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10 Uses for Bananas Besides a Banana Split

"Did you accidentally buy three bushels of bananas instead of three individual bananas? However it happened, now you’re probably wondering what to do with all those delicious yellow fruits."

by sarah_jackie
10 Fun April Fools Pranks

"Hi there! I am Ren, also known as the Mistress of Mischief and the Commander of Chaos."

by unfogging
Kelp: Is it Worth the Price?

"We have a very special treat for you in today’s edition of the Neopian times! Your writers recently went undercover to have a meal at Kelp - Maraqua’s most exclusive restaurant." Collab with theguy2020

by coconut_rat
Inflation is Bananas!

"With inflation the way it is in the Neopian economy it can sometimes be hard to afford even the smallest of luxuries, for example some fresh exotic fruit."

by iwonder
How Rascally Are You?

"Have you ever wondered how you'd fare in the Cold, Mysterious World of Trading, where there are few persons you can trust?"

by swordlilly
TITLE: Eight Tips To Know You Haven’t Gone Crazy!!1!

"IT’S NOT JUST YOU! The world has become much more stressful."

by pikachu315111
WATN: The Janitor, in Central Chamber, with a Banana

"Welcome back dear readers to the return of our mini-series “Where Are They Now”, making a triumphant return with an unexpected guest."

by mickey_a94_a39
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Inflation is Bananas!

With inflation the way it is in the Neopian economy it can sometimes be hard to afford even the smallest of luxuries, for example some fresh exotic fruit. But what could a banana really cost, 10 Neopoints? What’s that you say? Bananas cost 60 THOUSAND Neopoints?! Well, that’s just… well, bananas. I guess it’s better than the temporary price of 996,000 last year, but still. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to spend such an amount for a midday snack. For the less fortunate consumers we’ll need to look somewhere else for our daily dose of fruity goodness. Here are some suggestions on what you can use to substitute bananas with, for all possible banana uses. Hopefully you’ll find something that suits your tastes, and your budget! Prices listed are subject to price fluctuations, especially in this economy. Tchea Fruit Ah, the trusty tchea fruit. You can taste both the blue and yellow! Funnily enough, the blue bits taste like bananas, and the yellow bits taste like blueberries. Strange, but it works. Especially as a substitute for when you’re making blueberry banana muffins! They’re cheap at only 8 Neopoints, but can also be won from the fruit machine. And it doesn’t even cost you to spin, that’s a win!

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