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How to Dress like Royalty

by greenj12356


So you want to dress royally? Well the best way to start is to ditch those old peasant’s clothes of yours and get some shiny new ones that show off just how trim and proper you are! Maybe you have a royal ball coming up, or you need to look the part for a play or some other type of event. Whatever the reason for your desire to be part of higher society, if you need help with some key style choices, look no further!

1) Crowns – Obviously the centerpiece of any royal outfit is a good crown. Rare gems and precious metals show off how opulent you are and really let people know that you are royalty. There are already many famous crowns around Neopia, even some that have been stolen, but luckily that crown was returned. The style of crown you want to wear is also incredibly important to the ensemble. Maybe you are Maraquan and want to wear one of the finest coral and sea life? Or maybe you want to be a Moltarian king and need one with a lot of rivets and gears? It all depends on the look you are going for, but the most important piece you should be looking for is a crown. Do not forget to wear one! Also, as a side note, do make sure your crown is real. You of course can get paper ones from the holiday crackers, but nothing speaks of impostors more than a paper crown.

2) Scepter – While this is not a more mandatory item, since it is something you hold onto, this does show your power. Now whether you want to go for a royal scepter, or a royal sword, that is up to you. But nothing shows your true royal power like wielding a mighty weapon. Whether magic or brute force is your forte you will be able to show them who is boss with your amazing skills of combat. This lets those other Neopians know you mean business when you brandish your weapon. Or maybe you want something a bit more subtle that you can wave around to gain attention in a noisy hall. However you want to hold your object of power, do keep in mind it shows your authority of the land and you should not go without one.

3) Cape – No, this is not the kind of superhero wears, but one a king or queen might don. This flows about you and lets people know you have money to spare on quite an ostentatious piece of clothing. It is always a good idea to stick to the classics of a red cape with white bordering, but feel free to be a little creative. If you come from Terror Mountain, maybe go with a light blue and outline it in a much darker blue. Just showing off the icy land from where you live. Or if you are from Kreludor maybe you can go with a very space themed purple and orange. Don’t forget to have an elaborate design sown into the back of it, so even if your back is turned to someone, they can still see the majestic symbol of your house. Be sure to pick a design that suits you also, and make sure it is well stitched.

4) Armour – It is always a good idea to have some type of armour on as you are out in public. More precious metals never hurt and it can show off your strength and power. It makes it seem like at any moment you could lead your followers into battle to protect your homeland. Everyone loves to see royalty up there defending their people and showing everyone they are not scared of the enemy. When the Wraiths had attacked Faerieland it was Altador who went to do battle against them. He wanted to show the pets following him that a king can do more than just sit in a stuffy room and make decisions. Royalty can act and act he did. Make sure you pick out a piece of armour that reflects your tastes and also fits for your kingdom. To mention Maraqua again, you should obviously be wearing a very decorative piece of Maractite. If you are going for a more Mystery Island look, then you should have jungle style armour carved from the finest trees and inlaid with volcanic stones. You do not want to show up to an event looking like royalty from another kingdom. How embarrassing would that be!

5) Royal Personality – While not a piece of official clothing, this is something that can really make or break the outfit. You cannot go into a fancy event and act like a slob, that is what peasants do! You need to go into an event and talk with the other royals, make conversation, and try to be as well-spoken as you can be. If food is served, make sure you know which utensils to use. And do not try to talk to anyone else with your mouth full of food! I have seen many pets get so close, to only blow it in the home stretch by alerting others to their non-royal background through their actions. You need to make sure you are always at attention and never slouching. Do not get too crazy into the party and start dancing all over the place, but make sure your moves are much more refined. As long as you act the part, pets will overlook minor flaws in your outfit so it will be easier to be accepted into that society.

Just as long as you follow this basic outline, you too can pass off as royalty. As always, make sure that your style matches where you are from and that your actions show that you know how to properly handle yourself. With just a little bit of work you should be looking royal in no time. Now get out there and show the rest of Neopia who is the newest royal pet in the land!

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