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How to Succeed in Neopets (Without Really Trying)

by hey_choking_hazard


Are you someone who has time to come onto Neopets every day? Do you have any large goals, like a bank goal, getting the Richest avi, or perhaps getting a stamp avi? Do you want ideas of how to reach your goals? Then look no further than my handy-dandy list. :)

1. Collect Trudy’s Surprise Daily!

TNT came up with a great new daily sign-in reward that you should take advantage of! Whether you just click on the top of your screen every day where it says “Trudy’s Surprise has been reset”, or you go to the page as a bookmark, it’s worth coming on every day just for this bonus alone! Every 25 days you can earn anywhere from 445k to 522k just by simply spinning the wheel! And if you only deposit this, in 2 months you can earn a million np! Also as you save, if you’re not up to Ultimate Riches in the bank yet, whenever you can hit a new tier, upgrade! You’ll get more interest every day, which will add up the more neopoints you have!

2. Do Your Dailies and Play in the Battledome!

I know some days may feel too busy to go through all of your dailies, but you can actually do all of them in just under 5 minutes! And it’s totally worth it! Yes some days you may only get some random worthless *dung* and a few hundred neopoints here or there, but then other days you may win a paint brush from the Fruit Machine, or get a petpetpet from Grave Danger! Most days I end up with a few books to put into my shop, some more neopoints, and a lot of stuff to deposit. But if we know anything about TNT is that they like to surprise us with Charity Corners! Those items you’ve collected every day that you may not do a lot with may turn around and become very valuable in the future! If you’re like me and love the thrill of randomness and want to take the time to donate each and every one of your r90-r99 items should a Charity Corner come around, you can be rewarded with some great and valuable items! Alternatively if you’d like quick neopoints, you could donate a few of your r90-r99’s and sell most of the rest and make millions that way!

Also I know sometimes it just seems like you don’t have quite enough time for the battledome, but it’s definitely worth the extra few minutes! Besides the 1500 np you can earn every day from battling, you also get 15 items! The value of these items really depends on who you fight. Now depending on your battledome stats, some challengers may be impossible for you (or just take much more time than you’re willing to invest). The Kreludan Defender Robot is one that is pretty easy to beat even on the hardest difficulty, and in the Neocola Centre dome you can get gourmets, neocola tokens, genius neggs, and even armoured neggs! Also as a tip for most stronger battledome challengers, the more rare items are usually dropped when you face them on the hardest difficulty. If you have premium and can fight Jetsam Ace, he’s fairly easy to one-shot and you can get nerkmids from fighting in the Cosmic Dome :)

3. Spend Wisely!

Going through and collecting dailies that require no neopoints is obviously the smartest way to increase your number of neopoints without decreasing them. However, there are smart ways to spend your neopoints as well that can help you on a day-to-day basis. Now you’re probably not going to increase in neopoints very fast if you spin the Wheel of Extravagance every day and play Bagetelle all 20 times, but there are strategic places that are good to spend neopoints every day. I for one spin the Wheel of Knowledge every day. Sometimes I only get wisdom from the King or the question mark, but often I get books or foods to sell! I also go through the Faerie Caverns. I definitely make my money back by winning every few days. And you might have more luck at other things, like the Wheel of Mediocrity or Test Your Strength. Give somewhere a week and see if you end up higher or lower overall with the np you spent versus how much you made.

4. Find a Shop to Restock at!

Now this time you’ve probably thought I’ve gone too far. Especially if you’re only online for half an hour or less a day. But I’ll say that restocking at shops has probably been one of the best ways I’ve been able to meet my neo-goals to date (outside of Charity Corner donating that is ;) ). You don’t have to be a pro-restocker at the Post Office or Merifoods finding Draik eggs to benefit from the neopoints you can make. The igloo garage sale is a great place to start, as most items from there will make you more than double what you spent (though check on the shop wizard or jellyneo database if you have time, because sinking a few thousand on an item that sells for a couple hundred will definitely lose you neopoints over time). The igloo garage sale restocks fairly frequently and has a large swath of items. So whether you prefer to stock your shop with chocolates, backgrounds, healing items, plushies, or other foods, you’ll probably find something cheap to put in your shop. And from time-to-time goodie bags are known to restock there, so you might even get lucky from that. If you have more time you can restock at a few shops that have lower amounts of Neopians going to check them out, like the Pharmacy, Tropical Food shop, or Petpet Supplies. And lastly…

5. Stock Your Shop!

After a not-so-hard day of collecting freebies on the site and restocking at a shop or two, don’t forget to price your shop! Almost every day I sign into Neopets I make money from my shop. I’m not one of the neo-mall shops that are huge-mongous. However, with the 100 or so items that I stock, I make anywhere from 1k-25k on a normal day. Whether you use the normal Shop Wizard, jellyneo’s item database, or you’re a Premium user and have the Super Shop Wizard, take the time to update your prices every few days! I’ve noticed that when my items aren’t selling it isn’t that my items are terribly overpriced (though that’s happened, especially right after the Charity Corner), but they’re just a little overpriced. Usually lowering them even by 50-100 neopoints helps them to sell.

There are plenty of other ways you can make more neopoints here on Neopets, but these are the ways that have helped me that I think almost anyone can do provided they have enough time to come on the site daily. Hope this helps you to reach your goals!

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