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How to Help Your Angry Neopet

by neoqserenity2


Does your Neopet bully other Neopets? Perhaps they attack other Neopets randomly. Are they highly irritable or moody? If yes, then your Neopet is probably suffering from anger issues. Many things can cause anger and the first step in reducing anger is to identify what is causing your Neopet to be angry.

Causes of Anger –

Cause #1:

Neopets can get lonely if you do not give them proper attention. Misbehaving can be a way for them to get attention from you, their owner. Spending a little more time with them may help their behavior.

Cause #2:

Your precious Neopets could have experience something in the past that may be the cause of the anger. Maybe they, themselves, were bullied as a young baby. If they were adopted, then perhaps they are suffering from abandonment issues. They could be currently facing an issue they do not know how to solve. The best way to deal with this is to talk to them, or seek counseling, in order to help your Neopet to forgive and move on.

Cause #3:

Some Neopets are naturally predisposed to angry behavior. This is likely due to being in a constant wound up state, which is caused by an excess amount of tension or energy. The best way to deal with this energy is to give your Neopet an outlet to focus that energy. Below are some listed tips to help release the pent up energy and tips to reduce your Neopet's energy

Releasing Energy/Anger -


Training is a good way of releasing energy. Neopia has two training schools that train young Neopets: Swashbuckler Academy and Mystery Island Training School. Captain Threelegs run the Swashbuckler Academy. The Captain does not tolerate complaining and will happily send all complainers to room 109. The Techo Master runs the Mystery Island Training School. He trains both the mind and body through hard training and meditation. This school is probably the best option for a Neopet with anger issues.


The battledome is a great way for your young Neopet to vent his/her anger. There are a numerous number of opponents that they are allowed to beat up on, such as Punchbag Bob. Your pet can even challenge other Neopets in a safe arena.


Additionally there are a number of games that your Neopet can play that actively engage your Neopet. Kass Basher allows your Neopet to hit a bound Kass with a loaf of bread, a stick, or a club-like bat. Your pet can also play Carnival Terror, where they toss pies at clown Chias. On the other hand, perhaps, they can play a game of good-old-fashion Gormball. The game listed are just a few that your Neopet can play can exhort their energy. There are many more in the games room.

Relaxation and Keeping Calm:

In addition to physical exercise, there are some great products and tips to keeping your pets energy down. Baths are very relaxing and are a great way to calm down. Lavender is known to help relax and calm both body and mind. There are several products that contain lavender, such as Lavender-Scented Soap and Lavender-Scented Lotion. Aroma candles can also help ease your Neopets tension. Walking along the beach is another relaxing activity. The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore are relaxing and your Neopet will be exercising. Meditation is another great way to calm the mind. The book Nimmo Meditation can help teach your Neopet how to meditate or they could simply go to the Mystery Island Training School. There are many more products that can help calm, relax, and soothe your Neopet.

Things to Avoid -

Now that we talked about how to exhort some of your Neopets built up energy, let us talk about what things you must avoid to keep their energy low.


Caffeine creates energy, which is something you want to avoid giving to your angry pet. Caffeine is also known to cause irritability and anger in pets. Here is a list of products that you should avoid due to the caffeine content.

  • Neocola or anything containing Neocola.
  • Coffee
  • Latte Drinks
  • Most teas – Green teas contain little to no caffeine and it can help with calming an angry Neopet, so this is a great drink to feed your precious Neopet.
  • Drinks containing Mocha or Java
  • Cappuccinos


Similar to caffeine, sugars can also create energy. They too have been known to cause irritability and anger. Sugar is in many things, so complete avoidance is often difficult. Natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables are fine, as your Neopet's body can process those better, but stay away from foods made with actual sugar. Here are some things that should be completely avoided:

  • Chocolate
  • Ice Cream, Pops, and Brucicles
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Tarts, Scones, Tortes, Puffs, Strudels, Eclairs, Bonbons, and other desserts
  • Candies
  • Cereals
  • Milkshakes, Slushies and Snow Cones

Wheat and Dairy:

Why wheat and dairy do you ask? Well, wheat and dairy break down in the body the same way as sugar. You do not have to avoid it completely, but it is best to limit how much wheat and dairy you feed your Neopet. There are many different alternatives to wheat, such as rice. Unfortunately, there is not a substitute for Kau milk yet.

Loud Music:

Loud up beat music, such as music performed by Moehawk, can get your pets adrenaline pumping. This builds up energy and may cause them to want to hit someone. However, music, like those by Jub Zambra & the Cobrall Charmers, can be soothing when listen to in a quiet setting.

Last Words -

I hope that you and your Neopet will soon be on your way to a more peaceful life, one with less anger problems. The tips mentioned in this article are just a few ways to help reduce energy and anger. If you want to research other ways to help your Neopet deal with their anger here are some books that may help:

  • Nimmo Anger Management, which is a guide that will help your Neopet keep cool and calm in any situation.
  • The Big Book of Hate and Anger, which will help teach your Neopet to forgive.
  • Anger Management, this book helps your Neopet manage their anger.
  • Kacheek Relaxing Tips and Tricks, this book will give both you and your Neopets ideas on ways to relax.

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