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If a real life friend gave me his long time not used account, am I allowed to play both of my account and his account (not as a side account) at the same time? No NP and item transfer in the meanwhile, only possibly pet transfer. Please remove my username. Thank you! ~~anonymous
Hi, Sorry but no. There are a couple issues here. First, you can only actively play on one main account. You can have up to five accounts, which would be one main account and four side accounts. You can ONLY play games and earn points or items on the one main account.

Second, we do not allow accounts to be shared, sold, traded or given away to someone else. So your friend would not be able to give you their account. If your friend will no longer be using their account, then they should deactivate the account.

Hi TNT, I've been playing around with making myself a local html page that neatly displays all current BC entries (after collecting all the names for that week) in a rollover gallery, just to make it easier to view them all and choose who to vote for during the weeks I'm manually voting. I was wondering if it'd be appropriate to put on a petpage for other people to use. I loved the Vote&Run page made by another Neopian that links to each species' page of entries and saves a lot of time, and I wanted to take that idea a step further and be able to see the full sized images without having to go back and forth into each entry's individual page. But I imagine that because it'd be showing images directly it could be constituted as "advertising other peoples' entries" (even if its all entries at the same time)? I'm guessing it'd not be allowed, but I wanted to check with you anyway just in case, I think some players could find it pretty useful (provided I actually update it weekly lol). ~~anonymous
No, sorry you really wouldn't be able to do something like that. We do have all the entries listed in categories for everyone to go through so listing them on another page (even to have them all on one page) wouldn't be necessary or allowed since you would need everyone's permission to display their art on your petpage.

Hello TNT! I am a 3D artist and I was wondering if 3D art can be made allowed in the beauty contest. I'd love to show off models i've lovingly craft in the beauty contest and am sad that they aren't allowed. I know we have the art gallery but its just not the same. Thank you for reading ~~mapleshading
Sorry but no, the Beauty Contest is only for drawn art so 3d art would not be able to be accepted. You can, however, enter 3d art into the Art Gallery though!

Hello, TNT. If I may, I would like to ask who is making all of these new pet colors? They have been so gorgeous lately and I feel like the artist should get some recognition. ~~chasing_stars44
We have quite a few very talented artists working on the new colours, and I'll be sure to pass your praise along to them! The wonderful new colours and outfits are also the result of superb suggestions from users on the neoboards. There's an October Pet Day Suggestions board post up now under site events if you want to leave some suggestions yourself!


Just wanted to say thanks for this week's editorial, really appreciate the frank information about the new pet slots (I'MMMMMMMMM EEEEEEXCIIIIIIIIITEEEEEEEEEEED), no 2021 charity corner, etc. without trying to maintain a cute persona for marketing/branding purposes haha. I'm thirty-three and know what a database is!!! Your explanation makes sense!!! Cheers also on considering making Lutaris transferable, I think the restriction on putting them in the pound/trading them made sense at one time/helped drive exclusivity and demand but it's probably time to relax the restriction. ~~keleri

I just wanted to say that the latest pet day outfits that are based on famous Neopians are so good! ♥ They're true to the characters we all know and love, and I'm so happy our pets can finally dress up as them. c: (Please remove my username if you end up posting this) ~~anonymous

I have never been a Techo fan, but WOW! The idea and execution of the Woodland Techo are amazing. Just thought I should throw something positive out there. ~~linnipooh

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