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"A Poogle Racer I'll Become" by x_mystichorse_x
I remember the sun shining bright in my eyes as I was waking up. I knew that day would be the perfect day to run around Neopia without feeling the cold weather against my face. I hadn’t been in Neopia Central long at that point, but the change of weather and areas to run in were much better than Terror Mountain; the next step would be Faerieland. Anything out of the snow and bad weather would be an improvement to my performances, and I was sure of that much! Although I can’t lie and mention that running in deep snow, blizzards and coming close to slipping all the way down Terror Mountain because of the bad weather truly did help my performance and activity level. Walking around the ice caves, I remember seeing Neopets training to go to the battledome, I remember others working at the ice cream cart or even with the wintery petpets. But none of those callings were meant for me, and as I previously mentioned, I didn’t fancy...

Other Stories


The Chocolate Ball
Alternai looked in the mirror and hardly recognized herself in the reflection...

by kaitlinhoneybee


A Poogle Racer I'll Become
Haven't we always wondered how and when the Poogle Racers became, well, Poogle Racers?

by x_mystichorse_x


Draik Day Decadence
In honour of Draik Day, the kitchen staff at Meridell Castle are preparing a feast. I’m here to walk you through it so you too can celebrate these sons and daughters of Meridell at home.

by jess_scanlan


The Latest in Mutant Fashion: 13 Lurid Looks
We gathered 13 mutant models to show off various looks and outfits that hopefully awes the Neopian public and inspires mutant owners when dressing their pet.

by paulinale


Sproggie's Folly - Part 6
Sproggie's made the neggs very, very angry.

by christie500018


Blossoms~ Heart to Heart Part 7
Are you there? Can you hear me?

by twillieblossom

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