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Faerie Wings III: The Nightmare of Dreamland: Part Three

by downrightdude


     Illere’s eyes widened. She turned to Brillare and asked, “Have you ever heard of a place called ‘Dreamland’ before?”

     “No, I haven’t,” said Brillare, shaking her head and looking downcast at Kira. “I know there are hundreds of secret spells that Fyora wants no one but herself to know about, though. Perhaps she doesn’t want any other faerie to possess their powerful energies, as well.”

     “But Dreamland? What is it? Where is it? Why hasn’t Fyora ever told us about it?” Illere demanded. “If it’s something super important, then I’m sure us Top faeries could handle it easily…right?”

     “There are many things Fyora keeps to herself,” Cyprina chimed in, “for you never know who’s an ally to Fyora, or an enemy spy sent to ruin her. This is why my comrades and I were always respectful of the Queen’s privacy, and when we swore our loyalty to her, we also secretly promised that we would never break the trust we had between us and Her Majesty.”

     “Well, maybe Fyora would reconsider her feelings when she learns about Kira’s condition,” Illere suggested. “Right, Brillare?”

     “I don’t know if she would,” Brillere said hesitantly. “As much as I have faith with our Queen and believe she knows what’s best for all of Faerieland…if she refuses to tell us anything about ‘Dreamland’, then we should honour her decision and let her be.” She glanced at Kira’s motionless body once more and sighed. “But we can’t let our friend keep suffering. It wouldn’t be right.”

     “So we’ll try to see if Fyora will see us tomorrow?” Illere asked hopefully.

     Brillare nodded. “First, let’s see if any of our most effective healing spells will help in any way possible,” she suggested. After outstretching her palms towards Kira, Brillare closed her eyes and created a bright light that shot off her palms and swirled around her target until it evaporated after just a few moments. “It didn’t work,” she said solemnly. “My healing sunshine had no affect on her whatsoever.”

     After looking over Kira’s body and noticing how bright she was glowing after Brillare’s spell, Illere placed her hands on her friend’s forehead and whispered a spell that created two thin, green vines wrapped around her friend’s forehead. After one minute, however, the thin plants withered and evaporated into thin air. “Now my healing vines disappeared, too!” Illere gasped. “What’s going on here?”

     “I don’t think this particular spell could be stopped using any of our healing properties,” Brillare said thoughtfully. “We could have Sirena attempt a Water faerie healing spell and see if that could weaken the spell’s barrier. If not, then I honestly have no idea how we could ever defeat this strange magic.”

     “I’m so confused about what to do,” said Illere, “and I worry Kira will never get better.”

     Brillare placed a hand on Illere’s shoulder. “Don’t fret just yet. As soon as I get home, I will write a letter and send it to Fyora’s secretary, requesting an urgent meeting for tomorrow. We’ll gather Sirena and Ardore, have a talk with Fyora, and see if she would give us special access to her personal library. Hopefully we’ll find the right spell book and learn all that we need to about Dreamland.”

     “What if that doesn’t work?” Illere wondered.

     “Then we’ll visit the Faeriewood Academy’s library, the Faerie Bookshop, and every other library in Faerieland until we learn what we must do in order to save Kira,” Brillare insisted, sounding a bit more confident. “I’m positive we will learn the facts about the Dreamland spell soon.”

     Illere sighed. “I hope you’re right,” she said, feeling doubtful.

     “You girls will surely make me and Fyora very proud when Kira is saved,” said Cyprina, her blue eyes watering. “Just please don’t give up, no matter how long your quest will take. I beg both of you to never give up on Kira–not now and not later!”

     Brillare and Illere nodded their agreement. “We both swear our loyalty to you and Kira,” said Brillare.

     “You can definitely trust in us!” said Illere with a smile.

     Cyprina nodded. “Yes. I shall have complete faith in both of you and your comrades. I’m certain Kira is, too, holding on for you girls as well.”



     Kira lay down on the grass and looked up at the bright blue sky above her. She watched the clouds drift by slowly, with not a single breeze to make them move even faster. Everything here is so calming! Kira thought as she stretched her arms. I’ve never been so relaxed in my life. Can’t believe how everything feels so real, though.

     “Are you still here?” boomed a loud voice from behind her.

     Who could that be? Kira wondered as she got up and turned around. She was surprised to see the mysterious blue Kougra with the indigo cloak and hood. “Oh, it’s only you,” Kira said with a sigh.

     The Kougra shook his head. “Why are you still here, faerie-girl?” he demanded.

     “What am I doing–What are YOU doing in my dream?” Kira retorted.

     “Your dream? This is not a dream, you dimwit,” the Kougra snarled. “I don’t know how you got your puny little self in here in the first place, but if you don’t get yourself out of here soon–”

     Kira waved her hand. “Don’t worry about a thing, you oaf. I’ll be waking up as soon as my mother yells my name…or an alarm clock goes off, somewhere.”

     “You are awake! How could you possibly think you’re still asleep??” The Kougra’s voice was rising with frustration. “Why in Neopia would you think this whole place was just a figment of your girly imagination?”

     “Because I fell asleep on my bed,” Kira explained. “After opening that book Suzette gave me and choking on some pink dust, I closed my eyes and fell asleep. In fact, I bet I’m still sleeping as we speak, so calm down and watch the clouds drift by to ease your mind!”

     The Kougra shot a glare. “Who is this ‘Suzette’ character you speak of?”

     “A faerie I met today,” Kira said casually. “She gave me a book and we became friends. That’s all.”

     “And what sort of book did this faerie give you?” the Kougra asked.

     “One full of faerie tales,” Kira explained. “Wait a minute, why are you asking me these questions about Suzette? She has nothing to do with this eerie dream I’m having Mr…um, what’s your name?”

     “My name is Aiken,” said the Kougra, “and I’ve been struggling to understand why a dainty, little faerie like you is doing time in this fluff-ball prison.”

     Kira, who had turned her attention back to the clouds, yawned. “Are you crazy? This place is more like a fantasy land than a prison!” she crowed. “A prison is just a giant building full of dangerous villains and criminals. This place, however, is filled with blooming wildflowers and green grass as bright as sea foam.” She rolled over and looked up at Aiken. “Then again, I suppose any place that’s bright and cheery would be an eyesore for somebody as tough as you.”

     “There is more to this place then flowers and grass,” Aiken insisted, forming a fist. “It’s more than rainbows, Unis, adorable petpets, and clouds that are too slow to move through the sky.”

     “Then, what do you know about this place?” asked Kira.

     Aiken flashed a slight smirk. “For starters, I can confirm that none of your petty faerie spells will take shape here.”

     “We’ll see about that,” Kira responded. She stood up and stretched her arms, then waved her right arm above her head. “Wind arrow!” she exclaimed, waiting for an invisible bow and arrow to form in her hands. When nothing appeared, Kira chanted the spell for a second, third and then a fourth time before she collapsed to her knees. “Why didn’t anything appear?” she asked aloud.

     “It’s the magic,” Aiken muttered, “of Dreamland.”

     Kira looked up at Aiken and raised her eyebrows. What was ‘Dreamland’? Was it a place where every faerie’s dreams existed, a place that disappears every time one opens their eyes? “Hey Aiken,” said Kira, “how did you know my spell wouldn’t work?”

     “Because I, too, have magical abilities,” Aiken explained. “Or, at least I used to have magical abilities. In Neopia Central, I was renowned as possessing magical properties I’ve developed and mastered while I lived in Shenkuu. It was difficult for me to use my magic here after the staff I use to possess all of my powers failed to poof up anything I commanded.”

     “But then what is a Kougra from Neopia Central doing in my dream?” asked Kira.

     “This place is not a dream!” Aiken boomed. “Haven’t you felt any of Dreamland’s physical effects yet? The migraines, the sudden sleepiness, or even a sudden loss of energy from too much physical activity?”

     “You lost some of your energy, too?” Kira gasped. “Because I did while I was trying to run away from you earlier.”

     “You did? I thought you just tripped over your skirt,” said Aiken.

     Kira nodded. “I’m still confused about this place, though. Can you tell me exactly how you–” Before she could finish, Kira felt her eyes droop and her head spinning rapidly. With her vision blurring, she collapsed to the ground, closed her eyes, and fell into a sudden slumber.

To be continued…

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