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The Adventure

by moonzywolfgirl


This was not something she wanted.

     Honar was born with a unique power - the ability to see into the future. one might think it would be a wonderful power to have but to Honar, it was not. With the visions came a great deal of pain, leaving her drained of her energy, and vulnerable to attack, when they finally passed.

     Rumors began to fly when word broke out about her power. Half the town was under the impression she could use her power for good while the other half suspected her of evil doings. One being in particular was so interested in obtaining her for her ability; he set out a reward for her capture.

     It was then she realized she needed to go into hiding. She needed to find someone to help her and protect her. She needed someone with experience. She figured the only way she would get this someone was to offer a reward.

     Most of the people she interviewed were sketchy or unreliable. As she figured, the majority of them were only interested in the money. She was beginning to lose hope until one man entered the tavern she was holding the interviews at.

     That was where Vaedar came in.

     Vaedar was an adventurer. He preferred to be in the great outdoors, trekking through the nature to see what he might come across that day. he did not care to be kept indoors, working day in and day out like most of the other towns-people. He grew bored easily and it was often hard to keep his attention.

     When he heard the others talking of a girl with powers and what someone was offering for her capture, he was interested. Not interested in getting the girl to turn her in for the money, but to protect her. Surely that would provide him with a great adventure, one that would make a good story for later on.

     "Hello, are you the girl everyone is talking about?" he asked, strolling up to the table.

     The girl looked at him inquisitively and nodded. "Yes, that would be me," she replied quietly.

     "So what's the story?" he asked, pulling a chair out to take a seat.

     "Well, you see... I was born with this power." She paused, bringing her hands together. "I have the ability to see into the future. I can't control it - it just happens at random. And when it does happen, it leaves me completely drained of my energy." She sighed and looked down to her hands, twiddling her thumbs.

     "Hm.. sounds interesting," Vaedar mused.

     "It's really not," Honar replied, beginning to frown. "It's a burden to have. There are the ones who think it's a blessing to have, and there are the ones who think I'm some sort of witch." She shook her head, her frown deepening. "If only they knew."

     "Are these visions you get... do they show things about your future, or other people's futures?" Vaedar asked, slightly curious.

     "It's a mix of the two, really," she replied, looking back up to him. "One day it could be something relating to me, the next it could be about someone I've never even met."

     "Strange..." Vaedar scratched his chin, thinking. "Why do you need to go into hiding?"

     "Someone found out about my power... well... just about everyone in the town found out about it, but this someone..." She paused, her eyes clouding over. "His name is Alazu. He wants me for my power. He thinks he'll be able to use me for himself." She shook her head. "He doesn't understand that my power doesn't work like that. But he's set out a reward for my capture, and I'm sure there are some people already trying to get me for it."

     "Probably some of the people you interviewed earlier," Vaedar said with a frown.

     "Probably..." She stared at him for a moment, wondering. "And how do I know you aren't one of those people?"

     "Well, I guess you'll just have to trust me. I'm not in it for the money, so you can keep that. And I'm not interested in the other guy's money. I'm just in it for the adventure. Adventures are what I live for," he replied matter-of-factly.

     Honar was silent then, thinking it over. On the one hand, she desperately needed the help. She couldn't stay in this town for much longer. She needed to go, and she needed to do it soon. But on the other hand, she was unsure. Could she trust him? What if he was just a good liar and he really planned on turning her in? She kicked herself mentally, scowling. She needed to stop being such a worry wart and go with her gut, and her gut was telling her to go for it.

     After a few more minutes of silence, she finally spoke up. "Alright," she said, nodding. "Alright, I accept."

     "Wonderful," Vaedar replied with a small smile. He had started to think she was going to say no. This would be interesting, and hopefully fun.

     "When do I start?"

     "As soon as possible," she said, pulling out a sheet of paper from the folder on the table. She took out a pen and began writing frantically. "I'm not sure where this Alazu is at the moment, but I know he very rarely ever comes into town. He lurks in the shadows at the very edge." She shivered at the thought of some foul being just sitting there, waiting for her. "I'll need to stop by my home before we go. There are a few things I'd like to pack."

     "I know it's easier said than done," Vaedar spoke up, "But try not to bring too much. The less you have, the easier it will be to move quickly. Like I said, keep your reward money and save it for this journey. We'll need it."

     "If you say so, but I'd still like to grab a few things."

     "Sure, sure. Shall we go then?"


     They rose from their seats and headed for the door in silence. Honar's home was only a short distance from the tavern and it wouldn't take her long to get what she needed. A few looks were thrown their way, mostly from curious townspeople. Honar moved quickly with Vaedar trailing behind.

     "I'll be right out," she said as she reached her door.

     Vaedar nodded and leaned against the bricks. There was a loud caw in the distance, one that he knew well. He turned his gaze toward the sky and saw the black blob in the distance. "Strider," he muttered quietly, smiling. The bird landed on his shoulder, flapping his wings. "We're going on an adventure," he murmured, patting his faithful sidekick on the head.

     The door opened and Honar stepped out, a small bag slung across her shoulder and a small, peculiar little pink bear standing behind her. "Oh, that's my pet," she said, noting Vaedar's look. "I hope you don't mind, but I'm bringing her with. I can't just leave her here on her own."

     "That's fine," Vaedar replied. "Whatever makes you happy."

     "Alright..." Honar walked down the steps and took a deep breath, staring back at her home. "I suppose we should be on our way, then."

     And so, the two Draiks set off on their adventure, unsure of what the coming days would bring.

The End

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