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Tips on Increasing Stats of Neopets for Newbies

by benedictlee_pro


Good weapons may be important in allowing Neopets to win fights but increasing the stats of your Neopets is equally important because they are able to fight better and win. With this new Battledome, you are able to win Neopoints and fabulous prizes such as codestones and books which can be sold to earn greater profit, making you a richer Neopian. Also, you can participate in various plots like the Battleground of the Obelisk. To increase stats, the best way to do so is to train your pet. However, training isn't cheap if you're not careful. Thus, by following these tips, you can train your pet to fight better at a reasonable cost! This is applicable to only pets who are level 40 and below.

1. Never train in Mystery Island Training School. Instead, train in Swashbuckling Academy. (Sorry, Master Techo!)

Codestones are necessary to pay for trainings in Training School. However, they don't come cheap with the cheapest codestones being 2800NP (the most expensive on being about 10K). The only advantage of training in Training School is that the time taken for the course to finish is shorter. You also cannot cancel a course there and if you're desperate to train your pet, you have to pay. On the other hand, dubloons are used to pay for trainings in Swashbuckling Academy. The ubiquity of dubloons has caused prices to fall low with the One Dubloon Coin costing about 900 NP and the Two Dubloon Coin costing about 1,200 NP. For pets below level 10, they pay 1 Dubloon. For pets between levels 11 and 20, they pay 2 Dubloons. For pets between levels 21 and 40, they pay 5 dubloons. For pets that are between level 21 and 40 that are training in the Training School, 2 codestones are needed for each session, making training even more expensive. The prices of dubloons are a fraction of the prices of codestones, thus it is wiser to go to Swashbuckling Academy when your pets' levels are still low enough.

2. Make use of the Golden Dubloon.

Do NOT exchange two smaller dubloons to get a larger denomination because you will lose money this way. Instead, to save even more money, I recommend buying Ten Dubloon coins (which costs about 5500 NP each). Go to the Golden Dubloon to purchase just ONE item that costs a dubloon (Caesar Salad, Tropical Breeze) and you'll get change (2,2,5). Think about it: Using one Ten Dubloon coin costs you 5500 NP and by using one dubloon in the restaurant, you get dubloons that are worth about 6000 NP and you can use them to train your pet. Stretch your dollar!

3. Increase other stats to their limit, then increase level.

Statistics can only be trained if it does not exceed double of the level of the pet. Let's say, your pet is Level 3. Its statistics (strength, defence, agility) cannot go above 6 with an exception to Endurance which can go up to thrice of the pet's level (but level has to increase before increasing other stats). Thus, train all your pet's statistics until they are ALL the maximum they can go and then raise your pet's level. This is more cost-effective because you will save more money. For example, a Level 1 pet that trains all the stats to 2, then trains level to 2, then trains all stats to 4 and so on will use fewer dubloons than a pet which has to use Two Dubloon Coins due to its level being higher than 10 even though it has the same stats as the former.

4. Play Deadly Dice to reduce a pet's level or use the Lab Ray to reduce a pet's level if necessary. (may backfire)

Oh dear, your pet was Level 20 when he/she went to the Coltzan's Shrine and your pet got levelled up! It means that you have to fork out a Five Dubloon Coin to pay for your pet's training which costs more than a Two Dubloon Coin! You can make that pet active and play Deadly Dice (between 0000 NST and 0100 NST) to decrease your pet's level. However, this tactic may backfire which may instead increase your pet's level. That was what happened to my Grarrl, sigh.

5. Use Lab Ray on your pets. (may backfire)

Lab Rays are unpredictable - they can increase your pet's level, movement, defence, hit points and strength - and also decrease the levels. Use with caution, though. Your pet's colour, species or even gender may change!

6. Faerie Quests

Let's say you had completed the Water Faerie's quest by bringing her a book needed for her spell. Before giving her the item, look at all your pets. Which one requires an increase in defence? You see, the completion of each Faerie Quest (with an exception of the Crafting Faerie and Fountain Faerie) will result in a reward which is the increase of stats. For Air Faeries, it will increase 2 movement points for your active pet. For Dark Faeries it will be an increase of 2 hit points for your active pet. For Earth Faeries, it will be an increase of 2 strength OR defence OR movement point for your active pet. For Fire Faeries, it will be an increase of 2 strength points for your active pet. For Light Faeries, it will be an increase of 1 level for your active pet. For Water Faeries, it will be an increase of 2 defence points for your active pet. For Battle Faerie Aethia, it will result in +2 hit points, +2 strength, and +2 defence points for your active pet. For the Faerie Queen (Fyora), it will result in +1 level, +4 hit points, and +4 strength points for your active pet. Last but not least for Mira the Space Faerie, she will increase whopping 4 levels for your active pet! Take note that only your active pet can receive the reward from the Faerie. Thus, choose your active pet wisely so that he/she can benefit from it.

In conclusion, these are money-saving tips to increase the stats of your pets. All the best in doing so!

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