintbrush, for example, I would give the Baby Brush Plushie to an unsuspecting Neopian, say a Zombie Gelert and tell them that the brush is real!” Cookie suggested, laughing at his idea as he imagined the Gelert running to the Rainbow Pool in delight, only to find out the Paint Brush did not turn them into a Baby Gelert.

     Twumbo laughed at them. He planned to wait until he saw Arlux and Cookie’s ideas before he goes ahead with his. Twumbo’s was simple. He planned to make a fake map to Jelly World and see how many Neopets get lost trying to find Jelly World.

     “What was yours, Twumbo?” Cookie asked.

     “Oh mine? I have not fully planned it yet, but I will let you know on the day!” Twumbo said, not wanting to tell them just yet. After a while of chatting to Cookie and Arlux, Twumbo left with his Petpet and Petpetpet. Arlux left with his Petpet, not long after Twumbo did, leaving Cookie on his own again with his Airax.

     “Are you ready, Coco? Let’s head out to the Shop Wizard and buy the items we need for our prank” Cookie said excitedly as he watched his Airax fly onto the ground.

     “Shouldn’t we write a list first?” Coco asked.

     “Good idea, Coco” Cookie said smiling at her. He then walked over to his Orange Jelly Drawers and pulled out the first draw and took out a Banana Notepad, a Flexible Pencil and a Waffle Eraser. Smiling, he returned to his seat with the items.

     “What do you need for the prank, Cookie?” Coco asked.

     “I think ten of each item to make it more believable. On my list, it will be: 10 Baby Brush Plushies, 10 Cloud Brush Plushies, 10 Disco Brush Plushies, 10 Faerie Brush Plushies, 10 Fire Brush Plushies, 10 Ghost Brush Plushies, 10 Island Brush Plushies, 10 Lost Desert Brush Plushies, 10 Split Brush Plushies and 10 Starry Brush Plushies. To make it look good, we should get a plushie of each Neopet if we can in those colours. For example: We’d need to get a Fire Zafara Plushie, Cloud Xweetok Plushie and so on! I’ll write down the list of everything we need then head there today” Cookie said excitedly as he wrote down the plushies he needed.

     Coco watched him and tried to think of what else he would need. “Have you got something to bring with you to carry them back home?” she asked.

     “I have two Wooden Pull Along Carts I could use to bring the items home. I think they will do. Right, let’s go, Coco! I finished writing things down” Cookie said as he tore the piece of paper from the Banana Notepad. He then put the Flexible Pencil, Banana Notepad and Waffle Eraser back in the drawer and closed it, he put the paper he wrote on in his pocket and smiled at Coco. He grabbed the two Wooden Pull Along Carts and pulled them as he walked.

     Coco flew up onto Cookie’s shoulder and watched as the Xweetok open the door and leave the room, closing and locking the door behind him – it was a good thing he always carried the keys with him. It took him about an hour to get to the Shop Wizard and when he got there, it took a while for him to find all the items he needed – mainly because he got hungry and wanted a Raspberry Scorchio Cookie and a few other items he wanted for his room.

     Cookie unexpectedly met Arlux and Twumbo down at the Shop Wizard and got distracted talking to them as he put the items in the cart. Coco helped Cookie with the packing and checked to see if they had everything. After buying all the items and a random Banana Plushie, Cookie and Coco returned home with the Wooden Pull Along Carts full of items. The Xweetoks planned to meet at the Money Tree on April Fools Day to plan out their joke, knowing full well that the Money Tree would be very popular on that day like it is every day.

     It didn’t take long for April Fools Day to come, and when it did, Cookie, Arlux and Twumbo met up at the Money Tree with their Petpets, and Petpetpet. The three Xweetoks set up their pranks, ready to see whose would be popular first.

     Coco flew around Cookie, while Dan, Arlux’s Dandan slept on his lap, Mumbo and Wumbo were busy helping out Twumbo with his stall too.

     Cookie set up his stall and spread the Paint Brush Plushies and the random Banana Plushie neatly on the table as well as the species of the same colour of the Paint Brushes. Delighted with his plan, he looked over at Arlux who set up his trick as did Twumbo.

     A Valentine Draik flew over to Twumbo’s table after it caught her attention. “A map to Jelly World? But there’s no such thing as Jelly World! At least that’s what I’ve heard” the Draik said in surprise.

     “Ah, but Lolaarie, Jelly World does exist. I’ve been there myself and my what a wonderful place it is!” Twumbo lied, hoping she’d believe him. “This map showed me the correct way to get there as there’s no place on the Explore Map to get there.”

      Lolaarie – the Valentine Draik looked at him in disbelief. “I don’t believe you!” she said.

     Twumbo pretended to look offended. “If you say so, but it’s a shame, really. Cause these maps are free and I hear you can visit a Giant Jelly!”

     Lolaarie looked at him. She loved all kinds of jellies. “Well, I suppose it won’t hurt me from trying to get there. I’ll take one, you said it’s free, right?” she asked.

     “Yes, sure is! I hope you have a great time there, Lolaarie!” Twumbo said.

     “Thank you, I’ll plan my vacation right away!” With that, Lolaarie left him, Twumbu looked away and chuckled to himself.

     “Aww, these plushies are so cute! I can’t believe they’re free. This one reminds me of Kauvara who is my idol!” A Blue Techo said as he looked at the Magical Starry Kau Plushie.

     “You can have that one for nothing at all!” Arlux said, smiling at the Techo.

     The Techo smiled back at Arlux. “It looks different to the other Starry Kau Plushie, but I’ll certainly take great care of it, thanks!” the Techo then took the Magical Starry Kau Plushie and at once began glowing blue before turning into a Starry Kau.

     “What just happened?” The former Techo asked as he looked at himself only seeing himself as a Starry Kau.

     Arlux laughed at the now Kau.

     “You just turned into a Starry Kau by touching that plushie!” Arlux told him.

     The Starry Kau looked alarmed. “Noo! I want to become a Techo again, how do I change back into a Techo?!” Before Arlux could even answer, the now Kau ran off in fright.

     Cookie waited patiently for a Neopet to turn up at his stall, and when one did, he was delighted. A female Blue Jetsam looked at him as she noticed his stall. “Free Paint Brushes? This is a dream come true! You don’t happen to have a Lost Desert Paint Brush, do you? I always dreamed of becoming a Desert Jetsam!”

     “I happen to have the right brush here,” Cookie said as he gave the Lost Desert Brush Plushie to the Blue Jetsam.

     “Wow, thank you! I can’t believe they’re free. I see you have a banana there too, are you giving them away?” the Jetsam asked in delight. She was feeling rather hungry after spotting the Plushie Banana.

     “They go with the Lost Desert Brush Plushie!” Cookie said excitedly. He watched as the Jetsam snatched the Lost Desert Brush Plushie and Banana Plushie, leaving shortly afterwards.

     The day turned out busy for the three Xweetoks. When all their items went quickly, the three took a break for lunch and discussed their tricks to one another, laughing as they did. They returned to their seats after having something to eat and drink. As for a final touch for their prank, they put banana-related items on their market stalls.

     Cookie, Arlux and Twumbo decided to dress in a Banana outfit. When a fair crowd of their customers returned looking mad at them, the Xweetoks gave a smile to their customers which stopped them in surprise and confusion.

     “This map didn’t take me to Jelly World” Lolaarie complained, throwing the piece of paper back at Twumbo, then looked at him in confusion only noticing he was wearing a Banana outfit.

     “Jelly World doesn’t exist, Lolaarie, but April Fools does, April Fools!” Twumbo calmly told her.

     “Wait, April Fools? Oh my, I forgot it was April Fools Day!” Lolaarie then had a laugh after realizing what had just happened, and also explained his new outfit. Most of the Neopets in the crowd laughed, though some were annoyed they had been tricked or forgotten what day it was.

     The Xweetoks stayed for a while longer before packing up about 3pmnst to go back to their Neolodge rooms.

     “Is Banana a new colour in Neopia?” a male Chia asked as he walked past the three Xweetoks who were still wearing the Banana outfit. It was obvious the Chia didn’t go out much.

     “It’s an unreleased colour – we got a special preview!” Twumbo lied, both Cookie and Arlux nodded in agreement.

     “You see, there’s a Banana Paint Brush in the works. We happen to be the first Banana Xweetoks” Arlux added, which excited the Chia.

     “Do you think I’d be able to be a Banana Chia?” the Chia asked hopefully.

     “Anything is possible! We’d better get going, Happy April Fools Day!” Cookie said, the three Xweetoks then left the excited Chia behind, who didn’t seem to notice it was April Fools Day.

     “A Banana Paint Brush? What will they think of next?” the Chia said, imagining himself as Neopia’s First Banana Chia.

     The End.

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