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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"That’s not to say something can’t happen twice in exactly the same way, we all have things we do daily in the same way. In fact for some things it’ll be stranger if you did something the same way but it resulted in something different, like if you peel a banana to eat it but instead it tries to eat you!"

Inflation is Bananas!

With inflation the way it is in the Neopian economy it can sometimes be hard to afford even the smallest of luxuries, for example some fresh exotic fruit. But what could a banana really cost, 10 Neopoints? What’s that you say? Bananas cost 60 THOUSAND Neopoints?! Well, that’s just… well, bananas. I guess it’s better than the temporary price of 996,000 last year, but still. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to spend such an amount for a midday snack. For the less fortunate consumers we’ll need to look somewhere else for our daily dose of fruity goodness. Here are some suggestions on what you can use to substitute bananas with, for all possible banana uses. Hopefully you’ll find something that suits your tastes, and your budget! Prices listed are subject to price fluctuations, especially in this economy. Tchea Fruit Ah, the trusty tchea fruit. You can taste both the blue and yellow! Funnily enough, the blue bits taste like bananas, and the yellow bits taste like blueberries. Strange, but it works. Especially as a substitute for when you’re making blueberry banana muffins! They’re cheap at only 8 Neopoints, but can also be won from the fruit machine. And it doesn’t even cost you to spin, that’s a win!

How Rascally Are You?

Have you ever wondered how you'd fare in the Cold, Mysterious World of Trading, where there are few persons you can trust? Whether it's NC trading, NP trading, or pet trading, you will almost certainly run into rascals along the way. Take this survey to be assigned a Rascally Rating, which will tell you how gullible - or cunning! - you really are. I. How do you present yourself on the Neoboards? A - I chat in the open all the time. B - I lurk and emerge from hiding when someone is trading something that I want, potentially at a price that is acceptable to me. C - I only make boards when I have friends online who can help me bump my board. D - I generally don't check the Neoboards. II. How do you style your Neoboard presence, userlookup, pets and gallery? A - I wear whatever avatar I happen to like, and I dress my pets in whatever I personally like. My collections are for my own enjoyment, not others'. B - I wear an expensive avatar, customise my pets with popular items, and display a curated collection in my gallery. I want to give people the impression that I'm glamorous and rich. C - I pay attention to what other people are wearing and come up with my own version of what I think will be...

10 Uses for Bananas Besides a Banana Split

Did you accidentally buy three bushels of bananas instead of three individual bananas? However it happened, now you’re probably wondering what to do with all those delicious yellow fruits. Bananas are delicious, but after eating an entire bushel, maybe you’re in need of something a bit more…creative? Here are ten uses for bananas that may have slipped your mind! And in the worst case, then it’s time for a dozen or so ice cream sundaes and banana bread for the entire town! 1. Tropical skirt Don’t let the Island Mystic be the only fashion-forward Neopian on the beach. Be all the rage when you vacation on the Mystery Island! A few well-placed bananas tied to an elastic band can make a fetching skirt. If you’re Skeith-sized, it may take a few more, but you’ll look and smell amazing! I suggest using unripe bananas for a fetching green colour. But if browns are more your colour, then let each banana ripen on the counter for several days. Be careful, as the banana peels will also get softer over time. This can lead to some very embarrassing scenarios if you aren’t careful. We don’t want to call the fashion police. Don’t be alarmed if someone snacks on your skirt though. (How rude!) 2. Boomerang To be totally fair, getting a boomerang to come back to you is a conspiracy theory. Have you ever seen it happen? No? Me neither. So, using a banana as a boomerang is just as useless and just as likely to come back to you.

Other Stories
"Farewell, Mister Bananeopian" by precious_katuch14
The rain was pouring in grey sheets outside our living room window. Loisse and I had already made plans to visit the new Kadoatie café downtown, but they were washed away like fallen leaves swept away into the gutter. Still, we wanted to do more than just huddle together in blankets reading on our couch, so we were on the floor sorting through our book collections. The apartment I shared with Loisse was not big enough for a library – unless we crammed ourselves into one bedroom and put all our books in the other – so we turned the living room into a library. We found space on the floor and on the walls for shelves, but eventually, the books started covering the tiny coffee table, showing up under the couch, and adorning our dining table as unexpected centrepieces. We knew we had to start figuring out which books to keep, and which books should be rehomed. “The hardcover edition of Cookie Jar Princesses!” Loisse exclaimed as I held up a thick graphic novel with a Female Royal Shoyru and a Female Royal Kacheek peeking out from a cookie jar on the cover. “Don’t tell me you’re getting rid of that, Andler!” “After Clive Stables sold it to me at a bargain? No way,” I replied, putting it into the box on the coffee table, with the other books that were strictly in the “keep” category. The box next to me, which was for books that didn’t make the “keep” cut, was bare except for a few books I was certain I wouldn’t need to read again.

"All in an April Fools Day work!" by alvissofcaldia
“Arlux and Twumbo, do you have any ideas for April Fools this year?” A Biscuit Xweetok named Cookie asked as he sat with his friends on a Biscuit Chair in his Neolodge Room. Sitting on the Biscuit Xweetok’s shoulder was an Airax, listening to the conversation. Arlux thought for a moment and grinned. “I do. I thought of it just then. What about you, Cookie?” Arlux, an Electric Xweetok answered with a smirk, on his lap was an Electric Dandan, who appeared to be sleeping as they talked. “Yes, I thought of it last night and loved the idea. I remember you telling us about your last one with the morphing potions, Twumbo, that was hilarious!” Cookie said, with a chuckle. “I have another one for this year but I’m not sure if it’ll work. It depends on what you guys have chosen for yours. I don’t want to copy ideas” Twumbo said, smiling at his idea. With Twumbo was a Pirate Snowbunny and a Skritch, both looked rather bored. “I was thinking, with mine, I’d be sitting at the Money Tree, giving away plushies… but not just any kind of plushies, Magical ones that change species. For example, if a Kougra wanted a Pirate Krawk Plushie to give to their friend, I’d give them the Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie instead and watch in delight to see the Kougra change into a Pirate Krawk!” Arlux suggested with a chuckle, as he imagined how the situation would play out. “Not bad. Do you have the Magical Plushies, Arlux? I want to get the Plushie versions of the real paintbrush...

"Weathering the Bananza" by gentle_lil_queen
“Alright, spin it, spin it!!” A small, sentient Shadow Cybunny plushie cheered from their perch between Gimmer’s Spotted Pteri feathers as Flower the Faerie Ixi examined the wheel items closely. As Indal the Darigan Lupe pulled down to spin the wheel, nearby Faerie Bori sighed. “So this is your idea of reliving the fun nostalgia? Going to spin probably the most boring wheel around?” she asked. “Daydream, at least don’t complain in front of the manager,” Indal chided. “No, she’s right,” Plesio responded as the wheel turned. “There’s really not much excitement, at least not at this wheel.” “And I wouldn’t have said that if I didn’t know that,” Daydream said. “Yes, it’s been around this long and it’s better than I remember!” Seep declared. “Even if it weren’t, I want to experience it all! Well, as much as we can on our trip, and this was just a hop over from Maraqua!” “Well, Tyrannia just has the same old routine, even at the Obelisk, but if you say so,” Daydream responded as the wheel slowed to a stop, landing on the trilobite. “Oh, you won. Enjoy it, I guess.” Plesio rummaged in his prize bin and threw a banana to the group. “Wha- Hey, since when have bananas been a prize?” Daydream asked. “There’re tri-nanas, but it’s not the same. But Flower won’t complain,” Indal said as they put away the banana. “Oh, we got way too many of them this morning,” Plesio shrugged. “They’re high in potassium. Enjoy it. Or try to.” “That’s weird…”

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