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The Flood that Brought Trouble:Part Six

by hannahcreep


     T he boat was packed as Kon, Spike, and Aren pushed it towards where Aren said the pirate ship would be located. Bonzi was in trouble and needed help and since she was only a skinny Lenny, she wouldn’t be able to fight them on her own. “You think they’ve made her walk the plank by now?” Kimmy asked, slightly nervous and slightly excited.

      “Doubt it, they wouldn’t just kidnap and dump someone immediately before they got whoever they really wanted,” Keen explained.

      “Well, who do they really want then?” Lazir asked.

      “Probably me! I am a great pirate so it’s clear others would be extremely jealous,” Keen gloated, not realizing how big this made her ego look.

      “It doesn’t matter why they wanted Bonzi, it only matters that they have her and we get her back. Does everyone understand that?” Kon asked.

      Everyone murmured in agreement as the boat got pushed. “How’re we going to get close to the boat without anyone noticing us? We stick out more than Aren does,” Ursula pointed out, much to Aren’s displeasure.

      Kon stopped his air spell and started to chant a new spell. In moments, a cloud of fog covered the boat and the surrounding area, making it seem like a giant fog cloud was rolling in. The boat was completely disguised and the Creeps could now make their entrance. Aren and Spike slowed the speed of the boat so it would not disrupt the fog too much or crash into the pirate ship. Once they were close enough, Kon cast another spell that attached the boat to the ship. With one more spell, Kon was able to create a small rope for all of the pets who couldn’t fly to climb onto the ship. Keen, with her excitement at pirate action, climbed up first without any cue to do so. “Keen, no!” Kon whisper-shouted.

      Keen jumped onto the ship and screamed, “I’m commandeering this ship, in the name of the Creep clan!”

      All the pirate looked at her while a few Creep pets below face palmed. Everyone climbed up as soon as possible, with the exception of Yan who decided to sit on the boat. The pirate Hissi looked over at Keen and said, “If it isn’t the pet that is constantly stealing my supplies. Come back for your cousin?”

      The pirate Hissi pointed over towards the red Lenny that was tied up to the mast of the ship. “Wow, I can’t believe you guys came for me! After Aren didn’t return for five minutes, I thought---” Bonzi was rudely interrupted by another pirate putting a gag in her mouth to stop her from talking any further.

      “Enough talk! Where is your rude sister?” the Hissi asked.

      “She’s probably far away from her, crushing anyone in her way! You’ll have to deal with me instead!” Keen proudly proclaimed.

      “Ha! You think you can take me on, you coward? All you do is steal and run! You’re no better than a thief.” The pirate crew laughed with their captain as Keen’s knees started to shake and her working eye start to tear.

      “You’re wrong! I’m brave and strong,” Keen said with a shake in her voice.

      “Boys, tie ‘em up. We want the Lutari and her sister is more likely to come if she has a stake in the matter.” A couple of pirates started to surround team C until Spike flew in and kicked a couple down.

      “Pirate fight!” Kimmy shouted before she chopped one pirate in the face. It was an all out brawl with everyone fighting someone.

      One pirate came up to Kon and said, “Don’t make me hurt you. I really don’t wanna hurt no baby.”

      Kon prepared a spell that caused the floor under the pirate to become greasy, causing the pirate to slip and slide until he knocked his head on the ground and passed out. The fight was in full swing when suddenly, from the other side of the ship, a familiar voice shouted, “Hands in the air, I’m commandeering your ship!”

      Everyone looked over and saw a candy Lutari in pirate’s clothes, looking angry at the whole crew. Everyone started to laugh. “And who’re you supposed to be?” Kimmy asked.

      The Lutari looked over, confused and angry a whole ship of pets was laughing at her. “Guys, it’s me Lily!” the Lutari shouted as a Yellow Quiggle came behind her.

      “Lily would never pick a color that ridiculous,” Julian said while holding a pirate in a headlock.

      “Lily, I was trying to tell you this while you were climbing onto the boat: you changed colors!” the Quiggle told Lily.

      “Hey, it’s Joey,” Aren said, slightly happy at least one of her siblings wasn’t currently tied up.

      “How can you tell?” Kimmy asked.

      “I can tell that annoying voice anywhere,” Aren admitted.

      “At least you know it’s me!” Joey said with a smile on his face, oblivious to the action around. Lily went from angry that pirates might be attacking her younger sister to disgusted at her new shade of pink. She poked her stomach and felt a gummy sensation on her claws, which were now squishy instead of sharp.

      “Oh Fyora this is bad!” Lily cried.

      The pirates stopped laughing as the pirate Hissi started to slither up to Lily. “You’re the one that was stealing my supplies for months, until you disappeared without a trace! Where did you go off to, if I may ask?”

      Lily’s eyes fixed onto the Hissi and she smirked. “Why, you have a crush on me? I don’t need someone who isn’t on my crew to know where I am. I wasn’t exactly hiding and you aren’t exactly special, considering I steal from bigger and scarier crews than you.”

      “That’s enough! Get the Lutari and kill her!” the Hissi shouted. Five pirates all jumped to attack Lily but when one punched her, his hand got stuck on her chest. Her gummy chest was too sticky to be punched, and Lily did not feel anything when she was punched. When Lily realized she was invulnerable to these types of attack, she punched the pirate back so hard that he fell into the water.

      “Maybe I could get used to this color. Keen, I’m coming!” Lily started to bash her way through pirates as the fight continued. Joey ran over to try and untie Bonzi from the ship. He first undid the gag around her mouth.

      “Thank you so much for saving me Joey!” Bonzi said, accidentally too loudly. A pirate caught Joey trying to untie Bonzi and started to make his way over. Spike caught this and kicked the pirate down.

      “I got your back!” Spike said until he suddenly heard a shouting noise. He flew a few feet up into the air to see if he could get a better view of what was screaming until he saw a split Hissi flying towards him with a faerie Poogle not too far behind.

      “Ann and...who’s that?” Spike asked but before he could move out of the way, the split Hissi crashed into Spike who got knocked unconscious by the crash. Spike tumble onto the ship’s floor until he reached the edge of the ship. Before a Creep family member could grab him, a pirate grabbed Spike and threw him off the ship.

      “No!” Ann yelled before dive bombing for Spike before he hit the water. It was too late; Spike was already a couple of feet underwater, and sinking fast. Ann took her rage out on the pirates while Louis was trying to get up from the crash.

      “Keen, Lily, I’m here!” Louis shouted as he got his bearings. It didn’t take long before every pirate, including the captain, was tied up. The battle was already over. Yan quickly came onto the ship once it was safe.

      “So, what do we do with them?” Kimmy asked as she tightened the knots around their restraints. Kon smiled and whispered into Lily’s ear. She laughed and started to push the pirates off of the ship and onto the small boat team C came in on. Kon undid the spell that was keeping the boat attached and Aren pushed the boat away from the ship. Everyone started to wave goodbye as the pirates started to curse them out.

     “Well, now we have a ship. What do we do?” Julian asked.

     “I think we should follow what the captain has to say, right Keen?” Lily asked as she turned to Keen whose tail was shaking with joy.

     “We should find everyone else, including Spike! No family member is left behind!” Keen shouted with joy. Everyone agreed and started to set sail until a buzzing noise was heard nearby.

     “Guys, I see Chris! And he’s holding someone!” Harmony cheered.

     Chris landed onto the ship with Markeene and immediately received hugs from their families. “Chris, I got a new color! Do you like it?” Harmony said as her and Lazir squeezed Chris close.

     “You still like ninjas, right Markeene? You’re still my ninja brother right?” Kimmy asked, on the verge of tears.

     “I love your color Harmony. It suits you,” Chris responded.

     “Of course I am. I would never change my mind just because of a silly color,” Markeene said as he hugged Kimmy and Julian.

     “So, how did you find us?” Lily asked.

     “We saw Ann fly by with a Hissi we wanted to assume was Louis but we were coming to warn you guys!” Chris quickly explained.

     “Warn us of wh---” The ship went silent as thunder crashed behind them and waves grew rough. Chris and Markeene were trying to warn them of the storm but it was too late.

     To be continued…

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