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Did you cancel the festival of neggs? It's my favorite site event each year, so I'd love to have one even if it's a bit later than usual! ~digitally_cool
The Festival of Neggs has not been cancelled! One of Kari's oldest friends recently contacted the Negg Faerie asking for her help with an unusual negg conundrum, so she might need a tad more time than usual to prepare for the festival this year. However, Kari is determined to put on the event no matter what, even if she has to solve another mystery while hosting this year's Festival of Neggs... ~Aesop

Hi TNT! Last week you mentioned in the editorial a list, can we see it in some place, to see what are you working at the moment? Thanks! *Hands you cookies*. ~sopabolaos
Hello! A little while ago we posted our roadmap with the things we are working on. Currently, we are focused on the Festival of Neggs as well as making some fixes around the site. We are looking to get these releases out as quickly as possible! Thank you for asking! ~~Yarner

Is there a way to have the New Features link be more prominent with the new design? It's kind of hidden and hard to find now, and I'm sure many new users don't even know it exists! ~traveltoromantis
Yes we can definitely make it more prominent in navigation! It’s on our roadmap to update the New Features page and can look into updating the navigation to get to it as well. :) ~~Sunpotato

I have to say as a service dog user, I am IN LOVE with the new Service Petpet Doglefox. It's so awesome to see representation here on neo! The only think to make it even better, would to be able to have my own neopets inspired service dog vest! Is it okay for us to make a neopets inspired service dog vests so we can represent both IRL and online?!
What a wonderful idea! Quite a few of our staff members agreed about how much we would love to see one in real life :) You are welcome to create a Neopets-inspired service dog vest for your IRL Gelert. As long as you are not mass producing and selling them that is! ~~Aesop

Hi. I love how we are getting all this disability rep related accessories and I had a question. Could we get stim toy/ devices items and hearing aids? Maybe also some disability related items that are multi color compatible. Like a cane that could be used by pet colors that usually have limited ability to wear most items. or even some that could be able to be used by baby neopets. I’m sure there are a lot of people who love their neopet with mutant, Maraquan or baby neopet who want to have their disability reped without losing their color. ~flowerfairy183


You guys have been knocking it out of the park with resent additions to the Pharmacy. Could you possible add a Dialysis or Peritoneal Dialysis item(s)? Kidney diseases is becoming far more common then it should and more awareness would be epic! ~Anonymous
We are so happy to hear everyones love for the additions to the Pharmacy! I have taken note of your suggestions and if you, or anyone else, have any more please feel free to add them to this Neoboard I set up a little while ago ~~ Stone

Howdy! I (and others) are really excited to see more new wearables being sent to stock into other relevant stores besides Uni's Clothing, hooray! The recent Sceptic Board Background however, is at Uni's when Mystical Surroundings is a more appropriate fit. Can you please update the shop for this BG? Thank you! ~quailbat
Appreciate you flagging this for us, Nick Neopia must have gotten his shops mixed up. He has had a lot on his mind! Since he is still missing, we've moved the Sceptic Board Background over to Mystical Surroundings for him! ~~Aesop

Hello! I won an awesome NC item from the NC Archive Wheel, the Fountain of Rainbows. On the preview of the item, it looks like the water should be rainbow (like the rainbow fountain!) but when I customize my pet, the water stays…boring old water. Was it intended to have rainbow water or regular water? :D thanks for answering! ~ladycrombie
Hello! That is a wonderful prize! Am I biased because it is rainbow? Yes… But still, its a very cool prize! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we’re not too sure why the color was drained… Thankfully I have the power of rainbow on my side and so this item should now be restored to its colorful beauty! Happy customising! : D ~~Miss Rainbow


I want to thank you personally for putting out the disability items! ~cuddl3bunny907

Thank you SO MUCH for releasing the Disability Pride Flag and the Neurodivergent Inifnity T-Shirt!!! I am disabled myself, but of a rather unique type (short version - brain tumor) and it is wonderful to see two items that are made for someone like me! I was in tears when I saw the news these were released! Thank you!!! *Throws sparkles and rainbows and plushies and hugs* ~kaileena369

Today I went to check the news as I always do and lo and behold, I saw the autism infinity symbol shirts and disability pride flag! I'm crying. As an autistic lesbian I am so happy with the new releases, being recognized by my favorite website of all time. Thank you TNT, I love you! There is still lots to do in terms of other ways to be inclusive, but I am so glad you are taking those steps! Thank you! ~celinedgd

I just returned after a bit of a hiatus and while I'm kinda sad I missed it, I am SO happy that Faerie's Hope apparently got an event-type thing in Lost Fragments when I was gone! Glad to see it getting some appreciation. Congrats to Luxinia on the canonical name, also. Luxinia is such an amazing character to me, and I love seeing her make the jump to the site proper :) (also maybe those prizes being rereleased will make some of the items i want for my xandra gallery finally go down, lol) ~xxstarl1ghtxx

As someone who is on the autism spectrum, it makes me very happy to see the Autism/neurodivergent infinity shirts on sale! I hope this kind of thing keeps up. ~zany2themax9498

The new Be-Gone items are incredible and have brought so much freedom and creativity to pet customization. Thank you so much for creating these!! p.s. The new Pink Baby Bow is absolutely precious! ~major_flirt8888

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