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Faerie Wings III: The Nightmare of Dreamland

by downrightdude


     “And she lived happily ever after,” Kira sighed dreamily. The Air faerie lay down on her bed and clutched the book she was reading. “Oh girls, wasn’t that the most spectacular faerie tale ever?”

     Sirena closed her eyes and nodded. “It was amazing,” the Water faerie said in a cool voice. She turned to Illere and said, “I remember that book you lend me a while ago, you know the one about the two Kacheeks that found a gold mine in their own backyard. That was also amazing!”

     Illere coughed lightly. “Sorry girls, but I think we should begin studying for our upcoming midterm exams. They’re only two weeks away!” The Earth faerie picked up a textbook and opened it to where her bookmark had been placed.

     Kira groaned as she rolled onto her side and gazed at the two, thick textbook that were stacked on one of her pillows. For the last eight months, she and her two friends were attending the Faeriewood Academy, a private school where faeries could different magical spells that would help prepare them for the future. As the Top Air faerie, Kira was acquired to attend the academy in order to expand her knowledge on Air faerie magic–and to learn spells to help guide the other Air faeries of Faerieland. It was also a responsibility of hers to help defend Faerieland and the Faerie Queen, Fyora, from any intruders who wished to harm them, which meant the Top Air faerie must always team up with the other four Top faeries to help defend those who looked up to them and their homeland. Now gazing at her unopened textbooks, Kira felt a heavy weight resting on her shoulders as she realized how quickly the midterm exams were coming up.

     My teacher, Ms. Aerial, would surely expect me to get the highest mark in the whole class! Kira thought as she sat up and picked up a textbook.

     “I’m bored,” Sirena yawned, tossing her textbook off of Kira’s bed.

     “Sirena,” Illere scolded lightly. “You need to pick up the pace and study more. It may not be the most enjoyable thing in Neopia to do, but it’s extremely important for all of us Top Faeries to–”

     “Let’s go to the Faerie Bookshop,” Kira suggested suddenly.

     “That sounds like a lot more fun than studying!” Sirena said eagerly.

     “Why do you need to go to the bookshop, Kira?” asked Illere.

     “I need to get a couple more textbooks on Air faerie cloud formation,” Kira explained. “Also, I was thinking about looking for a faerie muffin recipe book, too.”

     Sirena clapped. “Muffins; now THAT sounds a hundred times more fun than studying!” She swung her legs over the bed, dragged Kira off the bed, and led her down the stairs and out of her neohome.

     Illere sighed as she closed her textbook and followed her friends as they walked towards the Faerie Bookshop.

     “I can’t wait to see their picture book selection!” Sirena gushed, skipping happily. Whenever the Water faerie entered any body of water, her legs would magically morph into a blue tail that allowed her to swim more easily. As soon as her tail was exposed to dry land, however, they would morph once more to form two long legs so she could walk around Faerieland. Like every other Water Faerie, Sirena couldn’t fly because she didn’t have any wings.

     Kira approached the Faerie Bookshop first and opened the front door, her two friends following right behind. She looked around the shop and waved to a faerie with round eyeglasses and a dark brown ponytail. “Hi Leah!” she shouted, fully aware there was nobody else inside the store.

     Leah, the apprentice Library faerie, looked up from the front counter and smiled. “Hey Kira,” she replied. “How may I help you today?”

     “Do you have any textbooks on Air faerie cloud formation?” asked Kira.

     “And books with brightly painted pictures?” Sirena chimed in.

     “The picture books are located near the back of the store,” Leah explained, pointing southward. She then pointed to a shelf of books to the southwest direction and said, “All Air faerie magic textbooks can be found over there.”

     “Thanks,” said Kira, walking towards the southwest section of the bookshop.

     Illere and Sirena both went towards the picture books. “Ooh, look at this!” Sirena said as she picked up a bright pink book. “Don’t you just love the pink Uni on the cover? And look Illere, she’s gazing up at a rainbow!”

     “I wonder where the Earth faerie spell books are,” said Illere. “I’ll go ask.”

     Sirena nodded and picked up another book. “A whole story about an enchanted Water faerie…and it’s twenty five percent off?” She waved the book towards Illere and shouted, “I am so getting this today!”

     Where is that book about cloud formation? Kira wondered as she examined the shelves in front of her. She took a step back and accidentally bumped into another faerie, whose breath was as cold as frost.

     “Oh, I’m so, so sorry!” Kira gasped, turning around to eye the faerie.

     The faerie’s dark red eyes flashed, as if secretly pleased. “It’s quite alright,” she mumbled from under her deep purple hood and cloak.

     “Are you sure? Does your nose hurt?” asked Kira. “Again, I’m so sorry! I’ll be more careful next time, I swear.”

     “I’m okay,” said the faerie in a hushed voice. “There is no need for apologies.”

     “Oh, okay,” said Kira, trying to gaze away from the faerie’s deep red eyes. A sudden chill went down her spine, making her shiver slightly.

     The faerie smiled and handed Kira the book she was holding. “This is a very special collection of faerie tales,” she explained as she handed the book to Kira, whose face was puzzled. “I bought it last week, but I’m afraid they were not the type of stories I’m interested in. If you want, you may have this book for yourself.”

     Kira gazed at the pink book and its golden edges. The cover was made up of a Light faerie playing a golden flute, surrounded by a swirl of yellow glitter. “It’s a very beautiful book,” she sighed. “What’s it called?”

     “Faerie Tales of Light faeries,” said the faerie, her eyes glowing. “It’s all about innocent Light faeries, and it’s perfect for those who enjoy faerie tales with happy endings.”

     “And you were going to return it for a refund, correct?” asked Kira.

     “Yes,” said the faerie, “but now I would like to give it to you. Because we’re very close friends, you know.” She pushed the book into Kira’s hands and turned to walk away.

     “Wait, can I at least ask for your name?” Kira called out before the faerie left the shop.

     The faerie snapped her fingers and poofed up a piece of paper into Kira’s hands, on top of her new book. As the mysterious faerie left, Kira read the name to herself: Suzette. What a strange faerie, she thought, looking down at the paper as it disappeared into a puff of purple smoke. I wonder if she goes to Faeriewood Academy, too.

     “Kira, have you found your textbooks yet?” asked Illere.

     “Yes,” said Kira, turning back to the bookshelf behind her. She picked up two textbooks and brought them to Leah, who rung them up and accepted Kira’s neopoints.

     “Have fun studying,” Leah said with a wink.

     “I wish I could study faerie tales instead!” Kira joked as she followed her friends out of the book shop.

     Sirena flipped through the picture book she bought. “What beautiful pictures! Whoever illustrated this book deserves a pat on the back and a cup of coffee.”

     “Why a cup of coffee?” asked Illere.

     “Because I don’t want to give them a gold trophy,” Sirena insisted. “And a neopoint award would be far too generous.” She slid her fingers through her curly blonde hair and sighed. “I can’t wait to read this book tonight!”

     “Maybe we can ask Brillare to join us for a study session tomorrow,” Kira suggested, referring to their friend and the Top Light faerie. “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind helping us with our concentration.”

     “And procrastination,” teased Illere. “That’s a great idea, Kira. I’ll prepare some relaxing tea.”

     “I’ll bring myself and my favourite plushie,” Sirena announced.

     “And I’ll…uh, bring something too,” said Kira.

     Illere looked over at the pink book Kira was holding. “Hey Kira, did you buy that book today?”

     Kira shook her head. “Actually, this strange faerie gave it to me after I bumped into her. She was really nice, though she was also a bit strange and I couldn’t see her face because she was wearing a hood and cloak.”

     “Sounds sweet,” said Illere, “and a bit eerie, too. But still very sweet.” Kira nodded and walked with her friends as they passed the other shops on Main Street. She held her new book close to her chest and smiled at how generous her ‘new friend’ had been to her on their first encounter.

     As they passed the Faerie Food Shop, Kira glanced over and saw Suzette sitting at an outdoor table, drinking a cup of tea. Suzette looked up and watched Kira as she walked pass her.

     Seeing the book in her arms, she smiled and muttered “Won’t be long now” before she finished her tea and secretly began following Kira, her cloak draped over her body and shoulders as a purple shield.

To be continued…

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