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The Winds are changing...

So you know that rule where we don't allow tournaments/contests in guilds? Well, let's forget that, shall we? From this point on, guild-based contests and tournaments are permitted.

This of course brings up the question of guild donation shops. These are also allowed with the understanding that ALL donations are given back to their respective guild members and not the person running the shop. The guild donation shop (one per guild, please!) does not have to be on the guild founders account but should be on the Guild Council so it's more official. Requiring donations (?!?) and/or fees to join a contest or tournament are still not allowed. Lastly, the guild shop account should only be accessed by the person who created that account.

Joining different guilds on side accounts is absolutely fine. All we ask is that you only have one account per guild.

Overall, please abide by the spirit of the rules. And if you run a tournament, please see it through!

In the future, we will be working on a tool to make this easily manageable. But we're getting ahead of ourselves ;)

Hey Jumpstaff! Trudy's aunt Inah works at Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop, but is she the Lenny, or is she someone behind the scenes that we haven't seen yet? Someone else who works at the Shop but hasn't been introduced?~~superkouza
Inah is the Lenny that works at the shop!

Hello dear TNT! In the past, when it was the day of a certain neopets' species, TNT used to release certain items related to them. For example, if it was Pteri day, new Pteri plushies would be released. Would you think that could be implemented again? I'd love to have more Xweetok items for my gallery Thanks!!~~maga_m
Certainly! We may not always be able to release them on the pet day, but you can keep a lookout for themed items before or after the special day.

In the dropdown list for the Orange Patterned Collectible Scarab item, both "Put in your Stamp Album" and "Put into your Coin Album" options are present. I believe it should be just the "stamp album" option, as with other collectible scarabs?~~musicpops
Actually, it should just be the 'coin album' option, and it has been fixed. So have the 'Red Striped Collectible Scarab', the 'Shiny Cocoa Scarab' and the 'Mysterious Vibrant Collectable Scarab'.

Hi!! I have to say, the Steampunk colour has absolutely been my new favourite colour on the site ever since I discovered it. Can we expect to get more Steampunk pets soon? There are only about four that can be painted this awesome colour! And only one of my pets is eligible :( My Wocky admires all the other Steampunk pets and wants to be one, too! You guys are the best. Thanks for reading.~~mushroom_king1870
So glad you're enjoying this new colour! Why yes indeed there is a brand new Steampunk Bori releasing today!

dear mighty and kind editor, i was wondering - with all the creepy and bizarre and dark history of mutant pets, villains, and monsters throughout neopia- how acceptable would a semi-horror story be in the NT? No violence of course!~~ zephagalatica
Well...the Halloween edition of NT is coming before you know it on October 26th so I spookier the better! This is personally my favourite time of year so I can't wait to see what you all have in store!

What becomes of the editorial questions that are not answered each week?~~onecalledcow
They are buried under the new questions that are submitted for the next week. And once the question is pushed to number 226, it is gone FOREVERRRRRR.

Donny's Corner

'Place in Neohome' option removed from items that cannot be placed in Neohomes.

Naming issues fixed for items.

Stamp Album avatar images updated to have transparent backgrounds.

Categorization fixed for Collectable Scarabs.

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