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Take A Walk On The Grey Side

by gina_bunny


Grey Day, an event that we all anticipate with dread in the grey community, an emotion that we are not usually acquainted with, contrary to popular belief. My name is 'TearsFall' but my friends call me T and I have written this article to explain the real way of life that we Greylings (like it?) live.

First of all, I'd like to address the stereotype that our bland appearances provoke in all manner of Neopians. People think that we're sad, that we like to be customised with dull, often uncomfortable backgrounds; you know the ones I'm talking about it, with the rain and the misery? They think (quite possibly you think) that we sit sighing listlessly all day, tears trickling down our colourless cheeks into our ashen laps. Story upon story is written in the Neopian Times, often starring a Greyling as the mope, the drab friend that points out the flaws in the main character's plan. Don't even get me started on the main character! Which will it be this time? I wonder as I peruse the latest paper, a Rainbow painted pet or perhaps a Baby painted pet? People love those adorable little kids. I do not question the beauty of being Grey and frankly I don't think Neopians do either; there is something beautiful yet mournful about a sobbing Uni. But I just wish that people would look beyond our sorrowful exteriors. I think that it is time that people realise what being 'Grey' truly means.

Being a Greyling is an honour, in my humble and slightly biased opinion. I started life as a Blue Xweetok, but I knew from my name that it wouldn't be long before I was thrust into what I also viewed as a dull colour. I was right; before long, my owner had saved up enough Neopoints and coated me in sadness. My mouth was permanently downcast and my eyes brimmed with tears constantly. People stopped in the street to admire me, 'Poetically beautiful' they called me, but their compliments meant nothing to me. I was trapped in my own misery. I cannot fully explain to you how awful I felt about my new colour. I thought that it was my destiny to be unhappy, that I would remain this way until the end of time. I could see no way out of it, apart from being morphed or repainted but after studiously studying my reflection in a detached sort of manner; I could see that Grey was a beautiful colour. Beautiful but terrible.

Until I met a sprightly, young Neopet, by the name of Thorn. She took me by the hand and led me to a house, painted on the outside with all the colours of the rainbow and on the inside. I met a group of Grey painted pets who called themselves the Greylings. Upbeat, happy songs played from a portable radio and a large table sat in the centre of the room; it was evidently used for card playing. But what shocked me most and shattered my preconceptions of Neopia were the expressions on the faces of those present. They were all ecstatically happy, smiles shone at me across the room, laughter echoed around the ceiling and eyes twinkled as pets called greetings. Yet, all these pets were Grey. I could not comprehend it, my eyes refused to believe it. I had come to believe that being Grey was like being shackled to sadness, yet these strangers showed me another way of life. I spent that day and many more to come, playing games and laughing away afternoons. My owner was thrilled with my new lease of life. Ever since then, I have been finding those that are lost and introducing them to this way of life. A way of life that any Grey painted pet can have if they want it and that many already have!

We are happy. I know that many Neopians may find this shocking truth hard to believe, our very essence demands desolation, but I know that it does not have to be this way. I'll admit at first, I was cautious of the Greylings and perhaps prone to bouts of crying when I lost Snap three times in a row, but with help and a little encouragement, I gave up the self indulging anguish which used to wrack me. I no longer liked the way I was customised; I threw away the dark cloaks and the rain clouds, and embraced pink roses and cute necklaces. I bet you never realised that our plain skin is excellent for customization; almost any colour looks exquisite and delicate when hung on a grey body. I now smile at the sun and prance around Faerieland. The only thing that darkens my days is the tears I see rolling from the faces of the Grey pets around me. Listen to me! Grey pets and owners alike, I, T will help you embrace this new way of life. Rainbows and sunshine, happiness and long summer days can be yours; take your pet by the hand and find the inner happiness. I know you can do it; you just need a little help which the Greylings are willing to give.

In conclusion, I would like to refer back to my title 'Take a walk on the grey side'. I implore and encourage, anyone that reads this article to pause, even if it is for one day and truly consider what Grey Day is about and how it feels to be a Greyling. If you have a Grey painted pet, perhaps buy them a colourful outfit. If you don't, perhaps give something to a friend, draw a picture of us in our true form or write a poem, putting my hastily (and passionately) scrawled words into eloquent beauty. Grey Day is a day in which to contemplate the true meaning of the colour, a day not to compare us to other pets, not to shudder at our wretched faces but to ask yourself, what really is Grey? Grey is the colour of the rain clouds, the rain that provides us with food and beautiful flowers. Grey is the colour of the sea on a stormy day, the sea that houses a myriad of colourful fish and coral. Grey is the colour of unseen beauty, grey is the colour of things not yet discovered and most of all, my dear reader, grey is the colour of inner happiness.

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