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Short Stories

A Hero's Journey: The Next Step

Rohane wove through the corridors of Meridell Castle, occasionally glancing over his shoulder. He paid no attention to the wall hangings, the portraits, or the suits of armour that he passed in his flight, intent on moving as far and as fast as he could...

by precious_katuch14
The Chocolate Ball

Alternai looked in the mirror and hardly recognized herself in the reflection...

by kaitlinhoneybee
Star Light, Moon Bright, Take Flight

Shadows cast by the roaring fire danced along the walls of the room. Old tapestries and cracked stone came to life with the war of light and darkness...

by neoghia
A Poogle Racer I'll Become

Haven't we always wondered how and when the Poogle Racers became, well, Poogle Racers?

by x_mystichorse_x
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"Star Light, Moon Bright, Take Flight" by neoghia
Year 13, The Month of Storing Shadows cast by the roaring fire danced along the walls of the room. Old tapestries and cracked stone came to life with the war of light and darkness. The room smelled of smoke and cocoa. A mature Draik stood before the enormous fireplace and peered in at the flame. His golden scales shone in the light. Behind him, on the long couch, a small Xweetok boy lay curled and fast asleep. The Draik, Sendore, was restless despite the late hour, for his thoughts had turned sour when the young prince fell asleep. He looked back at his young ward, who was breathing heavily in his slumber. An empty, overturned mug lay next to him. This was supposed to be a simple job, just to get me by for a while and here I am two years into caring for this boy all alone. And what about the crown? How can an old pirate act like a king... or raise one? How can I be like a father when I never knew mine? He shook his head as if that would clear the thoughts from his mind.

Other Stories


Fantastic Neopets Images and Where to Find Them
Have you ever wondered where in Neopia to look for those images that you see other players using on their customized pages? Collab with feraico

by emilyhunter5034


Draik Day Decadence
In honour of Draik Day, the kitchen staff at Meridell Castle are preparing a feast. I’m here to walk you through it so you too can celebrate these sons and daughters of Meridell at home.

by jess_scanlan


Rosalina and the Way-Weird Beast
Rosalina starts to worry when Margo doesn't show up at the store...

by downrightdude


The Power of Twelve
The mist always hung thick in the streets of Neovia, obscuring the townsfolk as they rushed about their business, only the glow from the oil lamps on the street managing to pierce the gloom...

by herdygerdy


Avatar [MIS]Adventures!
Collab with rodel_27phoenix to tell a story about the fortunes and 'MIS'fortunes of avatar collecting

by 4mandy4


Gorunda the Wise
Here's your prize for defeating me! Collab with Pau_meow

by kagome_276

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