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Hi, TNT. What do you call the fur around the neck of an Usul? Is it just known as neck fur? A mane? Someone suggested it could be described as a collar. Thank you! ~abductee
We tend to refer to it as their "ruff." :)

Okay, I've been a member for 12 years. I have heard rumors all over since... but recently someone on a board here said that you guys announced you would be closing the site within a year. I have not seen this. Can you add some input on this? I hope not. I would love to be with this site for 12 more years. ~kanama14
That rumour pops up every year, and every year we're still here. ;) We aren't going anywhere! We hope to entertain you for at least another 12 years as well!

Hey there, TNT. You guys are the bomb -- pun totally intended, by the way. Getting to the point, I recently submitted a comic that included a curly-wired telephone and it apparently got rejected because those things don't exist in Neopia. However, I've noticed that the business-y Chia on the main page of the stock market is talking on a cell phone and driving a car, which is another technology that is supposedly nonexistent. I'm not angry or anything, just curious (and maybe a little suspicious *shifty eyes*). ~gamertron676767618
Yeeaaah, Nigel's a bit of an old cheat in that he has items that don't exist in Neopia. One of the reasons why we haven't redone his art is because we'd have to take away his classic car and cellphone.

First off, I'd like to extend much adulation to the artist(s) who worked on the sweet Gelerts in this week's news. However, someone pointed out how strange it was that New Features recommended going to the Rainbow Pool for a jelly Gelert, when clearly no such ridiculous thing as a Jelly Paint Brush exists, right? ~neo_coaster363
Whoops! It seems we got a little excited about introducing the new colours and our brains became jelly. Mmm... jelly.

Heyo! I read last week's Editorial and I found the male faerie part. That got me wondering: why aren't there any male faeries (not the trolly ones), and how are faeries born if they have no father? Literally confused to the max. ~broncogirl6

Hi, TNT! What a lovely Uni Day we had!!! However, my poor Uni noticed that the Swashbuckling Academy didn't offer free training. :(:( Was this just a glitch? ~relationshipper
The Academy only offers free training on the calendar day celebration of a Pet Day. Since we don't have New Features on the weekend, sometimes the news celebration is before or after the actual day. You can see what days Neopet holidays fall upon here, so you know on which days you get your free training. :)

It appears as though the robot Cybunny lost its nose during the customisation revamp and never got it back. :( ~shad0wofad0ubt
Well, shoot. It must have fallen off somewhere. Maybe there was a screw loose? We'll ask the Art Department to keep an eye out for it!

This game of "Got your nose!"
has gone on for far too long.

Is Dr. Frank Sloth a male faerie? Not the Happiness Faerie, I mean DR. SLOTH. ~lizardlover70
Uh, no. Also, your statement was unfortunately recorded by informants and forwarded to Dr. Sloth. We suggest you put on your running shoes.

*Throws an 80s workout VHS* Could you make a chance item involving wearable clothing? It could be something like a laundry basket. Your 'pet would dive on in and discover 3 or 4 wearable clothing items! (Up to r95 & may be species wearables.) I think the site is lacking something like this. ~iluvmihoshi
Hmm... so a Neopoint version of NC Mystery Capsules basically? It's a cute idea, and we're certainly not opposed to it or something similar. We'll pass the idea to our Content Department.

TNT, TNT, TNT!!! I have a question that popped into my head before I went to bed tonight! I thought of it deeply and it kept me awake so much to the point where I just had to come on to ask! Why doesn't Neopia Central get featured in plots or have an Altador Cup Team? Isn't it the largest city in all of Neopia? Okay, I feel so much calmer now! To quote mr.coconut, "Good night!" ~boyslovepopmusic
Neopia Central is basically just a really large marketplace where Neopets gather to shop. No one really lives directly in Neopia Central, though of course there are houses around the outskirts.

TNT! *throws fruits around* What happened to Gadgadsbogen this year? I know March 3rd is cancelled, but March 4th too?!? Can't we get some new fruits to munch on? ~handball002
Gadgadsbogen occurs when the new fruits pop up on Mystery Island, which is sometime in March, but it has no exact date. From the look of the new seedlings, it will probably take them at least two more weeks to sprout out of the ground, it seems.

Hi, TNT! I recently spent three million on a Turmac Petpet and was thinking about painting it a different colour. Its original colour is cute, though, and I may change my mind in the future. I was wondering if there is any way to revert back to the original colour, or if there's a certain colour Petpet paint brush I'd need to buy? ~salorich
Generally speaking, Petpets can be reverted by using the paint brush colour that most closely matches their original colour. For example, Meepits and Snorkles are (very) pink to start, so you would use a Pink Petpet Paint Brush to revert them. Your Turmac might be tough to figure out at first glance, but its paint brush would be green. :)

Hi, TNT. I was entering the Storytelling Contest and wrote this whole good entry that I was sure was going to win. However, when I submitted it, Neopets logged me out and I lost the whole thing! Is this a glitch or something?!? Thanks! ~fairygold
OOF. We can't really comment on the reason for the logout without more detailed information, but we do recommend always copying any considerable amount of text before submitting, or writing in another document and pasting the story into the submission form.

I AM SO CONFUSED!!! D: Can we or can't we visit the Healing Springs on a side account? Oh, and here: *gives Poison Snowball* yeah... The Healing Springs faerie gave me this instead of healing my 'pet with Blurred Vision. -_- ~toxicheart16
Yes. The Healing Springs is exempt from the "no items on sides" rule, as we want to make sure all your Neopets have a chance at good health. :)

Hello, fellow Neopians! I want to write an article for The Neopian Times about why I love Neopets as an adult. Your rules section, however, says that you cannot write about real people, places, or events. Would this subject be breaking that rule, since I will be writing about my own personal experiences alone, and with friends, on Neopets? Thank you! ~crazyxdazyxhaze
As long as you're not mentioning any identifying information, then the occasional article discussing site culture like that is fine.

Do JubJubs have tails? I've always imagined them with little pom-pom tails, like a bunny. Even if they don't, I COMMAND you to draw a picture of a JubJub with a tail. ~fire_dragon_342
JubJubs don't have tails. We tried to glue a cotton ball to the back of one, but it just fell off. Sorry! Though, come to think of it, if we got a sewing kit and used a plushie JubJub...

Don't even think about it.


Dear TNT,
March 4, a.k.a. the 4th day of Running, marks 12 years that I have been here on Neopets. From plots, wars, events, and the various changes that Neopets has involved, I can say I have enjoyed every moment I have had here, as well as those to come. Keep up the awesome work and surprises! ~flopsa

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