A Yurble stole my cinnamon roll! Circulation: 197,410,267 Issue: 980 | 7th day of Eating, Y25
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Lost Bananas

"Is there a prize shop for this too?"

by applefaerie99
Dinner with the Scarlets: Crime Solving in Neopia

I'm not sure that's how it really works but okay.

by june_scarlet
Mynci Business

Some things aren't important to remember

by the_creator12345
Neopets Pixel Cross Puzzle 9

Can you solve this puzzle?

by krabby_55
You won an... APRIL FOOL'S

"Maureen pulls out a ticket and..." Collab with rosemmary and agedbeauty

by xoxcharm
Faellie Tales 01: Banana Cupcakes

Lily's attempt at making a new friend.

by coco6468
Paw Protection

Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem

by waternymph12
Banana banana [Puzzle]

"How many times can you find the word 'banana'?" Collab with krowkano

by romina_r
"A Vegetable Soup Recipe for Neopets Cookbook."

"Now where am I going to get the veggies that I need?"

by kimpossibleluvr
Blossoms~ Coming to Light Epilogue

I got an idea back at the Neggery...

by twillieblossom
RIP: A New Look

Valentine is an appealing color...

by peanutbuttermilk
Vorgath's Hungry Puzzle

"Can you help hungry Volgoth find his bananas?"

by whitefriar
Hidden Tower Hijinks

Oops, I must have slipped up! Collab with darkobsession

by chai7705
Jokes On You

"Haha! Have a banana!" Collab with silly_mistake

by emaciate
It ain't easy being a Neopet

Features some of the 2005 April Fool's pets that didn't get to become real like the Gnorbu

by yellowflower7
Trips Through the NT Archives #1: Bananas

I think Nick Neopia was right, you are just a rock. :0

by rielcz
RIPperoni Pizza - Toppings

Don't judge their tastes.

by shellshocks
Inflation is Bananas!

Inflation has even caught up to the most well of Neopians... Collab with suzerz

by cureleantwilight
April Fool's Day Word Search

Help Nick find these words!

by isabelleke49
Just One Snack

"I'm hungry..."

by prulletje1852
The R.S. Caroosel : Part 4/5

Now with banana swords!

by keng200
Neopian Sketches - Any Shopportunity

Any shoppotunity for a pun must be taken.

by kadface
Tarla's April Fools!

Orange you glad Tarla gave you bananas? Collab with truebrony

by i_lovee_icecream
Attack of the Banana Creme Pies

April Fools!

by squishyfishylovesme
The Happiest Quiggle!

Well, I only had one hair.

by nut862
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How Rascally Are You?

Have you ever wondered how you'd fare in the Cold, Mysterious World of Trading, where there are few persons you can trust? Whether it's NC trading, NP trading, or pet trading, you will almost certainly run into rascals along the way. Take this survey to be assigned a Rascally Rating, which will tell you how gullible - or cunning! - you really are. I. How do you present yourself on the Neoboards? A - I chat in the open all the time. B - I lurk and emerge from hiding when someone is trading something that I want, potentially at a price that is acceptable to me. C - I only make boards when I have friends online who can help me bump my board. D - I generally don't check the Neoboards. II. How do you style your Neoboard presence, userlookup, pets and gallery? A - I wear whatever avatar I happen to like, and I dress my pets in whatever I personally like. My collections are for my own enjoyment, not others'. B - I wear an expensive avatar, customise my pets with popular items, and display a curated collection in my gallery. I want to give people the impression that I'm glamorous and rich. C - I pay attention to what other people are wearing and come up with my own version of what I think will be...

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All in an April Fools Day work!
"A Biscuit Xweetok named Cookie asked as he sat with his friends on a Biscuit Chair in his Neolodge Room..."

by alvissofcaldia


Weathering the Bananza
"A small, sentient Shadow Cybunny plushie cheered from their perch between Gimmer’s Spotted Pteri feathers as Flower the Faerie Ixi examined the wheel items closely."

by gentle_lil_queen


TITLE: Eight Tips To Know You Haven’t Gone Crazy!!1!
"IT’S NOT JUST YOU! The world has become much more stressful."

by pikachu315111


Kelp: Is it Worth the Price?
"We have a very special treat for you in today’s edition of the Neopian times! Your writers recently went undercover to have a meal at Kelp - Maraqua’s most exclusive restaurant." Collab with theguy2020

by coconut_rat


The Missing Mask
"Dylan unlocked the door to his discotheque and entered the big building. Due to the nature of his work..." Collab with somerebelkid

by 77thbigby


Valentine Mystery Noir
"The green and black flash paused to look back at me for a moment, and I noticed it was a bright Green Quiggle wearing a black trench coat and top hat..." Collab with superkathiee

by honorrolle

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