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Hi CQ. I was wondering if you could please provide some clarity regarding the Gallery Spotlight. I and a number of others have submitted our entries to the gallery spotlight over 6 months ago without getting an accept/reject neomail. We were wondering if it was potentially glitched for some people, as I have now tried a number of times over the past few years without getting any acknowledgement of my entry. Can you please check this out, and let us know how long we should wait before resubmitting our entries if we haven't heard from TNT staff? Thank you! Please remove my username! ~ Username removed
Hi! I can assure you there is no glitch - your entry is in the queue waiting to be judged! It's just a slow-going process, since we only spotlight one entry per week, and there are lots of submissions with potential! Also, remember that whenever you re-submit, you send yourself back to the end of the line! Just be patient - your time will come!

Won't the new candy color look too much like some of the Christmas colored pets? Will you be changing either? Thanks for reading. ~ vegpire
Hi! No worries - not every candy pet will be a striped hard candy look, as the Elephante is! There will be plenty of variation between the candy and Christmas pets!

Hi TNT! I'm just wondering about the known glitch where some petpet colours show up on the Petpet Puddle, but we are unable to paint them (Editorial 707). Can you please confirm if this is still a glitch? I'd love to know before I buy a bunch of petpets and brushes. Thank you! Please remove my UN. ~ username removed
Hi! This has been resolved, and if you notice any petpet colours that aren't working, just let us know and we can take care of it!

Hey TNT *showers with cotton candy* What are the chances of a new purge happening? I feel that it's the only way to revive the site now and make users come back. It'll make the community and boards more active too! Hope you guys can at least give an ambiguous answer if it's not a flat out yes or no. Thanks! (: Please remove my username. ~ username removed
Hi! So it's definitely something we've acknowledged needs to happen eventually, however actually running one presents two struggles - 1. it's a big load on the servers and takes a solid amount of time. 2. (and this is the bigger one) we have to update how the purge works to include every database, table, place account info is stored that has been introduced since the previous purge several years ago. So I can say that it is definitely not a flat out no, but it's a somewhat ambiguous yes.

Why are all of the faeries female? Any chance there could be a male faerie or two introduced in the future? ~ violetflowersinavase
Male faeries? Neopia has never heard of such a thing!

First off, thanks so much for bringing back the Pet and Petpet Spotlights! I appreciate all the work TNT has been doing around the website. Are you still considering developing Neopets games for mobile platforms? I know that was one of JumpStart's aspirations in acquiring Neopets, and I think the franchise has a ton of potential in the mobile gaming field. I'd love to see more mobile games involving a world and characters I enjoy so much--something like that old Treasure Keepers game on Facebook would be mind-blowingly awesome. Just wanted to see if it's still on your list of things to do! ~ cosmicfire918
We are definitely still considering that and it's something that's been on our mind lately, but there are also some site updates that need to go on first. It's all a process, but one we're still working towards!

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