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A Poogle Racer I'll Become

by x_mystichorse_x


I remember the sun shining bright in my eyes as I was waking up. I knew that day would be the perfect day to run around Neopia without feeling the cold weather against my face. I hadn’t been in Neopia Central long at that point, but the change of weather and areas to run in were much better than Terror Mountain; the next step would be Faerieland. Anything out of the snow and bad weather would be an improvement to my performances, and I was sure of that much! Although I can’t lie and mention that running in deep snow, blizzards and coming close to slipping all the way down Terror Mountain because of the bad weather truly did help my performance and activity level.

     Walking around the ice caves, I remember seeing Neopets training to go to the battledome, I remember others working at the ice cream cart or even with the wintery petpets. But none of those callings were meant for me, and as I previously mentioned, I didn’t fancy the weather one bit! Not only was the weather the cause, but I simply had too much energy to stay around one place and slowly and calmly help Neopian visitors in their visits. I needed to run and get out of that place, don’t get me wrong, I still love terror mountain and often visit, but it’s not where my Neohome is located!

     But as a Poogle, I knew I had it in me to be a fantastic racer. It is a known fact that Poogles have a lovely competitive side to them and that they love to exercise, including running and climbing. We have the endurance for it, although our stature isn’t grand. Curiously enough, ever since our discovery in year 2, our design and way of being had barely changed at all...a few modifications but nothing enormous! So when I noticed I could outrun our Lenny neighbour and that I didn’t get exhausted from running day after day, the potential to become a racer really motivated me to keep pushing on.

     Unlike Alstaf the famous poet who truly had a dedication and talent for writing wonderful artistic pieces, or even the Poogle Apprentice using his common and basic magical knowledge to help improve Neopia, I wanted to be a renowned Poogle racer. The simple idea of making a living of doing what I love, repeatedly running in a friendly competition with fellow Poogles made my heart race. My ultimate goal was to be able to reach Faerieland and feel confident enough to eventually try out the races myself. My Neopian family had been very encouraging, my owner training my strength and endurance so I could run a lot longer and have the energy to run multiple races throughout the day. To best improve my athletic condition, I had been helping some of the Neopian folk by running errands to the Neopian Fresh Foods, to the Pharmacy, the Marketplace and finishing it off at the bank. Everyday, for years, I woke up and ran around Neopia Central to better myself and my performance whilst helping others. This was a fantastic thing to do as the errands I had to run weren’t always the same and they helped me get over various obstacles, including stress!

     Every once in a while the kind folk and shop owners offered a drink or a snack (a delicious apple Achyfi was always welcome!) It always brought happiness to get into training or try myself at the track during the breaks and see the fellow Neopian supporters cheering me on with snacks and goodies.

     Essentially, as most of you might know, Poogle racing happens in Faerieland. One of the fantastic aspects of the race is that Neopians and Neopets from all over Neopia gather to cheer on their favourite Poogles, the crowds merge and everyone is cheery and sharing their happy moments. Training was a must as every 15 minutes during the hour, the race occurs allowing different crowds to come in and cheer. The races occur at all times during the day!

     There are five different Poogles to bet on with different stats and outcomes. The odds of winning are different and potential winnings as well. The winnings vary between three times the bet and up to nine times the bet if you’re lucky and feeling lucky! If you’re new to Poogle racing, let me introduce you to the basics of my enamoured sport. Some of the very first steps of enjoying the sport as a viewer and not the actual runners is to look at your choices, which Poogles inspires your confidence? Which one do you feel can run the fastest? Decide which one of the racers looks healthy and which one might even look sick! Before each event you can encourage the Poogle you bet on by feeding them before the race begins. You can feed them with the food located directly in your inventory, feeding a Poogle doesn’t guarantee a win but it could definitely help motivate the racer you’ve chosen! Trust me, I say this from personal experience! Once the race has started, you can click to watch the live video of the race, and see your Poogle of choice run to it’s heart’s content! You can also encourage the racer’s at the bottom of the page, if you’re feeling kind-hearted you can also cheer on the others! To this day the training continues, but instead of being around Neopian Central (and believe me, I still visit!) I am much more concentrated on running in the clouds and grasslands of Faerieland, chasing Petpets wandering around and racing other Poogles.

     Faerieland is a magical space and I knew I wanted to end up there because the cheering and the crowds can be heard all across Faerieland, and the happiness is absolutely enticing. The temperature is close to being always perfect, and on some days, you can have the help of the faeries on your side to help with your training.

     The sun being atop of my head I decided to write this memoir today, as you might have guessed being truly passionate about running and Poogle races, but the fact of the matter is my dedication, training and surrounding help actually led me to become a Poogle Racer. I have been for many years now and nothing starts the day than feeling the wind against my face and hearing the motivation of the viewers! Each racer comes from a different part of Neopia and each one worked extremely hard to become the racer they are today, but that’s a story for another day! Though some of us are clumsier than others, know that each racer has a winning day!

      I won’t go into the details of which racer I am, but come check out the races and do your best to guess which one I might be… and remember, everything is always possible when the effort is put into it!

     A ringing noise echoed through faerieland and noises as well as yelling can be heard in the race track stadium.

     That’s my cue once more to head out to the track, I’m really feeling good about this one and I’m sure I’ll win! Either way I’ll be happy with the outcome.

     The poogle strutted away, happy as can be towards the enormous racetrack, entertained by all the attention.

      The End.

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